This company, provides cosmetics around the world. In their terms and conditions page they do not talk a word about SEIZURE CUSTOMS questions, they only talk of their returning products policy (you pay 15% for storage expenses and sending/returning fees in case you decide to return the product) I had a very angry problem with Spanish air customs. I order and payed $433.00 for two svectrin cosmetic cream and instead of the product, I received a letter from the spanish customs, telling my product was SEIZED. I phoned to the customs people, they told I needed a special importing costemics licence, and beeing a "particular" i was not able to claim and get the product!! I mailed to american lifestyle customer services asking what to do, several times... providing all the proofs and documentaction ...I did not get any answer for a week... I decided to rollback the transaction... ONLY THEN I GOT AN ANSWER ... The told me their returing policy was I had to pay for sending and storage expenses and blah blah... I answered I had rollbacked the transactation as they did not answer me on time, and that in any case, it would be more fair to share the expenses, because they did not warn about the SEIZURE possibility, and I had no means at all to get their products... Thet did not answer any more... But two months later, they claimed to VISA and they charged me 77 € (about 97$) amount !!! I phoned to my bank office and they told me VISA usually gives their trust to the commerce, not to the client!!! So, now, I have lost 97$ fro getting nothing. I "thanked" the americanlifestyle people for all this in this way:

Dear sir/s: I've inverted my time, wich means money too for me, and
I think it would have been fair to share the expenses for the seizure inconvenience, WICH IS NOT MY FAULT!!!
Finally, you've charged me the wole 77€ for getting nothing, the whole "sending and 15% restocking refund expenses"... Pour cover well your back... taking no risks for all... All for the client... let me tell you several things:
In your page for terms and conditions you don't tell a word about seizure problems...
And I am sure you know that problem exists more often than it should, at least you should warn potential victims for that unfortunate matter... And the client would know if it pays to take the risk... Honestly, unless you would garantee a secure way for getting your products, I would have not taken the risks...Just if I had known in time... Now you have lost a client... And surely, you will lose much more with your attitude... At least, honestly, you should have the detail to share half or at least a part of the sending/receiving expenses for your products in exceptional cases like these...
I am very honest and I never have refused to pay what is fair... I talked to the customs people but they told me that I was not allowed to get the package IN ANY WAY...
You did not answer my mails until I rollbacked the transaction...
You haver charged me the whole returning expenses amount, and I have not means now to reclaim to VISA at least half the amount... As you have argued with them the transaction expenses and all that blah blah blah... But I've paid 77€ for nothing...

let me tell you have lost not only a client... You have lost the confidence of people who are not ready to risk to buy anymore by internet to your country.. and of course, I will not recommend to anyone to buy nor to your web, nor to any USA or foreign web wich does not offers any warranties...

I made orders previously with this company without problems.

I ordered Svictrin costemic cream. I must tell too I ordered cosmetics creams from other sources in USA without problems before, and never had heard on any seizure customs problems, but with americanlifestyle I had...


Imagen1.jpg --> seizure letter received where they ask me a SANITARY PERMISSION
Imagen2.jpg --> The letter with the details for where to address to obtain a trading official document permission
( They told me as a particular I could not obtain that permission; absurd burocratic laws)
Imagen3.jpg --> The letter of a fax sent by me giving explicit orders to the customs to return the package to
you, the sender, with no time delays
The international reference number : EG011503445ES



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    Dissapointed twice Mar 29, 2011
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    Verified customer

    The same happened to me. I paid $160 for an order of Procera that never arrived. Silly me, I had forgotten all about it until I was doing the same mistake..again! Never again will I buy from this or other similar companies.

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  • Rg
    R Gerdts Apr 16, 2011

    I have to agree. I have not posted my information as yet but the promotion is "Buy 2 get one free", however the fill-in box clearly states 3 bottles X 39.95=119.85 plus S&H. I don't have much confidence in a product that incorporates such underhanded practices. R Gerdts

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  • Am
    Americanlifestyle May 26, 2015

    AmericanLIfeStyle is sorry a few of you did not have did not have a positive experience in the past however over a hundred thousand people have and:
    1. Ownership of the site has changed since all these complaints were made and we do our best to be fair. If you chose a track-able option (as recommended) and the package is not delivered due to the fault of our company or our shipper we reship for free.
    2. Seizure is clearly covered on the site under the link "Returns, Refunds, Customs" as is our industry standard policy regarding it.
    3. We share everyone's frustration regarding customs but the fact is that NO E-commerce company (including this one) can control what customs does or predict what they will do. What is let through, what is charged (if anything) is never consistent, constantly in flux, changes without public notice, and no list is made publicly available (no less maintained) on exactly what products can or can't be imported into each country or for what fee might be charged so unfortunately the only option is for customers to check with their local customs department before ordering anything from outside their country.

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