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Buyer beware of poodle breeder Marla Norman of Tiny Tim poodles
Broken Promises
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Marla Norman of Tiny Tim Poodles
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Debbie Hoskin
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This is a letter regarding my experience with Marla Norman of Tiny Tim Poodles who is has recently changed her web name to

I purchased 2 tiny toy brown phantom poodles from Marla Norman of Tiny Tim Poodles from Sun Valley, Nevada, U.S. They were very expensive purebred poodles. Marla states on her website, as well as, I have written gaurantee that these poodles were vet checked and genetically tested. I have emails from Marla as well gauranteeing the health of these poodles. Marla assured me that she had been breeding poodles for 40 years and that she had a university degree in vetrinarian medicine.

Marla shipped the poodles to Toronto, Ontario, Canada on May 14, 2008. When I recieved these poodles, they were obviously in great stress and very sick. They were covered in bloody feces and severely bloated. The male could not walk at all and could not breathe from the severe bloat. I rushed the pups to the vet and the vet had to perform emergency puncture in the abdomen to relieve bloat. At that time the vet stated that the pups looked somewhere between 4-6 weeks of age and should not have been shipped. The male pup was x-rayed as well at this time as his condition was worse. The vet did not know if the pups would survive, especially the male pup.

Marla disagreed with the vets opinion and declared that someone on the airplane must have been playing with them and dropped them.

It is now September 20. I have continued trying to nurse these pups back to health. My vet bill is huge. I've spent a lot of time and money trying to save them and make them well. My vet has gotten 2 other opinions from other vets including a orthopedic pet specialist. It is there opinion, and I have the vet report to prove it, that these pups are severely deformed and will never recover. The pups still suffer bloat regularly due to digestive system that never developed. Marla weans her teacups and tiny toys at 4 weeks old. I found this out later. It is my vets opinion that these pups were shipped under the age of 6 weeks. She has had 2 vet opinion to support her opinion.

Marla Norman will not answer my emails. Marla Norman of Tiny Tim poodles will not even acknowledge that there is a problem. Further more, Marla Norman was aware that she sent me 2 deformed poodles before she ever sent them. Originally we thought that the damage to the pups was caused by flight trauma, shipping pups too young. Marla told me the pups were 8 weeks old. We have found out that in addition to this problem, Marla was aware that she was selling deformed unwell poodles for a very high price. The deformities that these pups have are genetic.

Marla Norman ripped me off for over $4, 000 and caused undue suffering to innocent puppies for financial gain.

The vet report is available to view by clicking "view images" on right side of page or email me at hoskin.[protected] and I will send it to you.

Thank you for your support.

September 22, 2008 Update: Please continue reading my response to Marla's rebuttal.

Marla mentions the third pup. Indeed there is a third pup. I originally purchased 2 brown phantom pups from Marla. Approximately 2 weeks after I gave Marla a deposit to hold them, she emailed me and asked if I would pay in full early, as she was having terrible financial problems. I was happy to do this. I trusted Marla was telling me the truth. I now realize that Marla realized there was something seriously wrong with those phantoms and wanted to make sure she got my money. At that time, I told Marla that my intention was to pick the puppies up. I was concerned about them being shipped. The pups were very expensive. I was very excited about them and wanted to travel to pick them up in person. Marla insisted that I NOT pick the pups up. She said that if I flew down to pick up the pups, she would still have to charge me $300 for shipping. She insisted that continental airline was totally safe. In retrospect, I now realize that Marla did not want me to pick the pups up in person as she knew there was something seriously wrong with them. I was very trusting of Marla so I went along with it. But it did confuse me and I couldn't make sense of it when it happened.

Meanwhile, Marla had another litter. I had already payed for the 2 phantoms. I was giving one to my daughter and I was keeping one for myself. Marla emailed me and said she had another litter and there was a black and red phantom. I really struggled about getting her, however, I did put a deposit on her as well. By the time I recieved the sickly brown phantom pups, I had already payed in full for the third pup. I was terrified of taking that third pup. Marla was blaming the state of the pups on the airline. I could see that there was something seriously wrong with her pups and I did not want another. I told her that I did not want the 3rd pup. Marla would not refund the money so I told her to put the third pup up for sale from her home and that she could repay me if it sold. Marla would not even return the $300 shipping money I sent her, even though she was not going to be shipping. I did not want the third pup under any circumstance. At this point I was starting to not trust Marla. Her explanations did not make sense.

Marla did put the third pup up for sale but the pup did not sell. In the end, I had to take the third pup. I called the airline and complained to them about my experience with Marla and told them how Marla blamed them for the condition of the pups. I expressed to them that I was fearful of the pup being shipped. They assured me that they would give the pup extra care as they do all their pups. I called the airline several times that day to see how the pup was. I spoke directly to the airline staff who were looking after the pup. I recieved the third pup in good health. I thanked Marla and apologized to her that I had given her a hard time, not wanting the third pup. I explained that my experience with her first 2 pups had terrified me but that I was happy this new one was ok.

I do not believe what Marla is saying in her rebuttal, that her vet stands by her. I will be faxing a copy of her rebuttal to her vet and see what he says about that.

At first we thought the severe bloat was caused by shipping them too young. We thought maybe the severe bloat warped the growth plates in the hips. When the pups did not recover, the vet did another assessment and got an opinion from an Orthopedic pet specialist in Guelph, Ontario. At that time I was given the bad news that the pups would never recover as they were genetically deformed. My vet told me that she would get the report to me within 2 weeks. That was in June. It took longer. It was summer and the vet was away much of the summer. I finally recieved the report and sent it to Marla on September 19. She would not answer me or respond. Marla was convinced I was gone for good and had forgotten. At that time, I decided to let the world know about Marla Norman. Now she has decided to email me to let me know that I am 2 days past the pups 6 mos birthday so she does not have to honor the 6 mos gaurantee. Marla is aware that I have been struggling with these sick pups for the entire duration of having them. Marla has been aware that a vet report would be sent, documenting that the problems began upon recieving the pups.

Marla thinks that she looks more credible by calling everyone a liar, including my vet, accusing me of bribing the vet. Marla says I just want free dogs from her. That's a very weak defence Marla. There are a lot easier ways to get a free dog. Why would I concoct such a story? Why would I go through such trouble. I am a full time social worker in this community. I have a family to look after. I have no reason to make up a story about someone. But Marla Norman, on the other hand, sure has good reason to lie.

I don't expect to get anything from you Marla so you can rest easy. I just want to make sure you don't do this to anyone else.

Please feel to contact Marla Norman at [protected]
Pretend you are wanting to buy one of her lovely pups. She'll tell you whatever she thinks you want to hear.

In a strange way, I feel that this happening to me is a blessing. I've learned a lot. Despite how embarressed and ashamed I am of myself for trusting such a dishonest person, I am glad that light has been shed on Marla Norman.

Marla's recent news is that she is selling her "cherished" 7 year old "champion" breeder dog. She brags of how she loves and treasures this old poodle, yet, she is selling her as a breeder at age 7. If she had a heart, she would at least neuter her and re-home her into a loving family. By the way, this 7 year old "champion" breeder dog is the mother of my deformed phantom pups. Marla doesn't mention that. Have a look at this poor 7 year old breeder dog on the "available pups page at: Marla no longer uses this website as she was getting too much hate mail. Her number is:

Her new email address is:


Her new website is:

Debbie Hoskin

Thanks very much for your support.
Debbie Hoskin

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  • Nv
    NV Tiny Poodles Mar 31, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    HOSKIN SET-UP AGAINST MARLA NORMAN, Tiny Tim Poodles, Nevada (well over 7 years ago):
    Probably no one will read this preferring to enjoy Debbie's and her cohorts slander and libel than hear the truth, but here it is anyway.
    After discussing Debbie Hoskin's claims with our attorney, relatives and friends, it now becomes obvious Debbie set us up for gainful profit. Several facts came to light:
    Debbie violated every part of our guaranty, not Marla. Debbie would NOT ship the pups back to us as required! The prominent NEVADA Vet said there was no reason why Debbie could not do this and said her claim that her Vet said it would be too stressful for them, stated this was "Ridiculous". Deb's CANADIAN Vet report was dated July 30, 2008, yet was NOT sent to Marla until September 20, 2008, an unreasonable near three (3) months later, AFTER Deb had ALREADY published libel on the internet trying to ruin a successful, long career of breeding tiny Poodles, and after the guaranty expired. Stated "facts" reported to us by the Canadian Vet and Debbie are asinine, such as the pups not having any teeth at 12 wks of age, poor nutrition (even though raised on high quality expensive food), that they were shipped at 4 to 5 weeks of age (what a incompetent fat lie this is), that Debbie would not file any negative reviews about us (another big lie), that she was so concerned over pups poor health, yet they passed the NEVADA Veterinarian examination which included hips and hind legs exam ONLY 18 hours prior to shipping, that when Marla bathed them the night before shipping, they stood on their hind legs and enjoyed the bath.
    Debbie did something to the pups on arrival if her story is anywhere near 1/2 true due to the timeline between the Vet exam and their arrival to her and her claims. She wanted money back, wanted puppy replacements, but it was SHE who did NOT abide by the Guaranty in any way, yet tries to throw the blame on us.
    She thought her diabolical efforts would cause us to cave-in and give her anything she wanted due to her advertising such slander and libel with NO Veterinarian documentation ever received until Sept 20! Only one supposedly Vet report was submitted to us LONG AFTER IT WAS WRITTEN and after the Guaranty expired! There are too many facts that conflict with her claims! I know of NO breeder nationally that would ever provide replacement pup(s) and especially, NEVER any money returned to buyers when their Guaranty has never been adhered to.
    Debbie claims Marla has several names including a male name, encouraging the public to contact us PRETENDING to be interested in buying a puppy, cause more harassment and waste of time, claiming the new management and sale of the business to my sister due to total knee replacement surgery with massive pain is false. This sure does not sound like Debbie is a good Christian nor prone to being honest by a long shot!!!
    Debbie simply needs to get a life and quit trying to EXTORT money and pups from breeders. She told me she scans the Internet reading all the dog ads DAILY! She has at least 6 dogs already, obviously trying to set up a Kennel for next to nothing per the above. It is strongly suspected the CANADIAN VET report is a phony due to facts we have. Marla kept one puppy, FULL sister to one of the pups Debbie claims has patella problems, SAYING IT IS POOR BREEDING that caused this, yet this pup Marla kept earlier is 2.5 years old and in PERFECT health, never having had ANY problems, as well as her full sisters! The dam is now retired and in a pet home as she is getting up in years.
    Debbie claims Marla is running away from Debbie's slander by changing the business name; she is really dreaming this one up as to purpose. Due to Marla's MAJOR surgery and severe pain, she could not possibly carry on anymore with the Poodles for quite awhile. To dedicate so much time to try to ruin anyone is unchristian and is more likely criminal in this case.
    An American Vet has certainly much more expertise than any Canadian Vet as the standards are much higher. Might also add Marla is retired from City Schools, worked for Police and Sheriffs Departments, and as a Social Worker! Would never put money ahead of any pup's health. All the good things Marla did for Debbie is quickly forgotten by her. No good deed goes unpunished!

    SELLERS BEWARE of HOSKIN;Guaranty voided
    One must realize, we are thousands of miles between buyers & us usually. We have a Guaranty which MUST be adhered to which Canadian Debbie Hoskin certainly did not follow in any way at any time! I know of NO breeder NATIONWIDE that gives replacement pups when Guaranty has NOT been adhered to and/or NO Vet Report in any timely manner!!!...I had felt terrible thinking what Deb said was true about the
    pup(s)on arrival, confused me as to how & why it could have happened after a very recent excellent Vet exam here, & was extremely upset for pups & her, yet NO Vet report received for months contrary to her promises! Her Canadian Vet had no answer as to the problem during first 6 wks after arrival, per Deb.
    We cannot witness if any health problems at her residence or at most buyers residences. This is why all breeders have Guarantees requiring documentation & VET reports in writing in a timely manner for fairness sake. It can be a conspiracy on the buyers part with friends to swindle a breeder out of replacement pups if NO Vet Report & this has happened, especially when in this case these pups were examined 18 hours prior to shipping with hip and hind legs tested for any problems which there were NONE as I witnessed this! Also, I do not feel the Canadian Vet has the expertise of the NV Vets from various erroneous statements she has made in this Report that even a rookie breeder would recognize as incorrect!
    We have NO reason to lie, our pups are more important than money! We went out on a limb for Debbie to help her when she changed her mind on buying the gorgeous 3rd female pup claiming pup was a "Sable" (we argued over this, definitely a Brindle), so we advertised the pup for her in SEVEN classified ads with her requirements listed taking us many hours to re-groom, take new photos, write up the ads, place, & answering emails on her behalf! When pup did not sell in 7 days (far too short in summertime), Deb said she could not afford to lose the money & followed through with brindle's purchase, NEVER stating to us any concern that prior pups health being possibly the same with Brindle from shipping! Another Debbie lie...She has too much time on her hands in doing this, needs to get a life; she reads all the dog classified ads on Puppyfind, some 1057 ads, and elsewhere daily!
    Most people love dirt & fights; from the stats listed on her Squeakywheel Claim (500 readers)so far compared to our (99) rebuttal viewers, readers need to be fair, realize there are 2 sides to every story; Deb's lies, slander, & her claims & that of her friends' negatives posted against us are totally unfair, but after all her advertising against us (especially BEFORE WE EVEN RECEIVED THE VET REPORT) which she originally said she would NOT do any unfavorable reviews, another lie, has resulted in our NOT accommodating her at all & will adhere to our Guaranty, no more sympathy! My Vet backs me on pups' good health; our guaranty was never adhered to, so we feel NO obligation toward her after all her nastiness!...Our evidence & statement has been sent to Puppyfind as well!!!
    Anyone who wants further info, please contact us! We have many happy puppy buyers!
    Tiny Tim Poodles vs Hoskin Complaint:
    I have just been receiving several insulting emails chastizing us for anything and everything from unknown people! Obviously from Debbie and her daughter's friends.
    Am amazed over Debbie's claims based on undiagnosed, inconclusive illnesses until just now, 9/19/08, providing a Canadian Vet report which I certainly question its validity (possible bribery involved?).
    I had the pups examined by a high quality reputable Vet WITHIN 18 hours of shipping! Debbie & her Canadian "Vet" lied by saying the pups were 6 wks old when shipped in May! They had to be 8 wks old to ship them! I sold her 3 pups; she omits the third pup being received in excellent health, shipped separately a little later, per her email. I usually, but not always, wean pups at 4 weeks of age IF hardy and doing well in poops and weight, if Tiny Toys, NOT for Teacups! Waited several months for her to send the Vet reports & prognosis as promised was to be sent the following week, this was approximately in June, yet NO Vet reports were ever received. I did not hear from her for 2 or 3 months. Our guaranty requires Vet reports be sent expeditiously after receiving pups! Pup(s) were examined by my Vet and found to be in excellent condition just barely prior to shipping next morning!!! Now the pups are over 6 months of age before I finally get a Vet report which I strongly suspect the Canadian Vet is not the best quality to ever say the pups had no teeth at 12 weeks of age per Debbie's email, now stating the pups were not more than 6 wks of age when shipped, absolutely incompetence on the Canadian Vet's part to say this; likely not the quality of Vet professionalism we have in the U.S. I discussed this with my Vet and he stands by the issuance of his NV Health Certificate as pup(s) being in good health after examination or would not have issued the Health Certificate!!! Such deformities would have been identified at that time but were not present, HE SAID!!! The pups WERE BORN MARCH 17.
    It is now Sept 19 when I finally get ANY Vet report although two are required which was promised months ago but not followed through. Pups are now over 6 months of age, nullifying our Guaranty! The staff at my Vet's office complained of Debbie's calling them frequently trying to get them to state the pup(s) were sick, but unsuccessful! They told her if the pup(s) were sick, no Health Certificate would have been issued! I had been willing to replace the pup(s) IF I had received prompt bonifide Vet reports and prognoses with pups returned per Guaranty, but received nothing until just now and her viciously trying to ruin our reputation BEFORE even sending us the Vet report as required in a timely manner after receipt, not allowing us to evaluate anything for a possible replacement pup if diagnoses were valid and with NO Canadian Vet Reports as promised. Debbie stated Vet could not identify any problems after arrival. Later, she stated her Vet would likely not allow her to send the pups back to us as too stressful. My Vet said, rediculous.
    I had thought originally the airline personnel had dropped the cage or dropped the pup(s) to result in other than good health on arrival and there certainly was bad turbulence that night in Houston when they were shipped.
    When I bathed the male pup the night before shipping, he was standing steady on his hind legs, no problems, and I told Debbie this as well which she ignored. There are a few unscrupulous buyers out there and with all the pups Debbie has purchased from various breeders, I feel she is just trying to get free pups to enhance her having a kennel. I thought we had a friendship.
    Just trying to defend ourselves against Debbie's vicious threats, deliberately trying to ruin our reputation of over 40 years with our having excellent references from happy buyers, and her complaints to agencies she contacted BEFORE even waiting to hear about receiving any free replacement pup. She has violated every part of our Guaranty, uses slander and harassment. Our friendship & empathy we had for her is now void!

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