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Macaroni Grill — dinner service

I was at the Macaroni Grill in O'hare airport for two hours, not by choice. First, my friends and I ordered a bottle of wine. The waitress scoffed and rolled her eyes. She did the same thing when we asked for a refill of our water. She even went to other tables and avoided our......

Restaurants & Bars  · Nov 12, 2019

The Salvation Army USA — the manager accused me of stealing.

11-11-2019 I was at the registered checking out, when the manager ran over and told the cashier that the price on the coat was incorrect. She further explained that she was the one who priced the coat. I replied that the coat was torn and that a salvation army worker was called from the......

1 comments Bad Business Partners  · Nov 12, 2019 — customer service

My name is Lawrence Gaines and I was shopping at the Jewels grocery store at the above address today as of Nov 07 2019 around time 14:30pm. I nicely asked the bagger to rap up my hot meal that I had purchased and he response to me with a nasty attitude by telling to do it yourself and even......

Employees  · Nov 08, 2019

Save-A-Lot — gerber baby oatmeal cereal

I purchased 2 containers of this cereal for my son. I didn't think to check an expiration date when it's supposed to be fresh! The product expired on the 30th I purchased it on the 4th of November!!! My son has had some stool issues because of it! I called the store all I was offered was a......

1 comments Food  · Nov 07, 2019

Jewel-Osco — deli department

To whom it may concern, I recently stopped at jewel around 745pm on Sunday evening. I went to the deli department and I believe the woman (her name is amber) gave me and my friend a hard time. I wasn't sure what her problem was in the first place but I assumed she might have been cleaning......

Food  · Nov 06, 2019

CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health — medication

Call today to get my prescriptions filled and was treated very rude. The 2 woman I spoke to were very rude. They told me my 1 medication only had a 30 day fill, which I need to have a 90 day fill as this is how my insurance pays. She said for me to contact my doctor to expedite request for......

Health & Beauty  · Nov 04, 2019

Community Financial Service Centers [CFSC] — cashing check

My husband and I arrived to cash a check at the location that he received Friday via his employer. With it being the first day of the month (November 1st) we needed the check cashed for money to give to our landlord for rent. Our bank typically deposits checks one business day later and......

Other  · Nov 01, 2019

Jewel-Osco — ordered food for pick up @5pm and it was not ready until 6:15 pm

10/26/2019 Dolores Cotto pick up time was for 5:00pm. Placed an order for 48 pieces of chicken to be picked up at 5:00pm for party and my order was not done until 6:08pm. When arriving at the store i was told by employee that my order was not ready. He asked that i wait, i explain to him......

Food  · Oct 29, 2019

Grubhub — non delivery of food order

Grubhub driver marked my family's order delivered without actually driving to the house and delivering. End result from Grubhub was a 50% off promo code coupon for a future delivery within 30 days. I was shocked to learn this is a trending situation for consumers while reviewing customer......

4 comments Food  · Oct 26, 2019

Home Depot — scarce to empty shelves and absolutely no service rendered by hd employees

I arrived at hd approximately 3:15p 11/20/19. My aim was to purchase some hex-head screws. I went to the hardware section and looked. Many of the packets of hex, flat & round-head screws were mixed together. I went to a cashier and asked if someone could assist in aisle 13. A pa call wa......

Employees  · Oct 24, 2019