INO TVRenewal Scam

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Avoid this scam like the plague. Their game is to include an automatic renewal billing clause which is easy to overlook. A year later, you get billed for another $100 when there is nothing else to see. On receipt of bill, called them but they refused credit even though they acknowledged I had not used service in over 6 months. Reason? I had called 1 day over the 30 day limit. When I calmly told them that the credit card cycle took 30 days from billing date to receipt at my home, their answer was that this were their rules. Refused to allow me to speak with anyone else. "Take it or leave it." Won't go into the depressing details of their attitude on the telephone. So I have another year of useless info at a cost of $100 with no means of redress. Save yourself the money: there's nothing valuable on this trading site and it's a sucker's scam. RDU


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      Feb 01, 2010

    Same experience with the above poster. a service offered by INO.COM is a scam. Looking at your account settings and terms you have no idea about the Auto renew term and there is no info about the date you signed up or anything that would allow you to know that you are in an auto renew situation. In terms of values most of the videos on their site ae very old and most likely obsolete. AVOID INOTV like the plague.

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