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Steak N Shake — service

When asked if had 4 for4 deal which was advertised on sign was still on the waitress said no. I said that if there is a sign saying a certain price then you should give that price. So asked for manager.She said the sign was wrong and they couldn't give that price. Said it wouldn't ring up......

1 comments Restaurants & Bars  · Nov 09, 2019

Family Dollar Stores — employee

Today I went into my neighborhood family dollar where I shop frequently never had issue until today I walk in to get household supplies and an employee by the name nicole Carroll told me I have to leave MY purse upfront I'm confused like why do I have leave my belongings upfront......

10 comments Retail Stores  · Nov 09, 2019

Texas Roadhouse — take out

I went to Texas Roadhouse and ordered salmon the 5oz and the same appeared to be no more than 3-4 oz and the staff was not customer friendly nor was the manager. I've ordered from numerous of Texas Roadhouse and the salmon is a lot bigger. Customer service sucks at the Indianapolis, IN......

Restaurants & Bars  · Nov 06, 2019

Steak 'n Shake — unsanitary restroom

i visited the above steak n shake on 11-4 19 & ordered a family meal, when we were done eating i went to the restroom, it was trashed, filthy & unsanitary, i immediately got sick and puked outside . its very obvious that the rest room had been in that condition for several days .there wa......

1 comments Restaurants & Bars  · Nov 06, 2019

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank — manager and assistant manager

I have been a customer for 15 to 20 years and because I got upset when trying to cash some checks the manager canceled my Accounts ! REALLY ! Who is this lady ? I went in to cash a few checks and after putting my account number on the checks gave my drivers license they had a conversation......

Banks  · Nov 05, 2019

Domino's Pizza — pizza / delivery / forgotten items

I placed a large order from Dominos on 501 E 38th St, Indianapolis, IN on 10/26/2019. The purchase amount was $124.59, with Domino's 2661, paid by Debit card. I placed my order at 7 pm. My order was: 2 Large Brooklyn Style Pacific Veggie 1 Large Brooklyn Philly Cheese 1 Large Brooklyn Memphi......

1 comments Fast Food Restaurants  · Nov 01, 2019

Outback Steakhouse — service/food

On October 26, 2019 a group of my peers were meeting at Out back for a gathering. Our reservations were at 5pm and we arrived at about 4:45 pm- One of my peers went to check us in and was told they were getting the tables together, which was about for 20 people. The first problems was we......

Food  · Oct 28, 2019

Hyatt Corporation — reservation

I booked this hotel stay with Hyatt Regency Indianapolis through Expedia on November 18, 2018. We had purchased tickets to a concert in another state and we were staying at this hotel for one night. The event was not until October of 2019. I purchased both the concert tickets and the hotel......

Hotels  · Oct 27, 2019

Roses Discount Stores — cashier / customer service

I went in Roses as I do quiet often after work. I got too the register I spoke too the lady name LINSY she never spoke I repeated myself again she never said anything so I looked at her an I said I just speaking I do not mean any harm but I see you have phone buds in your ear. She said in......

Retail Stores  · Oct 21, 2019

Thorntons — parre cashier

Verbally aggressive cashier who threatened me with physical violence after lying to the manager about what my transaction was. First she refused service because I called her out for not checking id to a credit card, then she refused to give me her name or number to corporate. She was on......

Gas Stations  · Oct 20, 2019