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I have come to believe whole-heartedly that Manufacturers truly, and deeply NO LONGER care about their products, nor the words quality control. The shoddy workmanship across the board is occurring at an alarming rate. I simply have a difficult time wrapping my head around the laughable items I receive from Manufacturers.

Impex Fitness products is a shining example of just what I mean. I ordered a Marcy Home Gym through Walmart earlier this month. When I opened the largest of the four boxes, I once again could only shake my head in disgust. Unwrapped, loose parts that had obviously bounced off each other throughout the shipping process. As I stated to Impex in an email... 'it seemed as though a group of children on an immense sugar high, packed the box'. Beyond unprofessional. The outside of that big box looked as though it went through a war zone.

As I picked my way through the contents of the various boxes, it became very clear that I received a 100% used product. Most of the parts were either badly scratched, covered in a white chalk like powder, or funky goop, and in the case of one integral part, quite bent! I got Impex to send me a replacement for that last part. Of course, the first attempt was incorrect. Geez! Fortunately, Walmart came through with a nice credit. I hope they in turn nail Impex.

Now I'll address Impex Customer Service. Null and void. I conversed with a total of four reps., and never once did I hear an apology. Not even close. Not even a 'oh, thats too bad'. Again, as I stated to them in an email... 'that speaks volumes to the type business you are'. CRAP. One that I will never, ever purchase from again. Help fatten their wallet? No damn way! I can only hope you don't either. Fight back and take lots of photos.


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    Impex No Warranty Jul 05, 2011

    Totally agree. This is my second Impex machine, stupidly I thought they may have learned a lesson the first time so I gave them another chance. Believe me this is the last. Go with a differenct brand machine. If the price is a factor just remember you will NOT get a warranty with any Impex products. They do not respond to any emails or phone calls. They have a number listed but you will only get a recording. Believe me you will have to contact them. Their packaging stinks and you will get your packaged either damaged or missing parts but most likely such as in my case both missing parts and damaged. Just go with a different brand.

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