Hutchinson Recreation & Design AND Progress ParkLittle Boy's Teeth Ripped out while on water slide


My Childs perminent teeth was RIPPED out of his mouth! From the water slide at progress park!! Progress Park takes no action Hutchinson & Design never helped My son was at Progress Park in Wentzville Missouri which is a city park on 07/30/07. He was going down the water slide with many other children that day. The water on the slide forsed him to flip over while going down the slide. At this point he was okay, until he caught his front perminent teeth
on the connecting pieces of the water slide. This caused his tooth to be ripped completly out while breaking the the other one in half. We were lucky to find the tooth in the water and rushed him to the E.R. He was bleeding so bad and screaming and crying from all the pain. At the hospital they placed the tooth back in and sent us to a after hours dentist for the rest of the repairs needed. He received many sticthes and a bar was placed over the injured teeth in hopes of saving the tooth. He wore the ugly bar on his teeth for over 9 months. The bar was then removed and now he has a very disfigured mouth and never smiles becauses he is so embarressed by his teeth. He will need braces to say the least! and needes his broken tooth fixed. I have medical bills my insurance company will not pay because they say this company is at fault and Jacob (my son) still needs so much work done to fix his problem's with his teeth. This affects him in so many ways. What he can eat, how he smiles, how he feels about himself and so much more. This company is a company that has been around for over 32 years and makes 1000's of dollars a year I know they could have helped Jacob get his teeth fixed with out even missing a penny I'm sure. We never asked for any more money then what we had to have to get to Jacob back to the way he was and yet they refuse to return any of my calls. Many children play on this equipment every year and that worrys me as well. Because the equipment was never fixed, it could happen again at any given time.
Please never go to progress Park or buy equipment from Hutchinson Recreation & design (aka) Miracle Recreation.
Signed a very worried mother!!! and a boy left with no smile :(

wentzville, Missouri

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