hydrolyzebilling after order cancelled


Company has to continued to send products after I cancelled in July. Stop sending me your product and stop billing me.


  • Kl
    kl crawford Nov 18, 2008

    I ordered what I thought was the free trial of Hydrolyze but was charged for it although I called and told them before the 30 day free trial was up that I was canceling the order. I was misled by the customer service representative that I would not be billed unless I wanted to continue my orders in the future with the company. When I tried the product it appeared to work during the first week but by the end of the month I had not seen any greater improvement. I was not pleased with the product and in my opinion it was not worth the price I paid for it.

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  • Di
    Diane Jan 30, 2009

    I had the same problem! Hydrolyze advertised on the radio as "free... just pay shipping and handling". I was not happy with the results... didn't work for me! I found out later, after receiving my charge bill, that they had charged $69.95 on top of my previously paid shipping & handling charge. When I called to complain, they informed me I would be charged yet again next month. Bringing the total to over $150 for a small bottle that doesn't work! When I placed the order, I was not informed of this. I went with what I heard on the radio. This is definitely false advertisement! Becareful ordering from this company which goes by the names / products: Hydrolyze, Hydroleyes, Longevity LLC or Bellezza Products. They are dishonest, unreputable and their product doesn't work!

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  • Ki
    Kimball Feb 14, 2009

    I agree - the stuff doesn't work and its all a BIG LIE. DON'T BUY IT!!! I kept some of the stuff but sent the unused portion back within 30 days, and they still charged me $70 for something that doesn't work. How do I know? I have used it under my right eye for 6 months, and did not apply it to my left eye during that time period - ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGE TO THE DARK CIRCLE UNDER MY RIGHT EYE!!! So, after two disputes with AMerican Express on the matter, I am still stuck with that 70 dollar billing. These guys should be arrested for racketeering, PERIOD. DON'T BUY IT!!! DON'T BUY IT!!!

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  • Be
    Beware Apr 14, 2009

    They are dishonest and should be reported. They are taking advantage of old people with bags under their eyes and on fixed incomes--how low can you go. My Chase Visa company was very nice about it and removed the charge. The Hydrolyze customer service rep was unbelievely rude--she must not like her job.

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  • Da
    Dairy Jul 01, 2009

    I have learned that one must always, always check the internet first for feedback on any product advertised on TV. The vast majority, it seems, turn out to be scams. I thought about trying this product but checked it out first and the decision is "no". If a product like this truly worked, if it was truly great, they wouldn't have to advertise on expensive TV ads. The product would sell fast and furious by word of mouth. I'm sorry all of you were scammed. Please note that the average credit card company will assist you in getting the charges removed within 60 days of your purchase. After that you're pretty much on your own.

    If you can't get satisfaction from your credit card company, threaten to do one or more of the following:

    1) report them to the BBB
    2) report them to the FCC
    3) claim you have a huge database of customers and that you're going to announce to all of them that the product is fake
    4) claim that you will ask each of your customers to forward your report on the product to all of their friends, who will pass it on to all of their friends
    5) tell them you're going to post a video about them on people's court raw where millions will see it
    6) tell them you will hunt down every online scam reporting website and post your comments and experiences on all of them

    You might get your refund then.

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  • El
    Elizabeth101 Jul 17, 2009

    well my issue is the same as most but also this product BURNED my skin. I am african american and now I have a discoloration and is waiting to see a dermatologist. I am thinking of trying to file a law suit for this. Has anyone else had this type of issue/

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  • Ja
    Jackie 42 Aug 12, 2009

    DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! They mislead you to beleive you get product free. Kept sending and billing for product after canceling. When canceling they said keep the the product, then they billed meagain. This is a SCAM. They refuse Credit. BEWARE!!!

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  • Je
    Jerseygirl999 Aug 18, 2009

    I heard about free trial on NYC radio- what a total scam! The rep was completely out of line and rude. She tried to up-sell me 4 times for the same thing. The more I said NO, the more upset she got and starting yelling at me, threatening to hang up, which she eventually did...AFTER getting my credit card number. I got no confirmation number. I am going call my CC company and put a fraud alert on the account.

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  • Sc
    Scam report inc. Oct 07, 2009

    Hyroxatone/Hydrolyze better not send me anything else other than the free trial and they better not bill me that additional $70 for something I never requested.
    I just called (10/7/09) Hydroxatone's customer service (1 - 800 - 672 -2259)and spoke to Walter at extension 580 roughly one week after ordering Hydrolyze and asked that everything connected to my initial free trial order be cancelled and that nothing else shall be shipped or charged to me other than the initial, free trial of Hydolyze plus the cost of shipping and handeling. I have a feeling this is a big scam but I hope I acted quickly enough to stop them from ripping me off.

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  • Cm
    CMitchellRasmussen Nov 16, 2009

    Scott Wilks is most likely getting paid if you go to his blog and click on his links. He also hawks male enhancement, viagra, acne removal and hair straightening.

    My point above isn't that the product doesn't work, it is twofold: 1) It didn't work for me, 2) This company will try to scam you.

    They are using a marketing ruse to get you to try their product out. Their FREE trial isn't. They don't disclose all the information about the conditions of the free trial and the money back guarantee.

    So, you would benefit by calling your local Avon lady and trying out their product before putting your credit card into the hands of this unethical company. Do a search on this product and find a way to get an equivalent product, but without risking your credit card number with a company out of New Jersey.

    Don't give them your credit card number! We live in a day of daily scams and the way this company does business is a SCAM. Learn from my experience the scam is NOT worth it.

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  • Cl
    Claudette Campbell Nov 19, 2009

    Thanks for all the feedbacks. I will not purchase their product.

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  • Un
    unclerob Nov 22, 2009

    Gosh, Scott Wilks even follows his own blogs. Well, that's one follower at least. Hope you get rich quick and have no problem sleeping at night. It's a rip-off folks, stay away and tell a friend. This is the only way to drive such companies out of business. TV Infomercials are expensive, and if everybody just refuses to be taken, then poof, these scammers move on to their next snake oil product.

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  • Ma
    Matea Dec 06, 2009

    Do not waste your money on this product. It absolutely does not work. And they do tell you you can try it free for 30 days, but when I ordered, they told me on the phone I shouldn't expect to see results until after two months. So why bother offering 30 day free trial? The product is very expensive, but I would have been willing to pay if it worked. I'm now starting my third month on the product (may as well since I paid a fortune for it) and I see no difference in my dark circles whatsoever. It's a giant rip-off!

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  • Ba
    barb990 Dec 07, 2009

    I agree the product does not work!
    Ripe off! I was called an ### by the rep for wanting to speak to a supervisor!

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  • Ba
    barb990 Dec 07, 2009

    Just some advice.. You may want to cancel you card!
    I canceled my card so they can not bill me anymore!

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  • Ma
    mamapoohbear Dec 14, 2009

    I ALMOST fell for this scam until they asked for my credit card number. This reeked of an experience I had with another product (Hydroxytone) a few years back. I naively believe I could try it for the price of shipping, and pay only if I liked/ kept it. Not so!

    I'll bet they're the same bogus company? Somehow, I got on their e-mailing list and have been harassed by e-mails, sometimes 2 or 3 a day, for awhile now.

    I agree with the poster who said a legitimate product can be offered at a store, and of it's any good, people will buy it. No risk there.


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  • Gb
    gbear Dec 19, 2009

    Thanks for all of these comments, I was just about to purchase the poroduct but decided to do a little research first. Good job! Thanks everyone.

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  • Gb
    gbear Dec 19, 2009

    Does anyone have any solutions to dark circles and puffy eyes? I'm in my twenties and suffer terribly from eye issues!

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  • Br
    Brissa Dec 29, 2009

    I am so glad I decided to goggle reviews on "hydrolyze" I almost ordered it but Ive learned to read review first, thanks everyone you guys save me a big headache!

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  • Ma
    Matea Dec 31, 2009

    Gbear - I know of no product that actually works on dark cirlces. So far, anything I've tried have worked at all. I will keep trying new products, and if I ever find something that works, I will post here.

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  • Jf
    jfdeso Jan 04, 2010

    I am Italian and have very dark circles. My sister gave me a jar to use as she said it worked for her and she had 2 jars. At first it gave a burning sensation and kind of irritated my allergies. After a week or so these discomforts stoped. I have used the product for about a month and do see a difference. Not dramatic but a visible difference. I checked ebay to see if I could purchase...but had to bid. I did.. but was I was quickly outbid. No really.. it is the only product like this on ebay with 19 bidders at this moment in time. I am not going to purchase the way you guys have, as I can see your pain and don't want to be in that spot. I did find another site to purchase for a better price and it is a one time pay, actually you can buy 4 jars for around $137. Hey the company may not be the best, but for me it worked okay and for others maybe not. Just me.

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  • Bc
    B. Campbell Jan 05, 2010

    Thanks to this website, I did not get duped!!! I was on the phone calling from Canada to order the "Free Trial", it would not let me order from a non-U.S. country, thankfully. So...here I was, looking it up to find the free trial online & came across this website.
    I will definitely do this in future for ANYTHING I'm planning on trying in future.
    Thank you again!
    From Canada:)

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  • Ch
    chorne Jan 10, 2010

    Mu husband just purchased this product - What should we do now!!!

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  • Ma
    Matea Jan 12, 2010

    Chorne - my advice...return it for a refund asap. It does not work and you don't want to get stuck with the aggravation of trying to return it later and not be charged.

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  • Te
    TedEdwards415 Jan 27, 2010

    Attention foolish vanity shoppers: Hydrolyze makes its money on the shipping & handling fee. They do not need to sell a single product...that is how these scams work. The S&H and jar that holds the product are more valuable and more expensive than the basic ingredients in the cream.

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  • Ki
    kimad91906 Jan 28, 2010

    Thank you all so much for your comments. I heard the radio ad and thought too that it was a clinical trial and that the product would be free. I called and the guy informed me there was "just a shipping and handling charge of $12.95". I told him I was under the impression from the ad that the product was free. Well, he argued the point that I "only" had to pay shipping and handling, blah, blah. I asked a few more questions and then told him I was going to research Hydrolyze online before I made any purchase. He hung up on me!! Nice. I found this site and I am so glad I didn't provide my credit card. What a blessing your comments are!! Thank you!!

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  • Sd
    S D O Feb 08, 2010

    I asked Hydrolyze Rep if the ingredients were safe and all natural, and told him I would only buy the product if it met my ingredients requirement. He assured me that all ingredients were indeed safe and natural, and he cited a list of natural ingredients. On this basis, I ordered the product. I would not have ordered the product if I knew it contained synthetic, harmful ingredients.

    Upon receiving the product, I reviewed the ingredients label. In our telephone conversation, the Rep only cited to me the natural ingredients but did not inform me of several of the non-natural and unsafe chemical ingredients including but limited to as follows:

    * Carbomer: synthesized from acrylic acid, a synthetic polymer plastic. “Acrylic acid is severely irritating and corrosive to the skin and the respiratory tract. Eye contact can result in severe and irreversible injury.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acrylic_acid
    * DMDM hydantoin: a formaldehyde releaser. It is listed in studies as a strong allergen, “irritant, and potential carcinogen prohibited in cosmetics in Sweden and Japan.” - DeGroot AC Practical Dermatitis 1995.
    * Urea: a waste product similar to uric acid found in urine, synthesized from petroleum and coal. “Biuret, a highly toxic compound found in chemical urea, is both cumulative and destructive to the environment. Almost 90% of all chemicals used and combined with urea are carcinogenic. These include: formaldehyde, heavy metals having atomic weights over 50, fluorine containing compounds, polyhydric and quinine phenols, halogens, cyanides, and copper.” http://www.asialinkgroup.com/Bio1One/eng_results.html
    * Soy lecithin: unless certified organic, this is guaranteed to be genetically modified, and I have numerous studies citing the dangers of GMOs.

    Plastic derived from corrosive chemicals, cancer-causing formaldyhyde releasers, waste products from petroleum and coal which are carcinogenic especially when mixed with formaldyhyde, and genetically modified organisms are neither natural nor safe, and Hydrolyze should know this. I returned all of the product.

    Hydrolyze willfully committed misrepresentation to induce me into the contract, failing to disclose all of the material facts regarding the ingredients. Failure to disclose all material facts about the matter is enough to constitute a misrepresentation and the contract can be rescinded on these grounds. Krakowski v Eurolynx Properties Ltd (1995) 183 CLR 563. Misrepresentation Act 1967 s1(a). I refused to pay shipping costs based on this.

    Further, Hydrolyze contacted me twice by telephone, under the auspices of confirming that my order had been shipped, and to thank me, informed me that I was to receive a free gift certificate and was also automatically signed up as a member of a discount club and would be billed $12.00 automatically every month on my credit card unless I called a different phone number to cancel this arrangement. I told both reps that I did not and would not authorize any monthly billing to my credit card. They responded by stating that it was automatic, and that the only way to avoid the charges was for me to call a different telephone number to cancel. This is a very shady business practice. I informed both reps that they did not have my permission for any such automatic billing.

    Do NOT buy Hydrolyze! The product is dangerous and they engage in deceitful business practices.

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  • Eg
    E.G.R. Mar 06, 2010

    * ALSO I AGREE ..
    THAT THE THEORY of ""Just Postage and Handling"" ... NEVER IS JUST THAT !
    THEIR ANSWER.. "" YOU WONT !! ""

    *** WTF *** ??????????

    For those of you with PUFFINESS try using the old tried and true...
    ... "Preparation H " cooling gel...
    ( The GEL is clear but.. NOT THE CREAM which is WHITE )
    Available ANYWHERE for a lot less and in nice big tubes...

    Unfortunately, it doesnt help dark circles..
    but as far as puffiness..
    *Some in the morning..
    and some before you go out on a date..
    And it tightens the skin under the eyes..

    Caveat Emptor ... Let the buyer beware ...


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  • Cm
    CMitchellRasmussen Mar 17, 2010

    I found a way to remove dark circles.

    I have a sister in law who is an Esthetician (look up here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmetology ) and I finally asked her what the best solution was for removing dark circles under the eyes. She explained that the blood is pooling there and that the right kind of massage removes it. I asked her if this was a proven technique and she explained that she's done it many times for her patients, but that the massage technique could be taught so that the patient can do it themselves.

    Contact an Esthetician.

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  • Cm
    CMitchellRasmussen Mar 17, 2010

    I ordered Hydrolyze on May 18th, 2009, but I didn't receive their product until May 27th, 2009. You have 30 days to test their product, but here is the catch...the 30 days begins THE DAY YOU ORDER THEIR PRODUCT. So, if you decide that you don't like the product for whatever reason you may want to cancel, but if you haven't called within the 30 day period from the date of purchase (not delivery) you will NOT get a refund AND no matter what they tell you on the phone or no matter what the document says in writing that comes in the box, they will bill you the entire $179.80 over a 60 day period. Why? Keep reading.

    This company knows that they can't lose anything with their 30 day trial because they are playing a "Ponzi-like" marketing game with their written policies. It turns out that their policy for the 30 day trial is stated clearly in writing on the paperwork they send you, but their 30 day RETURN POLICY isn't provided to you on the radio, phone or in writing inside the box you get; you have to go to their website to get that.

    My problem, and why I sought to return the product, is that I didn't see the results they claimed. Also, the cream in the little green container created a mild to moderate burning sensation around my eyes. So, I wasn't happy with it and went through the process of cancelling and then returning the product.

    But, alas, although their representatives treated me really well on the front end when I was a new customer, as soon as I tried to stop payment or to get a refund for the twice charged $89.90 I was treated as if I was unintelligent. One of their phone reps actually laughed at me when I said I was sending it back. It turns out that even though you may not have purchased their product from their website that you are held bound to their 30 DAY RETURN POLICY which isn’t stated in the documentation you receive!!! So, I ultimately was denied getting a refund because I DIDN'T GO TO THEIR WEBSITE TO FIND THEIR HIDDEN STIPULATION ABOUT THE return policy--and I WAS NEVER TOLD by the phone reps that I SHOULD GO TO THEIR WEBSITE. The irony is that I found out about this hidden point by HSBC's (MasterCard) dispute representative.

    Buyer beware with this company; in fact if you asked me what to do I'd tell you to NEVER buy a product from a company over the phone --EVER. There are too many loop holes that Credit Card companies like MasterCard use to allow a merchant to play games with 30 day trials and autoship programs. You are responsible to obtain the cancellation information even if it is in two separate locations which is the case with Hydrolyze.

    I have wasted five hours over the past two months just trying to get through the cancellation and dispute charges only to be rebuffed. Dishonest and insulting is what this is. If I could give them a five negative stars I would.

    Update: Get an Esthetician to help you with dark circles. No creams will work without the harsh chemicals found in Hydrolyze (which explains why it burns when you apply it). Also, the guy names Scott, who agrees with Hydrolyze is a parasite marketer, i.e. somebody who jumps on the bandwagon of a highly advertised product in order to capture some of the search engine business. He is making money on it so why would he disagree. Just do a complete search on him to see what I'm talking about. He has NO expertise in this product and problem.

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  • Je
    Jeff in lodi May 24, 2010

    What I have learned from another phone issue, is that you do not have to authorize a charge on your credit card to get 'stuck'. If they get you to utter your card number for ANY reason, that constitutes consent, according to VISA.

    My mother got scammed by a fast talking piece of trash, and convinced her to give them her credit card number for 'verification' purposes, or some such nonsense. She charged $995 for nothing. The really disturbing part of this was VISA's attitude. they couldn't have cared less that this was a scram from the beginning; 'she gave them their credit card number, sir' was all they would say, even though I clearly informed them that she didn't authorize a purchase. Apparently, this is NOT a requirement, and these scammers, know it.

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  • Ba
    Basmark Jun 28, 2010

    We ordered the free trial and returned all product un-opened and un-used. They agreed that they received our return package but asserted that two out of the three jars were missing and billed us twice at 69.95. 140 bucks for nothing! Never again. . .

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  • Ne
    nekareed Jul 14, 2010

    they sent me the product i used it for one week. i had to go to the emergency room because i couldnt see. my eyes burned to much to use it and it doesnt work. i sent it back within 2 weeks of recieving it. they sent it back to me telling me the cancellation period was over.
    i had to cancel my card so they can no longer bill me. they reported it to the credit agency and sent it into collections before the first month was over.
    i am going to print out this entire page and take it to my laywer and to the BBB.

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  • Ta
    Tanvir Morfaw Jul 25, 2010

    I am very happy with the product. I find that I have been working very well for me. I have tried several other products but nothing seems to be working as good as Hydrolyze. http://www.hydrolyzecream.net

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  • Ga
    Gayle Downey Aug 01, 2010

    Omg !!! I just called cc co. They have received MANY complaints about this company!!! They need to be stopped!!!

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  • Re
    Reliza Aug 14, 2010

    Dear Hydrolyze Victims:




    Yes, I got suckered, too. In this case, I ordered the free trial — and ONLY the free trial, then sent an e-mail canceling the order (on Friday, message most likely received Monday). But gosh, Monday is exactly day the little time bomb was delivered.

    So I called Hydrolyze to ask how to return it. What bothered me most was the bill for 139.90 for the free trial. When I called the company about returning it, I talked with "Mark" who told me to send the product back marked "RETURN TO SENDER" along with a "Return Materials Authorization" from Hydrolyze which he gave me and which I later received by e-mail AND a delivery confirmation number from the post office. Most importantly, I was told to get a delivery confirmation from the post office.

    In addition to the RMA and the delivery confirmation, I noticed on the Hydrolyze FAQ page that we are all supposed to “To ensure prompt processing, returns must be sent to the address provided with your RMA number. The warehouse cannot accept packages without an RMA number.” So I thought, great, I’ll just check the RMA authorization Hydrolyze sent me, as guess what? THERE IS NO ADDRESS on the RMA they sent me. What a surprise!

    Well, today (two days after receipt) I talked to the post office manager named Pam, a very nice helpful lady. (We are in the low foothills of the California Sierra Nevada mountains and, at least socially, everyone seems very helpful and polite.) Anyhow, Pam told me that I should come in and she'd process the return. No problem, right?

    On further research into Hydroxytone/Hydrolyze, in the "Ordering, Return & Shipping" section, subsection: "How do I Return a Product" on their FAQ page (http://www.hydrolyze.tv/faq.html#f3.12) I discovered the statement that •”We will not process or refund packages marked "Return to Sender."

    Okay, so is "Mark" right or is their FAQ page right? (The word "Mark" is in quotes because a number of other victims report speaking to a "Mark." Are ALL their customer service staff named Mark?

    Finally today (Wednesday, 8/04/2010) I realized that what we have on our hands is one giant case of fraud:

    They don't charge what they said they would charge. I mean, really, a bill for $139.90 for a free sample?

    On the phone, their customer service rep ("Mark") lied about using the "Return to Sender" return method, while their FAQ page says explicitly that they will NOT accept any return marked "Return to Sender."

    So, do we have a case for mail fraud? We will if all of you file a Mail Fraud claim with the office of postal inspectors. We need to generate as many claims as possible, so please pass the word. In the meantime, I'll be calling the postal inspector and filing a claim for mail fraud. I'll also visit the various complaint sites and leave this same message.

    It's definitely time to rise up about getting thoroughly ripped off. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] After Enron and all the following “discoveries” about the subsequent stories about what is basically the looting of the United States and American citizens, I think it’s time for a grass roots movement to start protesting and acting in our own defense, DON’T YOU?

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  • Ch
    Christina012 Aug 18, 2010


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  • Kt
    kteacher Aug 23, 2010

    I never even opened the Hydrolyze product and returned well within the 30 days and THEY STILL CHARGED ME $70!! My bank is dealing with them now but if you want to try this product, just go to your local Ulta store. They carry it and you will not have to go throught the shipping/money nightmare. The phone representatives are not helpful in any way. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT...THIS COMPANY IS HORRIBLE!!

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  • Fe
    fernandodbx Sep 14, 2010

    Not worth buying im still fighting for a refund..i dont know if i can still get it. Just like everybidy else i cancelled the order since june n they were still able to charge my discover credit card until august.

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  • Ze
    zelly87 Sep 21, 2010

    I totally agree with the rest of the complaints on this board. I ordered hydrolyze as a trial and found out later that they had charged me 69.95 for one jar. So i called customer service and closed the account, which they charged me another 69.95 just to close the account. HOW RIDICULES. terrible product..it made the skin around my eye even dryer and more sensitive.

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