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So I applied for Grab registration promoter job from Humanomic Sdn Bhd. I am indeed disappointed with the management after working for one day.
These are the rules set by them.

*Working Rules*

*Penalty Full*
1) Sudden stop working.
2) Late to work more than 1 hour.
3) 0 activation.
4) Late report after the working day.

*Penalty Half*
1) Late to work more than 15min.
2) Never follow up with customer for CN.
3) Never hit target - *Min 3 Activations* per day, each person.

1) If we received any complaint from client regarding your performance will get *penalty (1) day salary*.
2) Friday working hours is until 4pm, if any of your admin went for Muslim Pray.

While the payment is commission based.

RM 0 - No activations
RM 50 - Below 3 activations
RM 100 - 4 activations
RM 140 - 5 activations
RM 220 - 8 activations

They mentioned that they have basic RM100 but it is in fact not.
It means that there's no basic, because they say minimum requirement is 4 activations. Which means if I work hard to promote for 6 hours and there Is no sales, my salary will be 0. Is that even called a basic?

Okay so, the first day I work at Thong Kee was all good. Everything was prepared, the crowd was good, the staffs were good. I managed to get 7 sales working there. The first day was assumed as a "trial day". As my sales were good, Shi Min (supervisor I think) asked me to work the following week which is total of 6 days. It is said to be a part time job but they force us to commit full. There was one day I couldn't work because I already had a job earlier. So I was planning to work 2 jobs in a day. The second day, I was sent to Kim Seng to work. I thought the restaurants they aim are usually famous and crowded but end up the restaurant was really quiet. They did not tell me that this restaurant will be less crowded or else I will straight reject and request to stay with Thong Kee. One of the customer from Kim Seng told me, there have been many promoters working here since 5 years ago, which means that most of the familiar customers were already approached and there was no way I could hit target plus there was no crowd. I only got 1 sale on that day which means my salary was only RM50. Also, I requested to get the starbucks cards (its a reward for activation) to help with my sales, but there seems to be no reply. Next, I requested to change location and they sent me to Restoran 111, Uptown. There was also quiet and no one has passed me the starbucks card still. The boss of the restaurant even asked me to pay for the rental, shouldn't be the management paying and inform them we are coming to work? If I got money to pay the rental I do not have to work so hard right. I feel the boss was pissed and asked us to sit under the sun when there were so many more empty tables. I also got only 1 activation for this day as I feel it is impossible to reach 4 without supportive management and less crowd. I always ask them questions before I start work which is around 8am-10am, they wouldn't reply, maybe they were sleeping when their promoters in charged working.

So I was fed up with the management and decided to stop working. I feel I got cheated, and it is really unfair to put me at quiet places and they do not take responsibilities seriously. They like to push responsibilities to other people including the promoters like passing uniforms and starbucks card.
I told Shi Min, I won't be working tmrw, and she threaten me saying that I will got full penalty where I cannot get my salary at all. With this kind of management and crowd, I really feel unmotivated. There's no point I continue to work as I know my salary will be 0 in the following days. And I asked them to provide me their company name and agent's contact, they refused to give.

Does it make sense if I can make 7 sales in one restaurant and only 1 sales in the different restaurant? Shouldn't they set different target on different locations as they do not provide basic.

Now I am here to protect my rights. I'm requesting them to pay me RM240++ with group commission for my salary. I hope you understand.

Thank you.

Humanomics Sdn Bhd
Humanomics Sdn Bhd
Humanomics Sdn Bhd
Humanomics Sdn Bhd

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    These are the rules set by them without signing any contract agreement

May 07, 2019

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