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this is my last email sent to IGS rep Mike Prahm for your information how they ripped me off and how deciving they are I started my lan application on march2009 and it was promised to be done in three is jun-25-2009 and they even won't call back. they are such a fraud and I did not know the extence of their scam. it is all mainly the fault of KFI radio station who take the add from thes frauds. here is my email to Mike Prahm. " You have been extremely nice and courteous in all your contacts, however it does not change the fact that the way IGS conducted my loan is way beyond belief and any experience I had with any company before. I trusted IGS mainly because of the way you represented IGS, the way you gained my trust and the way you convinced me to do business with IGS, I did anything I was asked in my part, , You promised to close the loan in 3 weeks, I waited for you even when I had my loan ready from the previous loan company that I had told you when I started my loan with you only because I trusted you and I never thought you may step on every basic rules of honest business. I paid all the fees and did everything on my side, I paid for the appraisal and you closed over $100, 000 my line of credit, you transferred my home insurance to IGS, and had all the materials signed by the notary at my home. The rate was locked and that means it won’t change base of law, your statement and commitment. After all this. it seems that You (IGS)waited and delayed only when saw the rates may go up to put me in a odd position to charge more interest rate even when you could and were supposed to close this loan weeks even months ago.
After all this I will give it another week to see if you can come up with your commitments and our fulfill our agreement and after that I will follow with all the legal means I have not because I want to, but because you left no other choice to "


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      Aug 11, 2009

    I worked there, Mike is a good guy that was lied to by the owner and it's unfortunate that his name is on here. The owner continually lied to employees to keep bringing money in the door and then fired them.

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