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I received a notice from this law firm demanding 1500.00 for an old account I had had with Sears. I spoke with a nice lady on the phone who informed me that their office has had this account since July 2008. She stated that they had called me numerous times (they never did or left a voicemail on my phone) and had sent me a previous letter (which I never got) and that they were going to start legal proceeding to sue me for the amount due. I informed the lady that I am currently out on disability and am on a fixed income at this time. I offered to pay 100.00 per month but was told that they would only accept 380.00 down and then I could pay the 100.00 a month. I turned the account over to a credit management company. This law office started that the account had to be paid in full with 6 months and wanted 260.00 a month from them. I want to rectify this matter but don’t know what to do.


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    Collis Carkhum Nov 04, 2008
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    I received a call from your law firm last night and in that message I was aske to call an 800 number. Unfortnately, I was unable to recover that number. Would you please call me between 9:00 a m. and 3:00 p. m., today at [protected], or you more assuredly connect with me if you send me an email to [protected] Thank you

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    Don Apr 24, 2009

    These guys are ambulance chasers, I think they just file and file on anything they can find even though the company doesn't hire them. The attorney general needs to go after these guys. I guess they think if you didn't pay a bill or something that most regular/broke people won't get an attorney and just have to take the judgement. Be sure and file an answer with the court. Get free pleading paper online and just go for it. Your answer should be that you have hardship and what ever else is keeping you from paying. Don't just let it go into a judgment.

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  • Li
    lipolady Jan 01, 2010

    Well here is one for the books--Hunt & Henriques with out my permission made a check elec. and took out of my checking acct over $3000.00. I will explain about 7 weeks ago foolishly gave them my checking act. info STUPID I know--but they wore my down I gave them a down payment on the debt and agreed to pay the balance in about 6 wks. Well I didn't because I hired an atty. Well what they did was made out the check to the credit card co. and put on permission granted on this date. I didn't give them permission to do this well you can imagine my checking is upside down. I called the bank and get this they said because it was for a debt they can not put in a dispute. I called every dept in the bank even forgery and they said the same thing. My atty will handle this I am so upset over this Hunt and Henq. stole from me.

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  • Mo
    monku13 Jan 20, 2010

    Yes, I agree with you, they need to be judged, they cannot do this to people without having consequences.

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  • Jy
    JYR Mar 23, 2010

    Actually, I don't understand-- the money withdrawn from your account was money you owed, wasn't it? My opinion is that borrowing money or putting things on credit should be handled ethically, on both sides. If one doesn't intend to repay what they borrowed and promised to repay, then that is theft. I don't like it when corporations throw their weight around and take advantage of the consumer, but consumers have to be responsible too.

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  • Si
    SicknessUntoBeing May 22, 2010

    "If one doesn't intend to repay what they borrowed and promised to repay, then that is theft. " - JYR

    "My opinion is that borrowing money or putting things on credit should be handled ethically, on both sides." - JYR

    Actually, it isn't theft JYR. Unless you are accusing people of fraud, which is a very different crime. Breaking a financial obligation hasn't really been considered theft since the British government was throwing people in prisons for it a few hundred years ago. Historically, Americans have been very much against the pre-colonial debt is a crime position. But, hey you can throw around all the illogical "ethical" arguments you want that exclude laws, history, and even dual-responsibilities as moral imperatives.

    Whether or not you can pay for most debt largely depends on your ability to work, and at that point, if you can not earn money you should be able to close your business and restart and have a clean slate. That is not theft, and it is the same rule that a business that owes you money is obliged to follow.

    Given your moral imperative: the next time an LLC is formed by a group of people and that business owes money to it's patrons, other contractors, or to the pension fund of it's regular employees, then every person making decisions at that company has to give all their personal income, property, etc. back to said parties. And, so should the people who were day-trading on the stock. That's right, until all that money is paid back to those parties by the parties who profited from the business, then it isn't fair rule.

    Fair is fair. Holding someone underwater with very little resources is still less fair than letting businesses fold everyday that have deeper pockets and greater resources. Go right after the persons in charge and make them pay every cent back.

    Nothing you are saying actually makes sense, because the laws of this country are not ethical. They completely favor businesses who continually layoff employees and devalue stocks so that the only people whoever get hurt are the people on the bottom.

    Responsibility is a two way street, but coming to this complaint forum and stating what you say is an "ethical" dilemma is not only thoughtless and asinine, it is downright hurtful to people who are trying hard to get their lives back.

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  • Pa
    Papa Trunky Nov 05, 2010

    This company is a typical piece of crap, just like those they are trying to collect from. It is a necessary evil, however, H&H is so dumb and/or greedy that they would rather let you declare a BK than settle for something. I owe them $3100 and offered to pay $2500 when I had it 2 years ago to settle, but they said no. Now I have all of what I owe, but will not work with them. They already sued me and I didn't go to court because I'd rather go to work than try to argue about such stupid crap. They tried to garnish my wages, but unfortunately I got laid-off. If they were such disgusting people, I would call them, but why? They got their 10% a year in interest, which is less than I spend on iTunes in a year. They will however never get a dime from me unless they sell the debt or whatever it is they do. If they attempt to garnish, I will declare BK for $3000 just for spite. I don't need credit. I imagine Sonia to be big and fat. She is obviously a stereotype in other ways.

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  • St
    Steven Lam Nov 06, 2010

    This firm or group of dirty minded inviduals is just terribly representing the twisted US law system - which must be re-written and these crooks must be procecuted and pay hefty fines for their cruel pratice. They have abused the system to go after the poor and unlucky people for every-cent that owed to the credit card companies (where Hunt & Henriqures purchased the accounts from) --- dealing with such hard situations (divorce, laid-off, relocations, etc.), I still wanted to make a best offer in order to settle the case but they turned around quickly filed with the court --- what goes around comes around, these [censor] won't live long...

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  • Do
    Donna Salongo Dec 04, 2010

    I agree . These guys are just a bunch of ambulance chasers. They give lawyers a bad name. They are going to get what they truely deserve for making life difficult for hard working people.

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  • La
    Laura Wink Jan 06, 2011
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    Asked for H&H for debt validation for a debt combined with a cease and desist letter by certified mail on 6/4/2010. It is now 1/6/2011 they have not validated the debt and the calls keep coming. I have documented every call with a photo of the caller id. Very abusive ambulance chasers indeed. Sad that these tough times are a growth time for pseudo law firms like H&H, so many of them are popping so I guess they'll have no trouble selling the junk debt they can't collect on to another bottom of the barrel law firm.

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  • Wh
    WhiteCapsBrew Mar 28, 2011

    @Laura, similar thing happened to me. Document everything! Did you send validation letter via certified mail with return receipt? You need to so you can prove you sent and they received on X date. Did you know each time they call or mail or contact you in ANYWAY after that 30 day 'validation period' is a violation of your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act? Also, they can be sued/fined $1, 000 for EACH TIME they contacted you and attempted to collect the debt after that 30 day period? Know your rights!
    This is a good starting point for you:
    File a complaint on the FTC website against H&H!

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  • La
    Laura Wink Mar 28, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I sent the D&V certified mail almost a year ago, and while they are trying to validate the SOL for this debt has expired. I have documented every call with a photo of the caller ID and reported H&H to the FTC. Interesting about the $1000.00 per call violation. My friend, who is a lawyer tells me, that it is not a each call item or I'd be rich. Maybe it's time to get a second expert opinion (not a freebie) on the law.

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  • In
    Inelia Jun 13, 2011

    Hunt & Henriques : ###. And every court in CA are in bed with these ###.

    The court clerks and judges cater to the ###. The court clerks stamp documents with the court's seal even before the case is over! so that the ### can start collecting. Watch your bank account! I kid you not!

    The trick is to not let the ### use your SSN. Tell them if they are found using it you will report them to the police. Look up the California statutes on identity theft. First have to file a police report if you suspect someone is using your SSN and if they continue usinh it without your permission, sue them under the identity theft statutes (not the debt collector statutes) Identity theft is a crime. Don't let them get away with using your SSN without your permission.

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  • Po
    Poehring Jun 16, 2011
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    Verified customer

    @Laura - EACH FDCPA Violation is a $1, 500 fine. So yes, If they Violate the FDCPA every call...there ya go $$$

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  • Ha
    han96 Jul 11, 2011

    Hi Inelia, it just happened to me to and i do not know what to do. can u tell me what u did after they sued u?

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  • Al
    Aldrin Serion Jul 12, 2011

    This is a letter and intent to pay off our debt.
    We have reviewed our finances and have money to make arrangements to pay off our debt at $100 a month for the number of months we can finish paying it off.
    Unfortunately, we have spoken to a couple of debt collectors from HUNT and Henriques Attorney At Law, Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC regarding this matter and we have gotten a negative feed back. We spoke to Tiffany and her supervisor Charlie at [protected] and got a bad attitude forcing us to pay $200 a month for 48 month, per Charlie “Take it or Leave It or we will sue you”. It was very displeasing and disapointing to find out that they are unwilling to HELP and WORK IT OUT with what our family can afford, considering the bad economy, even if the willingness to pay our debt is intended, in good faith.

    We felt very harrassed by some words that were said to us that the representatives of HUNT and Henriques Attorney At Law, Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC. They (Tiffany and Charlie) THREATENED us stating that “If you can not pay us today we will be forced to do legal actions. “ I am not sure if that is a legal word to say to collect debt, being representatives of your company since they are not lawyers, merely debt collectors.

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  • Mr
    Mrs. Distressed Jul 22, 2011

    Hunt & Henriques are the bottom of the pond kind of people. I have NEVER received a phone call, a letter, or was served to a court date or received ANYTHING from the court stating there was a court date for an old, and unfortunate debt that was written off by the creditor. The Recession hit my family like a ton of bricks. I received my first and only letter from this shady law firm stating they WON a judgement on me in June 2011! I have just gone to the courthouse, got a copy of my case, read their LIES of proof of service and found out that 1. I should have initially been contacted from them as a debt collector( which they NEVER did) .2. I should of had the ability to request Debt Validation from The original Creditor and Hunt & Henriques( which I couldn't request because they NEVER contacted me before) 3. Hunt and Henriques would of had 30 days to provide this contract to me, Not a sale of an old, written off account 4. It's illegal for the Debt Collector to NOT provide this in 30 days of receiving the written request and to file a lawsuit before this happens 5. Then they ILLEGALLY and IMPROPERLY filed a Proof of Service, hey said on a specific date and time they served me at my home on a day I was at work!!!6. I am filing a Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment- due to the lack of notification7. Funny that I would get a letter AFTER the Default Judgement happened to my address (which they obviously have but NEVER used)???8. I am now looking into to suing them for breaking Federal and State Laws.

    Before the people that have never been ill with diseases, never been laid off from the Recession, say "Pay your bills", yes I feel horrible about it, but at this present date every State in America are in debt, the Federal Govt. is in Debt along with Millions of people and familes across our wonderful country... And for those that walk in my family's shoes...Know that you have rights. This Attorney's Office Hunt & Henriques from San Jose Need to have their licenses revoked for hundreds upon hundreds of illegal filings on people!

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  • Je
    jerseydd Aug 12, 2011

    This firm needs to be reported to the bar association. My family fell upon hard times and had an issue paying credit card bills. Hunt & Henriques did nothing but call and threaten me with arrest, garnishing my wages, and then slapped a lawsuit on my for 1300.00 in my local Orange County court. I didnt even know about it until I received a letter from a third party notifying me of the suit. They were trying to serve me at the wrong address for months. After I called and told them that they never served me they agreed to back out the legal fees and allow me to make payments. I paid for months and then here comes another letter from a third party saying that I have been served again by Hunt & Henriques for ANOTHER card. They left me no choice then to file for a Chapter 7. So really what did they do for their client? NOTHING. I WAS paying and now I am not. I have so many other cards and NO OTHER company sued me except them.

    Beware, they WILL SUE YOU for under 1500.00 without blinking. They are VERY serious, I found out the hard way. When you make a payment plan they make you sign a document stating that if you stop paying the plan they will put a judgement against you.

    I have never experienced anything like this nor do I wish this on anyone. I now understand why people end their lives over things like this when they are in a bad place. This firm will get you and they are heartless and ruthless. BEWARE.

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  • De
    debt collector hater May 12, 2012 contact them.

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