Idearc MediaScam and cheating!

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We notified Idearc Media Rep that we did not want to renew our contract in Jan. 2007. He took the call, but didn't tell us that we had to contact them in writing. In March 2007, we wrote a letter to Idearc Media regarding the renewal of our advertising contract. We finally received a response in May 2007 that our contract would not be renewed in Jan. 2008 !! We received notification from a collection agency in Sept 2007. Payment was made by electronic funds.

Two weeks later, Idearc had not posted the electronic payment. When we called they said that the person taking the electronic payment didn't process it correctly and that we would have to pay it again, which we did. Amazing, the next day BOTH electronic payments were posted. We not had a credit.

Nov. 2007 request was made for refund. A call on Jan. 2, 2008 assured us that the refund was being processed, would take 4-6 weeks.

Jan 28, 2008, we received a new bill. It seems that the new directory wasn't going to be printed until Feb. so we were charged another month of directory service. We were told the "old" request for refund was not processed, so a "new" request would be made and it would take 4 - 6 weeks to process.

Don't make any electronic payments or credit card payments to this company. In fact, don't do any advertising with this company - they are rip off artists!


  • Gh
    G. Hazard Aug 05, 2016

    I was assured by my representitive that my monthly payments would not exceed $600. Then a few months later (during the slowest business part of the year) my bills were over $900 per month. I've never really recovered financially from that.

    In the end (several years later) I just ended my advertising with Idearc media after a long battle to pay off my final balance. At one point, a company manager actually told me on the phone that I was wasting his time (while I was trying to make payment arrangements).

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  • Id
    Idearc Aug 05, 2016

    We are never pleased when one of our clients is unhappy. Please give me the opportunity to review your issue. I promise someone will get back to you within 48 hours with an update. Please provide me with the following information and email back to me at: [email protected]

    Your Full Name and Title:

    Business Name:

    Business Telephone Number:

    State in which your Business resides:

    Your Contact Number:

    Best time to call you:

    E-mail address:

    Brief Complaint Description:

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  • An
    anna777 Aug 05, 2016

    Here is a few numbers that may help.
    [protected] Scott Cline CEO, Claudine may answer.
    In CA, Denise Holloway [protected]
    Appeals [protected]
    good luck

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  • Ja
    jarad mattson Aug 05, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Idearc media is claiming i owe them thousands of dollars for advertising i never asked for. The rep from the company that sat down with me and assured me my add would cost $250 a month no longer works there and they charged me $1200 a month. Now they claim my credit will be destroyed if i don't pay them for the add i didn't ask for.

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  • Er Jul 17, 2013

    Thumbs Up! Idearc!

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  • Er Jul 17, 2013

    Thumbs up idearc

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  • Ge
    general warning Sep 04, 2010

    all you need to do is google complaints on this company and you will get informed. their sales tactics are despicable. the sales reps will outright lie regarding contracting and available advertising discounts to get you to sign for larger ads. if you complain and they dont get paid they will do everything under the sun to make your life miserable. this includes, "selling" your debt to multiple collection agencies.

    if you do have to do business with them, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING IN YOUR PERSONAL NAME or beleive the sales rep when they tell you you are not providing a personal guarantee when you sign with just your name.

    contact your attorney on the proper way to sign a contract for a business and not expose yourself to personal liability.

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  • At
    Atina1 Mar 23, 2010

    Let me tell Everyone out there something, IDEARC Is a Scam!!!

    I put an add on Craigslist for childcare and someone from IDEARC called me and told me that they could help me with the advertisement of my business. When I agreed to meet with him he explained what he would do. After reviewing all of the paper work I was no longer interested. When I tried contacting him he was not answering his phone and I found out that he lied about his name. I complained to the BBB and they said that they could not do anything because IDEARC did not respond to my complaints, but that is a different story. Although I did not agree to anything, they continued to send me invoices and now they are saying that I own thousands of dollars. This all happened in 2009. I am not running a business, I do not know where they are getting their totals from. All I know is that the first person who said that IDEARC is a very reputable company is not telling the truth about that company. I am hoping that my lawyer can get me out of this mess. Please do not trust IDEARC MEDIA which by the way changed their name to Super Media, don't be fooled, same thing!!!

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  • An
    anna777 Mar 12, 2010

    My ad was wrong. I did not get a welcome package, did not know to expect one. I did not read or get the chance to read the 10 page terms and agreement. Only a faxed page that I signed. I called the saleman who wrote up the contract, he said he will take care of it all, Nothing happened except more billing. My husband signed the contract, But I am being harrassed.
    Idearc filed BK and they are changing there name. Does anyone know if this is a fact? And if so what does that do for us that got ripped off and refuse to pay?
    I will file my complaint at [protected] # [protected].

    Also, for those snotty folks that have no understanding of the real world.
    Many small, if not micro businesses advertised to grow or stay alive.
    Not all business owners have a college education, not even all Presidents of the US.
    Get over it. Some people have Honesty & Hard work ethics!
    In fact the US was built by business owners that could Not read, or read well.
    But it was built by Hard work & Honesty.

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  • Dm
    Dmac7 Feb 24, 2010

    I've also had a great deal of trouble with Idearc. I purchased a Superpages ad that never worked correctly. Many of my best customers wrote reviews on my Superpages ad but only a couple ever posted. My customers finally got frustrated after several attempts to post reviews and gave up. As a result my ad never qualified for the 40 click guarantee. After trying make this all work for 3 months, I gave up and cancelled my service. My rep said he can't cancel it and I need to call customer service. Customer service said they can't cancel it and I need to call my rep. I have written dozens of letters and e-mails and made even more phone calls to try and get the service terminated but they were all for naught. I've received bills and/or phone calls from at least 3 different collections agencies and have sent each of them documentation of the problems that occurred and letters or faxes explaining where I stand. Idearc has failed me and their persistent badgering has wasted hours of my time.

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  • Pr
    prcface7 Jan 15, 2010

    I have been receiving harassing phone calls from Idearc Media now for months about some unpaid balance that does not exist. They even some pitbull company calling to harass me. Good thing my credit card expired or I would still be paying for fake internet advertising with hits from different states and different companies. Too bad changin your name to Super Media won't help you shake your nasty reputation as thieves and crooks!

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  • Fo
    For Real Customer Service Jan 13, 2010

    This comment is for the person posting as Idearc. If you really expect these clients to respond to your offer to assist, then you should give them your name (not the company name) and your direct contact phone number and email address. Every one of these clients has obviously been through the never ending customer service run around that can be expected when contacting any one of Idearc's customer service lines. I can honestly say that I am a past employee of the company and I left because I did not feel that the company cared for it's clients any longer. The lingo was all there and the promises were there but the follow through never was. I once had a client who had signed up for a pay per click program online, she gave her credit card as was required for the pay per click billing. I was not the original consultant who sold her, her print advertising and upon visiting her after taking over her account she shared with me the collections calls she had been receiving. She is a very tech savvy business woman as her business is computer programming. A year after signing up for her pay per click program she had her credit card stollen. She reported it to the bank and the bank issued her a new card. She went online to put in her new information on her account and saved the information as she knew she should. The account showed changed online with the new credit card information. She made a screen print. The next month she noticed that she was not billed for any pay per click so she went in to view her account only to find out that the information had reverted to her previous information. She again went through the same steps as she had the month before. The next day she went back in just to double check that the change still remained. It did not. She called into her consultant, they gave her the number to I-Care. She called into I-Care who then supposedly made the change. She even documented the date, time and person she spoke with. The next month no bill came, she called I-Care again, this went on for several months and pretty soon she had collection's calling her and leaving messages (she was rarely reachable by phone because she was out at businesses programming computers and would return to retrieve calls and respond later in the day). She attempted to call into the billing dept to pay the bill (notice how I said "pay the bill" not dispute the bill). She never could get through. When I went out to see her in person the first time after being assigned her account she reviewed all of this information with me and asked me if I couldn't please help her pay her bill so that she could move past this. I promptly told her not a problem let's call billing right now. I was in her office a total of four hours that afternoon. Three of them were spent on hold waiting to get through to a live person to take her payment. During that time believe me I called every manager and customer service number I knew all to no avail. Finally I convinced her to write me a check payable to Idearc and I sent it in directly myself. She had been unwilling to do that prior to that because she had wanted the payment to come out of her credit card and she just could not understand how she could not even pay her bill when calling into the billing dept. During that phone call I am embarrassed to say that we were disconnected twice and transferred into oblivion once.

    This was not the only client by far that I had who could not wait on hold several hours to talk with the billing dept. let alone the only client I had who tried along with me to get through to customer service to resolve a claim on their account. I had one account that I again did not sell but instead inherited, and this client had a signed agreement paying for quarter page full color ads in three headings. What appeared in the directory that year were the one inch in-column ads they had ran the previous year. They were understandibly upset. They purchased the advertising at renewal time from their consultant the previous year in September and then when the book published in February and they saw their ads they immediately attempted to contact their consultant who was by that time gone from the company. They then called into customer service and were given the name and number to their new supposed consultant who was working out of the area and wasn't returning calls. They attempted several times to get someone to assist them all to no avail. Finally when I was assigned their account and went to see them for the first time they were pleasantly surprised that I was already aware of the problem (only because of the prep work I had done on the account, not because of any documented memo on the account). They relaxed and shared their experiences with me. I immediately called in and opened a claim right their with the client. Meaning I called in right then and sat on hold myself for nearly an hour. Then I was told that the customer needed to call in. I advised them that I had the customer there with me and that I was verifying for them that there absolutely was an error and it was completely not the client's fault. I offered to send copies of the signed contract and the ad proofs they had received. The client had kept their billing up to date so what they were asking for was to be credited the difference between the cost of the advertising they paid for and the cost of the advertising the received. They even intended on continuing their advertising and signed a contract to that effect. The client and I were assured that the claim would be reviewed and the client would be contacted with the decision. 90 days later that still had not happened. We again called in and were apologized to telling us that the person handling the claim was no longer with the company and the matter would be re-opened and the client would be contacted the next week. The client was contacted the next week and was told that they would receive a monthly credit towards their new advertising that would run for the length of the contract and would begin when the first billing on the new directory took place. The client was happy until that first billing came and there was no reflection of the credit. The client and I both attempted to get this resolved every month for nearly six months into the new contract and each time we were promised that it was now fixed and would appear on the new billing cycle. At one point the claims dept denied all knowledge of the claim and only the notes that I had placed in vast each time I contacted the dept were able to prove who I had contacted, when and what was said. Not many consultants had the time to make the detailed notes in vast after spending so much time to get through but I made the time because this had happened time and time again and I really wanted to protect my client. We finally were able to get the credit issued to the client but the client did not renew their advertising the following year due to the situation.

    The bottom line is that there should be a live person to call and not a maze of dial this number or that number and the live person should not expect the client to wait on hold any longer than 5 or 10 minutes (even this is a huge amount of time for a small business owner who many times wears many hats). There should also be a personal email address and a personal mail address. There should also be, and this is my main pet peeve and the cause of most of the problems, a system where if the employee in what ever capacity is no longer with the company that their phone line, email address, etc are updated stating that the person is no longer with the company and then either automatically being re-routed to the person taking that person's position or a number or email address given for the person taking on the responsibilities. In I-care Web designers were let go in the middle of designing web sites. The clients have no way of knowing and neither do the consultants. One day the client just receives a bill and their site just isn't up. If they were on top of things they had the name and number of the designer they were working with but when they call in they receive the same voice mail and they leave a message which is never responded to, they even send emails which go to a still active account. If they finally get fed up and contact their consultant their consultant sends an email to the web designer, and then leaves a message on the still active voice mail. Finally they call I-care only to be put through to the same voice mail because even the I-Care customer service person doesn't know that the web designer is no longer with the company. Finally if the consultant is smart they demand to talk with the supervisor of the web designer and then and only then do they find out that the web designer was let go and oh yeah, the account was never assigned to a new designer and if it was which was rare the new designer never knew the work was incomplete and never contacted the client.

    When people have a complaint they want to talk to a live person and they don't want to wait or be passed around for hours. They want their issue taken care of, they want confirmation of that and then they want it followed through on in a timely manner.

    Although I think this should be common sense, I hope that this information helps you take a better look at where your real service gaps are.

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  • Id Jan 07, 2010

    2009 becomes 2010 and Stock holders wiped out. Bailed and will fail.

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  • Al
    Ali u Oct 26, 2009


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  • An
    AngelD Sep 29, 2009

    I blame their entire corporate culture and way of doing business, not their sales reps. They indoctrinate their reps to sell deceptively and their practices are just plain trashy. I needed to cut back my ad spend this year because my business is off almost 50% from 2 years ago - and I can't find anyone - friends, customers, anyone I ask - who uses the yellow pages regularly. So with a bankrupt company like Idearc, selling a product with less and less usage in the market, in a poor economy, surrounded by three competitors who are cheaper and have better usage - I told my rep my rates had better go down at least 25% if they expected me to renew. Instead, I they tried to slap on a $30/month increase, with all of the stuff above that I mentioned. What are they thinking? So I cancelled my ads in the phone book. I apologized to my rep, since he does not make up their pricing and marketing scams and I know their reps are paid on commission. Well wouldn't you know that not even a week after I cancelled, I had 4 different reps calling me, saying that they were on some "win back team" and that they could give me a deal if I would reinstate my ads. I talked to the 4th caller and they placed my same ads back in the phone book, at 1/2 the rate I was paying last year! I accepted the offer and now I have a lower price like I had originally asked for - but they screwed the original rep out of any commission, who canceled my ads to begin with - and what about all of the businesses who renewed at the full rate? They were only offered this deal if they cancelled. What a scam. I feel sorry for other businesses in my town, for that matter, who did not cancel and get their win back deal. Next year I'm not placing anything with Idearc - even if it is free.

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  • Sa
    SaraR Sep 21, 2009

    FOR 4 YEARS now my account renews EVERY July!!! I write letters every year and talk to numerous people! This results in the bills being cancelled but every July it's the SAME THING!! We have not advertised with them in 4 years!!! It is just an automatic thing that I guess will never be resolved!!! I am afraid I will have to look for this bill every single July for the rest of my life!!! This seems SOOOO wrong!! What can I do? I feel I have no control of the situation!!! HELP!!!

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  • Um
    UMC Sep 09, 2009

    I am thinking of actually partnering with this company. I have done extensive research and know that this company has the largest yellow pages online in the world. I know when people go to they intend on buying a quality product or service. Anyone who has any success stories will you post them Im on the line here.

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  • Ca
    Carson2009 Sep 08, 2009

    SEO sales and the like is attracting all the failed long distance/car salesmen of the world. If any self respecting business owner spent even a minute listening to the banter that goes on between these "sales reps" outside over a cigarette they would instantly hang up on every "sales rep" that came calling for a lifetime.

    A vertical is only as strong as it's workforce and this is not an attractive field of work by any stretch.
    A lot of these call centers are filled with people who are struggling to make ends meet and find it impossible to leave their problems at the door when they clock in. These kind of pressures can obviously cloud your sense of intergrity for self serving reasons.

    You may think I'm off topic here but a low life workforce has doomed more than one industry recently (WallStreet, cars)

    Idearc is just a product of the system unfortunately. Until they start to change the culture these kinds of complaints will be the norm. Hopefully some rising star in HR at Idearc will read this and take it seriously.

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  • Co
    Contractor services Sep 04, 2009

    Oops, I hit the wrong button thinking I'm disagreeing with Idearc when I actually agree with this original post.

    And Barney Fife needs to go back to Mayberry instead of supporting a douchbag company like Idearc.

    We need to all call the FTC as suggested by Alexlinnik. There is strength in numbers! Hopefully, this company will totally fail and go south before they ruin several consumer's credit ratings without probably cause.

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  • Co
    Contractor services Sep 04, 2009

    I wish I had found this information back in April before I allowed the sales rep at Idearc Media to trick me into using their services. The first tactic was to tell me "they have all these customers seeking my services" with a "I guarantee you wil be satisfied with the results you recieve". I accepted their "trial" offer to use their services. It took two weeks to get my ad posted on the internet, which after googling I couldn't find and had to actually type my business name to bring it up on their superpages website. I called the rep and two weeks later my name would finally appear. I had received a "sample invoice" but found no specific details about term length of contract. I called the rep again and was told I had 14 days to cancel from the time of voice recording, which had expired before I received the sample invoice, leaving me with a real "gotcha". After another month, not one response to my ad. I agreed to have these 2000 mailers distributed, which went out the middle of May (supposedly) and waited until June still with not one response to those either. I called the rep again and he just said to give it time, as some people save them for later on. Finally, after another month with no response to my ad, I sent the letter of cancellation. Not long after, Allied Interstate began to call. I explained to them it was my understanding according to the voice recording I'd only be liable for $160 TOTAL of advertising, which is what the voice recording said but with the word monthly which sounded like month with no "year committment" or TOTAL cost over a year stipulated, which I would have clearly never accepted to pay almost $2000. It was my understanding I could cancel at any time in any given month. Thats the deception and trickery part of their scam. Oh yeah, the welcome letter states "You've made a great investment". How can that be so when it delivers $0 on a $2000 investment? I've also inquired several times with several people at Idearc in regards to what zip code those mailers were sent to and proof they were sent but have not received or been provided with NO evidence or response. I now think they're trying to charge me for a service they did NOT provide. I've asked the sales rep to discuss a settlement where I would pay these past few months provided I was removed from their website, but they have failed to consider such a request, so I will pay them NOTHING. I too don't care what they do to my credit nor do I have any assets to lose. I just want out.

    In my business, if I fail to perform or deliver on a service and for which I made verbal guarantees, I don't get PAID and would be throwed out on the street like a lazy bum. It is only AFTER full satisfaction of my services that I get PAID.

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  • Gp
    gperk Aug 16, 2009

    I agree with the complaint. Our church was threatened with a lawsuit if we didn't pay the past year advertisement that we didn't agree to continue. We are in the process of canceling our ad for good with them when it expires(unless they have another hidden rule).

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  • No
    No Aug 13, 2009

    Idearc Media has helped my business thrive...during very difficult times. If you look into the Stats more business owners are satisfied than not with Idearc Media. FYI is ranked the 15th most recognized website world wide. If you have any issues keep working on them Idearc will make it right...providing you have a legitimate claim.

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  • Al
    Alexlinnik Jul 23, 2009

    We need to file a group claim to FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection phone # [protected]. I spoke with them, and they gave me reference # [protected]. They told me if they keep receiving similar complains, they would open a case against Idearc Media.

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  • Ma
    marc11 Jun 30, 2009

    As a former employee of Idearc, web design side, I agree with this post, and I do agree on some points made and disagree with some. Idearc has some ups but unfortunately a LOT of downs. I took MANY calls from customers complaining about either their contract not being cancelled even if they did send in proper paper work, or being double billed and whatever else.

    When cancelling or not renewing your account, you would have to contact your sales representative, pretty much the rep who sold you the ad/website/etc. Seems simple enough, problem is though that sales representatives jump in and out of the company or you just can't get in touch with them. Which created problems for us "web design" grunts because apparently we're not only web design, but customer service for web design, their listing on, their contract, their information on account...etc., so most of the time we were apologizing to the customer and promising them that we would do our best to get in touch with someone who can help them.

    Some of the supervisors were of no help at all, most of the time they would tell you "Oh call this number, or get this number..." walk away and go on doing whatever they did...which for some was a lot, and for the others basically getting the grunts to do their work for them. Also, they would try to get you to "save the customer", yes try and save a customer who's already pissed off that they spent money on something that didnt work and got charged for it when they requested to cancel it.

    It never made it easier that there was no training program when it started. I signed up for web development and was in a room with 15 or so other people. 2 of the women in that room were called out of the room to work with the admins, and both were extremely upset that they were chosen to do the admin work. Seems a little sexist, but whatever. But it's not the first time that's happened apparently because Ive spoken with current/former employees who've seen that happen to others as well. People get taken out of what they have been hired for and get thrown into another part of the company, with NO TRAINING.

    The lack of training as far as web development didnt bother me so much because the program (no not dreamweaver) was really easy to figure out and my knowledge of websites was pretty decent. But, as a web designer, I never expected to be asked to sell this guy a pay per click ad on superpages or a print ad on whatever. That bothered a lot of people including myself. Ill say it right now I am no salesman when the product Im selling is a product I know little or nothing about. Websites, yes I can sell them because I was freelance before working for them. But throw something in and tell me nothing about it and sell it to someone, let me know how that worked out.

    The good side of Idearc Media, the low level grunts. The folks handling the phone calls, maybe 3 or 4 salespeople that I worked with on a constant basis who actually got stuff done. Some of the supervisors who actually helped, and the people I worked with.

    Downside, pretty much everything around the previous paragraph.

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  • Do
    Dondad75 Jun 26, 2009

    I have about the same story and feel there should be a class action law suite going against Idearc Media/ ppc program? I was contacted by a superpages salesman and signed up for the ppc! As soon as I got off the phone, I Googled superpages and then went and canceled the credit card, I gave them. Smart move on my part, I feel as Idearc Media could care less if the service they are charging you for, is helping your business!
    Now I just have there skank collection company Allied Interstate @ [protected]...I finally answered one of their many calls & the african american (###) told me they were collecting for a bill I owed from Idearc Media/ Funny that it is beginning to feel like this is a Nigerian scam, as the salesman that called me was also a african american/###.
    If there was one thing that use normal people would know is to your neibhors, friends or family if you need someone to do work for you? Superpages, Service Magic or any other online referral site is a total scam!
    I have tried both and I get more than my share of business, once people see that anything online, is just another Nigerian scam.

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  • Ch
    Charles Jun 02, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My complaint seems like a lot of others, I agreed to try it for one year.
    The Idearc rep slipped in a opened ended deal, I tried to cancel they ignored me, so I have refused to pay. I would rather have them mess up my credit than give these ### one cent. I only received four calls in two years. It took two registered letters, a complaint to my state's attorney general and not paying for the second year, that I did not agree to pay, to finally be removed from their directory. NO AVERTISING IS WORTH THIS MUCH HASSLE!

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  • Ha
    Hal (SEO/PPC) expert Jun 01, 2009

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  • Ca
    Catharine May 27, 2009

    Okay, so this is what happened...I wrote something about Superpages on my Twitter account and that day a media relations rep emailed me and I told him about my experience. He then was able to get a hold of a manager and he called me the next day. That was last account was credited today...

    It looks like they are trying to fix what the old management did to this company.

    I would say open a Twitter account and mention the Superpages is just taking your money and you will get a media relations person who contact you.

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  • Cr
    creativegeek1 May 27, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I strongly agree with this because I just resigned from Idearc this month and I know first hand what they do to customers. They use negative keywords that don't apply to the customer. I had a customer who was a mobile day spa and the gave them keywords like babysitter porn, bald etc.

    I had a plethora of customer who they did this to. I even helped my coworkers understand why their customers weren't getting the traffic and conversions they were told they'd have.

    They treat their employees the same way. I went out on disability and they haven't paid me all my money even after coming back to work. They are horrible and it would do the industry good if a more reputable company would buy them because the management is the worst I have seen in my entire working experience.

    They should be brought up on charges by their customers because they take their money and lie about what is happening. All customers who had or have there PPC product should ask to see their traffic report of every keyword they have ever used and if they don't start a class action suit against them to make them disclose that information. I'll support this however I can.

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  • Ca
    Catharine May 19, 2009

    I have been through the same thing. Is anyone doing anything about this? If someone is, I want to be a part of that.

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  • Ma
    mac78 May 13, 2009

    I am a former employee of Idearc Media. For years I saw first hand how disfunctional this company is. They scam their customers and the management does not care about employees. I am happy to say that I no longer work for them and my advice to all of you is: DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH IDEARC MEDIA

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  • Ol
    old vis rep May 06, 2009

    I work for this company and have been since 2001. I used to love coming to work everyday and helping my customers. Now we are under so much pressure from mangement and they have hired such unethical people that you are product dumping on customers and not doing them any justice. The bankruptcy only makes this worse, they are looking to reduce headcount but will not tell anyone when they will do it or who they are letting go or why. I have been looking for another job for months now and due to the economy haven't found anything. The management uses threats/coersion to try and motivate people and it is not working. Productivity is down and Short Term Disability claims are up!! I have seen the numbers and it just keeps getting worse, we will be cut in half, sold or fold by the end of the year.

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  • To
    Todd Nichols Apr 27, 2009

    This company sales practices are immoral. A salesperson goes through a recorded conversation where they pitch you some kind of trial program that he sends you information on through the mail. if you like it, you can sign on to the program. Well, they never sent me anything and then started sending me invoices. They have even turned me into a collection agency. I'm sick of these people and something needs to be done about them.

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  • Fo
    Former Verizon Idearc Customer Apr 21, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have similar complaint with Verizon Idearc. I have posted it on [redacted] and hopefully others will see it.

    The pressure on the sales reps for Idearc really Verizon hiding from lawsuits forthcoming... was due to loss of sale when the interenet took off. No one wants their huge paper directories anymore and they refused to cancell accounts in desperation.

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  • Ja
    jay Mar 31, 2009

    Idearc Inc. (OTC: IDAR) announced that the Company and its domestic subsidiaries today filed voluntary petitions for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division. Idearc also announced that it has reached an agreement in principle with the agent bank and a steering group of its secured lenders on certain critical elements of a plan of reorganization. The Company expects to be able to file a plan of reorganization in approximately 30 days, and if implemented as proposed, this plan will enable Idearc to significantly reduce its outstanding debt to a more suitable level upon emergence from the legal proceedings.

    Pursuant to the proposed plan, Idearc does not need nor intend to obtain debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing during the reorganization, as the Company maintains substantial cash balances and continues to generate positive cash flow, and has reached an agreement on use of cash collateral.

    Idearc expects to operate business as usual throughout its restructuring process, with no interruption in the solutions and services it provides to hundreds of thousands of clients around the nation.

    "Today we take an important step forward as we continue to transform Idearc. Essentially we have a company with good potential being held back by a terminally ill balance sheet, " said Scott W. Klein, chief executive officer of Idearc Inc. "We are not only open for business and serving our clients as usual, we are also continuing our focus on transforming Idearc for the future based on a bold strategy, including all of the new programs launched earlier this month.

    "The reorganization process will enable Idearc to quickly finalize and implement a debt restructuring plan that will strengthen our financial condition and position us to compete more effectively in a challenging and rapidly evolving economic environment, " Klein said.

    "One of our most important priorities is to put in place an appropriate capital structure to support our strategic business plans and objectives. A new capital structure that can give all of our partners the confidence they need in us to be there for them in the years ahead provides us with the greatest chance for success."

    Under the agreement in principle with the agent bank and steering committee, the Company's total debt will be reduced from approximately $9 billion today to a pro forma level of $3 billion of secured bank debt, with a 12 percent interest rate and a six-year term. Mandatory amortization will be $60 million for each of the first two years following confirmation and $40 million per year thereafter. The Company will retain 32.5 percent of surplus cash flow, with the balance to be paid as additional amortization on the bank debt. At emergence from Chapter 11, the Company will have a cash balance of $150 million. Other terms of the plan are still to be negotiated, and it is anticipated that the remainder of the Company's bank debt and bonds will be converted to equity.

    Also, the agent bank and steering committee have agreed with the Company to continue to fund operations from all but $250 million of Idearc's more than $600 million cash collateral balance. The remaining $250 million of cash collateral will be paid to the secured lenders as adequate protection, subject to bankruptcy court approval of the Company's motion to use the cash collateral.

    Idearc has also filed a variety of other customary first day motions with the bankruptcy court to enable it to continue to conduct business as usual while it completes its reorganization. These include motions providing for employees to continue to receive compensation and benefits as usual and to maintain customer programs and guarantees. Idearc expects to file a motion with the bankruptcy court shortly seeking to assume executory contracts related to its 30-year publishing agreement and 30-year branding agreement with Verizon Communications, Inc.

    Idearc's legal advisor for the restructuring is Fulbright & Jaworski LLP and its financial advisor is Moelis & Company.

    More information about Idearc's restructuring is available at Idearc clients can call [protected] for more information. Information for vendors is available at [protected] or by sending an email to [email protected]

    Idearc to continue operational plans to transform the company

    Idearc is in the process of implementing an innovative new strategy designed to drive consumer usage of its products and increase client loyalty. Among numerous other initiatives, earlier this month Idearc announced the SuperGuarantee(SM) program, a national consumer guarantee initiative designed to increase spending in local economies by lowering the risk associated with hiring contractors, plumbers, auto body repair shops and thousands of other eligible service provider category-based businesses.

    "These are challenging times for small and medium businesses" Klein said. "Since joining Idearc in June 2008, my team and I have strategically and tenaciously developed new programs and product enhancements, and created more efficient ways of doing business that will forever change how we serve our consumers and clients.

    "We have a unique opportunity to not only help our clients survive the current economic environment; we can actually help them grow. In effect we have declared our own war on the recession and are proving it with our actions - not words."

    Certain statements included in this press release and the hyperlinked materials constitute forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements reflect Idearc management's current views with respect to Idearc's financial performance and future events with respect to its business and industry in general. Statements regarding Idearc's exploration of alternatives related to its capital structure are forward-looking statements. Statements that include the words "believe, " "will, " "anticipate, " "foresee, " and similar expressions identify forward-looking statements. Idearc cautions you not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. The following important factors could affect future results and could cause those results to differ materially from those expressed in the forward-looking statements: (i) risk the bankruptcy filing and the related cases disrupt current plans and operations; (ii) risks that Idearc's business could suffer from the loss of key customers, suppliers or personnel during the pendency of the bankruptcy cases, (iii) risks that Idearc's plan of reorganization fails to obtain the requisite approval from the claim holders entitled to vote on the plan; (iv) risks that Idearc will be able to maintain sufficient liquidity for the pendency of the bankruptcy cases, (v) risk that the bankruptcy court rejects Idearc's plan of reorganization; (vi) limitations on Idearc's operating and strategic flexibility during the pendency of the bankruptcy cases; (vii) risks related to a long and protracted restructuring; (viii) risks related to Idearc's declining print revenue, including a reduction in customer spending resulting from the current economic downturn; (ix) changes in Idearc's competitive position due to competition from other yellow pages directories publishers and other traditional and new media and its ability to anticipate or respond to changes in technology and user preferences;(x) declining use of print yellow pages directories; (xi) changes in the availability and cost of paper and other raw materials used to print directories and reliance on third-party printers and distributors; (xii) increased credit risk associated with reliance on small- and medium-sized businesses, in particular in the current economic environment; (xxiii) changes in operating performance; (xiv) Idearc's ability to attract and retain qualified executives; (xv) Idearc's ability to maintain good relations with its unionized employees; (xvi) changes in U.S. labor, business, political and/or economic conditions; (xvii) changes in governmental regulations and policies and actions of regulatory bodies; and (xviii) risks associated with Idearc's obligations under agreements entered into with Verizon in connection with the spin-off. For a discussion of these and other risks and uncertainties, see Idearc Inc.'s periodic filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which you may view at, and in particular, Idearc Inc.'s Annual Report on Form 10-K.

    About Idearc Inc.

    Idearc Inc. (OTC:IDAR) delivers products on multiple platforms to help consumers find the information they want, wherever they are. Idearc's multi-platform of advertising solutions includes, but is not limited to, Idearc(R), Idearc Media(R), the Idearc logo, the Idearc Media logo, Verizon(R) Yellow Pages, Verizon(R) White Pages, Verizon(R) Yellow Pages Companion Directories, FairPoint(R) Yellow Pages, FairPoint(R) Yellow Pages Companion Directories, Superpages(R),, Switchboard(R),,, Superpages Mobile(SM), Superpages Direct(TM), Superpages Direct Exclusive Mailer(TM), SuperGuarantee(SM), and For more information, visit


    SOURCE: Idearc Inc.

    Media Relations Contacts:
    Andrew Shane, [protected]
    [email protected]
    Investor Relations Contact:
    Ryan Gaddy, [protected]
    [email protected]

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  • El
    E. Leary Mar 30, 2009

    Idearc Media ignores customers. I cancelled my account in writing but they refused to acknowledge it. I kept having to send the copy of the letter to them every month. I tried calling them but they'd have a message saying, "sorry, we are in a meeting right now and can't come to the phone." What is this, the corner ice cream shop? They don't return calls. The last straw was when they sent my account to a collection agency. I will continue till the day I die to complain about this, the worst, most unethical company I've ever dealt with, to everyone I can. These people are scam artists. I'm trying to figure out a way to sue their ###. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!
    E. Leary

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  • Tr
    Trent Mar 28, 2009

    Jay, read your third line; you have no room to talk about writing ("when next you attempt. . ."). Though, I do feel your anger.

    As for Idearc, the company is a mere shadow of its GTE roots. I worked there ten years ago, when the majority of their outside sales force had college degrees and respectable ethics. Minus a few bad apples, they treated customers fairly and the advertising worked more than it didn't. However, soon after Verizon bought out GTE things began to decline. Not so much with the employees, but the industry. More and more small, independent yellow page publishers began sprouting throughout the country. They sold on price rather than value, and consequently, diluted the entire effectiveness of yellow page advertising. Customers no longer could invest their money securely in just one or two books. Yet, big publishers like Verizon and Bell refused to adapt their rates to the reduced usage, which caused the return on investment to fall dramatically. Once they recognized the negative trend, Verizon and Bell reacted by loosening the credit restrictions on potential advertisers instead of accommodating the rates of their loyal customers. Within a couple years, anyone with a cell phone was offered $500-$1000/month in pre-approved credit to supplement the increased cancellations. This reaction, born from pure greed, buried the trust of perennial advertisers and the consumers whom everything depends on. In every heading, businesses with well founded reputations were sharing ad space with whimsy entrepreneurs who performed poor work for less money. Ironically, Verizon and Bell were promoting the same contaminant that infected their own industry. A majority of the public (at least, the public that advertisers want to attract) stopped referencing yellow pages and turned to the Web. Welcome Superpages.Com and Smartpages.Com.

    The first three or four years Bell and Verizon offered online advertising, the product (like its print predecessor) provided better than average results. Only this time they didn't enjoy the profits for nearly as long before competitive Internet medias intervened. Again, the advertiser and consumer are left unsure who to trust.

    Regrettably, Idearc seems unwilling to accept fair value for their watered down product. Their stock reflects as much. When the company spun off from Verizon in 2007 it was trading at $35; just 2 yrs later Idearc is trading at 5 cents. Really, I find it amazing they're still in business.

    Regarding employees, 95% of the salespeople who worked with me in 1999 no longer are there. From what I gathered, speaking to one of the few people I know at Idearc, they hire uneducated and unethical sales reps with checkered pasts. It's no surprise small businesses have so many complaints. What once was responsible company and viable choice for advertisers has become a desperate dinosaur clinging to its distant past. Good riddance. . .

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  • Ja
    Jay Mar 10, 2009

    Barney, first off let me thank you for proving to us how hopeless IDEARC is. Your words - "I have to sourt threw"? "Mike, you receieve no comment"? "get what you are properly intitled to"?
    Your gramatical and spelling errors only shows that this company would hire anything with a pulse. It behooves you to use a dictionary when next you attempt to come across as being smart. At the very least use spell check on the computer you dumb ###.
    Now lets get to the good stuff. You must have recently joined this company or, like most of the reps, talking out of your ### in order to make the statement that only "low level" accounts use AFNI for authorization. Billing a "couple hundred a month" as you put it. Well dumb ###, you're right! I was billing a couple hundred a month - 50 of them! Lets test your knowledge to see how much you really know or how long you've been with this company. I had a TCP online (Total City Placement) and an HPHP ( Half Page Color). In other words my program with this waste of time Company cost me over $5000 monthly. When was the last time you sold one of those? I was not working with petty reps like yourself. My rep who sold me that program was Janet and only after she left and my account was handled by some guy/gal named Yammi did disaster occur. I told him/her I always get Janet to come here and go over my ads and he is yet to show. Next thing you know, I mysteriously renewed using AFNI. Go figure! And even if I was billing $300.00 a month, the point is I am a customer and should be treated as such. Rule number one of any business.
    Now lets address the fact that you try to berate Margaret for buying a bold listing asking "you thought a listing would bring you business?"
    If anything, this emphasizes how shady the company is. If bold listings don't bring business then why the ### does the company or rep put a price on it? Because the company and rep is concerned about ripping of clients thats why!
    And where did you get your information when you told Gary that is the #1 online yellowpages? Might want to get your sources checked cupcake because that title is held by AT&T's YELLOWPAGES.COM.
    Now for the comments to Maria. Well lets see...hummm. Ahhh here it is. Your line should read "you are the only sensible PERSON" dumb ### not "only sensible people". Where did you go to school? IDEARC UNIVERSITY I bet!!

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  • Jo
    Joe Mar 08, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We all need to get together and form a class action law suit. I'll do my best and find out the legal remedies and if you have been ripped off by them, just email me at [email protected]

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  • Jo
    Joe Feb 28, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They phone solicited my number and I was on the no solicit list because I use my personal cell phone for my small business. I’m sure Idearc found some loop hole to call my number because I’m using it as a business. Does anyone out there know how the no phone solicits laws work if you’re using it for your small business?
    However, they sent several contracts. I read the first one carefully signed it and faxed it back. I got a call later saying they had a mistake on the contract please sign another one and fax it back. Actually they sent a total of 4 contracts but I can only verify two. I was baited and switched. The first contract was a totally monthly charge of $125.00. The last contract I sent in I found out the next month had $500.00 per month.
    I never got one phone call or one job from their advertisements. I called the managers at that time and faxed all 4 contracts to show and they gave me the run around and I could tell they were unprofessional and had a low I.Q.
    I paid for several months trying to cancel. They said I could not cancel and had signed a year contract.
    Finally my money ran out at the end and now I have alliance/Idearc calling wanting the balance. I gave them my lawyers name and number and they have called him.
    They call every week harassing me and even on the weekends.
    We all need to get together and form a class action law suit. I read the complaints posted and know there are thousands of customers who got kicked and are just living with it.
    This company has no dignity or respect for the public and should be closed to put it nicely.

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