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Impact Gelmisleading ads


This product is a complete sham and scam. I ordered a set of insoles after seeing the ad by Billy Mays on the tv show Pitchmen. In the show and on the tv commericals and internet ads, Billy Mays, Anthony Sullivan, and other people are seen hitting themselves with a hammer and not being hurt because of the product.
When I got my product, after a month long wait, I tried this demo. I folded the insoles around my fingers, the way it is shown on tv, with the gel on both sides of my hand, and hit it with my tv remote. Immediate and intense pain goes shooting throughout my fingers. DO NOT TRY the infomercial's demos, you WILL get hurt.
They also smell horrible. Like chemicals and poisons, and NOT the "green" soy-based they claim.
After putting the insert into my shoe and walking around my house, I developed a severe cramp in my foot in less than 5 minutes.
This makes me sad, I was hoping tv's scamvertisements had changed and actually did the things they say.

Caveat emptor. Or attempt to take them up on their guarantee, less S&H.

misleading ads


  • Ja
    Jason May 28, 2009

    You wrapped them around your fingers and hit your fingers with your remote control. This caused you intense pain? Do you get the same pain when you don't wrap your hand inside the gel inserts?

    Thankfully you didn't go outside and have someone run over your hand with their car as they also did on that show.

    As for the cramping, I had that happen with regular insoles. The pain is your foot being pushed back into a normal form. Also you may need to loosen your shoestrings as the insole does put pressure on your feet.

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  • Ma
    maxt Aug 04, 2010

    You're an idiot.

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  • An
    Andivicious Sep 11, 2010

    [protected]@using the insole. They didn't just use the tiny insole. What a tool LOL. Why would you even try do something like that unless you had the huge gel insert piece that they used. Please don't breed...

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