IHSP Chicago HostelDon't get assaulted at the IHSP Chicago Hostel


I reserved a single women’s dorm room for the week of June 22- June 26, 2012. According to the website, accommodations were to include lockers, but I was informed that there were not any available, forcing me to leave my i-pad, phone charger, and luggage in a non-secured area. On June 25, I returned to the Hostel to find the chair that I had left my phone charger on missing from the area completely, my charger also gone. I asked the desk manager if someone had by chance turned in my charger, and was met with accusations that I had not done my part, following up each day to see if there was a locker available. That had not been my point, initially, as all I was wondering is if someone had placed my charger behind the desk when the chair was moved. As he became more aggressive, I pulled out my phone to record the conversation, at which time he physically assaulted me, grabbing my arm to get the phone, and pulling me across the counter, where I smashed my ribs. After he returned my phone, I was told to leave, which I did. After returning home, I went to my doctor here and it was established that I have bruising on several ribs from the incident. This business does not produce what is offered on the website, and the employees are at best, dismissive, at worse, engage in assault on residents. The Hostel that I spent the rest of my time at informed me that they had heard several similar stories from guests who had come to them from IHSP Chicago Inn.

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