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This company must be fraudulent. I ordered Sunglasses on 12/08/2012 and got an email the next day from another email address stating they noticed the lenses were scratched and...

IloveglassesFalse advertising

This company advertises products it does not have, cashes your check, then does not deliver. It has been two months since I ordered a watch and received confirmation of order. Check has been cashed. Customer service e-mail correspondence has notified me first of manufacture delays, in days, then will not respond to repeated requests for full refund starting at one month after order was accepted. It is 2 months to the day and the company no longer responds to further requests for refund. I have submitted an Internet Fraud claim with the FBI IC3, am posting my complaint here, and have alerted the Better Business Bureau. this is the only company I have ever been swindled by on-line. Shop at your own risk!

  • Je
    Jeannine Klein Mar 11, 2014

    Last valentine’s day, I surprised my boyfriend by gifting an awesome Cazal Sunglass from the most reputed Though he has many prejudice about the online shopping, but this online site and their services really changes their mind.

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  • Do
    Don Tarr Mar 11, 2014

    OK, Board, why are the teaser for this company and the real post exact opposites? Which one is the fake? Who actually posted each one? Why does the summary sound like it was written by a writer with poor English skills, but the complaint, by a different poster, uses perfect English? This poses some troubling credibility issues regarding the Complaints Board, especially in light of internet reports of extortion being used to remove negative reviews. As a long-time fan of Complaints Board, I would like clarification from the host of this site. Too many of the reviews and their authors sound computer-generated, such as "P.C. Richards" horror stories, and this lends credence to detractors who claim the primary objective is to intimidate businesses into paying bribes to remove bad reviews whether true or not. Complaints Board, what is your response?

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ILoveGlasses.comOrder from these people at your own risk

Ordered sunglass frames. Checked on the status and that's when the run around began. After telling them that I would cancel the order and contact my credit card company; they e-maiek dme and said they had canceled the order and would credit my credit card. One month now and they have not credited my crdit card. I have filed a dispute with the credit card company and thinking about filing a complaint with the NC Attorney General and the US Postal Inspectors. Order from these people at your own risk.

Iloveglasses — iloveglasses

Helps you to choose and buy glasses online. They offer sunglasses and eyeglasses with a discount. They also offer a repair on your glasses when they are broken. They also have the brands to let you to choose from.

ILoveGlasses.comI ordered D&G sunglasses and am still waiting whether they will deliver or not

I ordered D&G sunglasses and am still waiting whether they will deliver or not. Money has been taken of the creditcard but now information on order status. The store cannot be reached by telephone at all. You get an automatic tape that they are experiencing high volume calls but that is all day long and even outside business hours. Live chat does not work and response on email is terrible. I don't trust the store and wonder whether they will deliver...

  • Lu
    lu1215 Sep 14, 2011

    Physical Address:
    1332 east 70th street
    brooklyn, ny 11234
    Customer Service:
    Tel: 718-737-2800
    Online: [email protected]

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ILoveGlasses.comI sent them money few months back and haven't got my goods yet

Its a fraud website. I sent them money few months back and haven't got my goods yet. They didnt even reply to my mails after they got my money. These people are thieves!!! Should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Br
    Brian Stevenson4 Oct 27, 2011

    We offer refunds on any orders that are not able to be shipped out. Refunds can take a few days to appear on your statement. Please make sure that the credit card is still valid and the account is still active. If you have changed your card or it has expired we will send you a refund in a form of a check. Brian Stevenson

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  • Su
    susantruitt Nov 26, 2011

    I was happily surprised to recieve my order in less than 24 hours!!

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  • Va
    Vana1 Jun 12, 2012

    He is lying. I sent my pair of glasses back to iloveglasses and they did not refund my money. I called over and over again and no one answered the phone. They never answer the phone. I never got my money for the glasses I returned. BUYER BEWARE OF ILOVEGLASSES.COM!!!

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  • In
    Ingrid Laumonier Jan 10, 2016

    I ordered eye glasses frame and paid in full, this company took my money and never delivered the item . I was told that they couldn't find the frame. And I was told that I will be reimbursed, that was 2 months ago, let everyone know that this company is a fraudulent thieves.

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