Image Recovery, Increpo company holding my personal property hostage unless I pay them cash under the table


Not sure if you can answer this. I fell behind on payments and my KIA was repo last Tuesday. The tow driver showed up at 2am. I caught him while tossing trash outside. He was nice. He let me remove my things; however, it began raining. He said I could pick up later at no additional fee.

Today, I went down to Bridgeton ( to pick up my things and they tried to charge me $60. I mentioned what the driver said and when I asked them to check with him; conveniently, they fired him. They claimed the $60 was the only way to get my things back which included about $600 in medication that I picked up early that day including several EpiPens, books, medical papers in the glove box, and jumper cables. While at the customer window, there were no postings about any fees.

Not having much of a choice at the time, I handed my debit card and they said CASH ONLY and of course they did not have an ATM. And told me I was required to come back via appointment only. I also checked their website from my phone and again; nothing about any fees. They have me coming back tomorrow with $60 erecash. I dont understand how they can legally do this. The car was the only item listed in the Repo not my belongings; How can they legally charge me money to get back things that I legally own?

Interesting enough, they have a copy of a certificate showing they are bonded but it expired 7-years ago; a City of Bridgeton License that expired in 2011, and a Missouri license that expired in 2000.

Would you do any good to go to Bridgeton PD and ask an officer to go with me to get my things without being the victim of a shake down or do you think the police would do that?

I worked in loss Prevention for 12 years and have my BS/MS in Criminal Justice. By keeping my personal property which is well over $500 isnt it felony theft on their end?

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