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S Aug 18, 2018 Review updated:

I am writing this review on your IHOP in Portsmouth, Va. It's hard to put into words just how horrible the service was at this restaurant today. The manager and assistant manager at this location do not have an adequate knowledge of how the process should flow or how to respect employees or customers. They need training on customer service, time management, respect for the individual- both customer and their employee and a refresher on exactly what their roll is within that business process.

My family visited your store this morning for breakfast. We placed our order, then waited over an hour to get any food. When we got our French toast, it was cold...the rest of the "split decision" came in waves... Waves that were several minutes in between. Our waitress kept apologizing to us for what was apparently not her fault. She placed the orders, but the kitchen area was severely lacking in either help or ability. The man at the table beside ours asked to speak to the manager, but she refused to come out and talk to him. Instead, she sent out a male waiter to apologize. Our waitress was treated with disrespect and a lack of common decency both by co-workers and the manager. I can't emagine what she endures on a daily basis working there, nor why she would want to continue working there. I expect that part of the managers roll is to handle problems as they arise, however she refused to talk with customers who had complaints.

As an additional note, all the Caucasian customers were put in one section with a Caucasian waitress...??? So I believe you also have a discrimination problem as well... That problem appears to relate both to your customers and employees. This is a management 101 no-no.

I visited the Portsmouth location web page...unfortunately after my visit. Do you as a management team read the reviews? They are horrible, and all reference poor service at this location. Why have you not addressed the problems? I have never experienced a lack of customer service or care. If you do not care how your customers are treated, close this location! You


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    9wood Aug 18, 2018

    incompetent management and not enough staff or ones not trained enough

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