Icelandairfi852/fi532 flight delay

Mi Nov 26, 2018 Reykjavik

Hello, written we complain the handling of our flight delay, transfer and rebooking.
Customer Michael Kempe, Julia Kempe
Due a delay of the flight Fi852 from Chicago to Reykjavik we could not reach our connecting flight to Munich. Your staff was not able to rebook us on another connection flight in the morning. We have to take now a flight with British Airways at 1pm. Due to the fact that we must check in again also our luggage we have to spend 5h outside the transition zone without lounge access or a chance to work on a table! Your staff cannot help us because they are not responsible for British Airways. That is unbelievable! I never made such unprofessional experience! Based on the EU passenger law 261 we will claim our right for compensation. Best regards
Michael Kempe

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