InquiryRemoval.ioinquiry removal service

It's a total SCAM. Don't give a chance to this guys to foolish you about their service. "60 days money back guarantee with no question asked " it's total bs as well as what they are saying about their service. Don't expect from them to compete what they are promise that will not happen. When it's close to "60 days money back guarantee " they will just stop responding to your emails and phone calls. They are nice and responsive only at the beginning when it's time to take your money and when you pass over the time when the service should be done and it's about the time of 60 days they will just stop responding. Don't be foolish by 48-72 hours Experian removal and 2-3 weeks to complete the service!!! Have to go through all the claims to get money back and it's not a fact that you will have it. If you folks looking for a service like what they are providing you better pass this guys!

Jun 17, 2019

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