House Of Floors - TampaPoor Business Practices


BUYER BEWARE !!. I purchased some laminate flooring from these guys for $725.00. They didn't offer the padding but did direct me to The Carpet Store in Tampa for the padding. While at The Carpet Store I happened to find the exact same laminate for 1/2 the price...SAME EXACT LAMINATE !! I decided to go back and either have the folks at House of Floors either adjust the pricing to match the Carpet Store and or Give me a full refund so I could go back to the carpet store. keep in mind this all happened with a hour or so. I asked 4 different employees at The Carpet Store and a manager to review my House of Floor receipt to see if there was any reason in writing that House of Floors would not refund my money, they could not find any reason no to. Well guess what the guy at the house of floors, after about 20 minutes of himmin and hawing told me they couldn't get in touch with the ower for about 4-5 days and I would have to wait. I explained that I have purchased dozens of other products from other reputable retail outlets and if I found the same item cheaper within weeks they would gladly match the price or give me a refund. Guess what, at house of doors if you bought it, you own it. I does not matter the reason they are not going to take it back, refund, nothing just a bunch of lame excuses, pathetic reasons, and total BS as to why they work this way. They used the analogy it is like buying a car if you drive it off the lot, its yours. Perhaps I should have shopped a little more ahead of time...but I can say for 100% sure that I will never purchase anything from the House of Floors and will advise anybody and everybody I know to stay away. I hope this matter that they could have resolved for $300 cost them $3, 000, 000, 000. If you need flooring I would recommend the Carpet Store on Hillsborough in Tampa.

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