Resolved Hydrogenx Savefuel SL50 HHO generatorBroken product, can't contact

It's wonderful when a product you took a leap of faith to buy breaks without you causing it to, and you cannot contact the company to repair it. I bought the SL50 from, and people be warned, you NEED an EFIE to make it work at least. It was not cheap to have both units installed, and it is NOT EASY TO INSTALL unless you know a lot about electronics already, and who does? Erg, this stuff is kinda boiling up. It's been a real pain to get this thing working. The unit worked before, but without the EFIE, i got worse mileage, what with the extra oxygen from the generator telling my sensors that i was too rich, it would dump in more gasoline instead of less. Now i afforded the damn efie, and the SL50 now does not work. No one from any of the old emails i saved are responding to their emails, and i cannot find any contact info whatsoever on the internet to get it fixed. Stuff like this makes me constantly doubtful about a company.

Also people, if you get one of these things, if they don't tell you how to keep your throttle body from getting carboned up to the point were your rpm sensor gets permanently clogged (and your car endlessly goes vvrrrrmm vvrrmmmm vvrrmmmm) then contact me through this thing and i will tell you. I doubled up my bubblers and extended my hose that goes from the generator to the car's air intake. Of course, now i don't know if it all works because the main generator doesn't work. The units may be just fine, but make sure they are really honest with you about what it takes to install all this ###. Write to me if you have questions. There is more to tell.

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