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R Jul 04, 2019

Tried to adopt a dog; got nothing but a hard time, called names & rude, nasty people. All this modern technology; some people do not understand. Tried to give them what they wanted; wasn't good enough.. Scammers, criminals, terrorists. They know how to work the system; but honest upstanding people; we get the shaft. This went on for weeks. I had to sign a contract but I don't have the equipment, can't use computer; need a special kind of gizmo. My friend tried to help but I was told I was too late. I think they could have an alternate option; not everyone has all these new technological crap nor do a lot of folks want it. So I got called names I have never been called before. Caused a lot of trauma & stress. Thank ronnie ladenheim

  • Updated by Ronnie Ladenheim · Jul 03, 2019

    Gave them $175.00 & was told i would get a refund. So far i don't have a dog or a refund. RONNIE LADENHEIM

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