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I was taken to a tee to the cleaners by I-SoldIt.Com who failed to notify me of the listing price of my merchandise, listed it, and only following the sale notified me my items had been sold to the tune of a $1, 435 loss from the average sales price of the used price. There is no chain of command within this company as they are all franchises, no one is accountable, zero customer service and a devastating loss due to incompetence in pricing and bungling in their alleged method of conducting business. Don't bother calling the HQ number unless you wish to be perennially frustrated by a system which leads nowhere. Perhaps the single worst business I have ever experienced in my entire life and I'm left with absolutely no recourse. If you're willing to sell your merchandise for 1/4 its value, then use this merchant, but most people cannot, and I strongly warn against them.


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    Fred Feb 17, 2009

    Read your contract. What are you an idiot? Don't you realize the item went up for auction and the isold it store has no control of how much your item sells for ... You should have negotiated with the isold it people to accept a reserve fee from you in order to list your item in the first place. They probably got way more for your item than you could of gotten if you'd listed the dang thing yourself.

    Typical ### who wanted a quick buck and thinks they could have gotten more after the fact.

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    akphoneguy Aug 01, 2009

    I won an Ebay auction from this I-soldit franchisee. Before bidding I confirmed that they would ship USPS Parcel Post to my friends address near their location. When I won the auction they adjusted the invoice accordingly. But, their Ebay id paypal account was blocked ("having problems") and I ended up using an alternate paypal account - including my friends mailing address. Two weeks after payment I inquired about status and they gave me a tracking number which showed package had not been readied for mailing for almost 11 days after payment. Eventually a month after auction close package showed up at my mailbox -with additional post office meter strip showing postage purchased two weeks after auction payment.
    On calling store to inquire, they promised they would reimburse me for cost of remailing, but when email requesting written confirmation no response 2x. On calling store I got a "we are closing due to unfortunate circumstances"

    If you search the net you will find that the I-soldit parent company has probably mis-represented the potential of these businesses to their franchisees. The franchisees make a big inve$ment and then find that their stores aren't giving them the return they expect - or more likely going in the hole month after month. I would say the service I got from this store probably reflects someone trying (desperately) to make a go of it, but not having enough staff and not having enough support/design/knowledge from the parent company. The parent company says they will not help with any problems. What does that say about their interest in maintaining the "good name" of I-Soldit.

    My seller had decent ratings on Ebay, but I would suggest that folks avoid taking things to I-soldit franchisees without EVERTHING in writing. Buyers beware for the franchisee about to go under. There is probably little recovery as in most undercaptialized businesses.

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