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just want to warn people about Hotel Collect. I also tried to book with them and had my credit card charged, but no voucher arrived. I am unable to contact them as their phone numbers don't exist, and they have not replied to any e-mails.

A verbal confirmation is wothless, as you need a written voucher to present to the hotel that you booked. With numerous complaints about this site, people should avoid it.

Also their website language buttons don't work, and there is no way to cancel your booking.

Best Avoided

UK customer

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      Jul 23, 2009

    I booked my hotel room in Macau through back in July 2nd, 2009. Booking was from July 24 to 27. I received an email notification on the 23rd that my reservation was cancelled because they were notified by the hotel that it was overbooked. So, I called the hotel reservation just to confirm if they have any record of my reservation from HotelCollect but none was found. What was so surprising was that I was able to book directly to same hotel for a room without any problems, hassles or whatever. So what are they talking about a receivng a notification that this hotel was overbooked? I was also informed by HotelCollect's customer service that it will take 7 business days for their bank to process my refund. This site is based at Istanbul, Turkey as it was registered in my credit card statement. It is now clear to me that there was no reservation made at my selected hotel. They collected my 3-day hotel fee from July 2nd and still using my money until I received credit back into my credit card account. I do believe that it is a scam so be very careful when dealing with this company

    Book your room directly with the hotel reservation!

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  • C
      Jul 31, 2009

    I think Hotel Collect is a fraud. I contracted with them three nights in a hotel in Zermatt (Switzerland) from 9th to 12th of July and when I arrived at this hotel they said to me there's no reservation in my name and also they didn't work with Hotel Collect. Nevertheless, I could rest at the hotel and I payed at the end my stay. But when I came back at home I could see that Hotel Collect had charged in my credit card the amount of this stay that they hadn't reserved.
    What have I do to denounce that and avoid more people will be defraud? Where I have to write to close this fraudulent online page?

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  • S
      Aug 29, 2009

    Hotel collect fraudulent booking

    Same thing happened to us tonight. 29 aug - 1 sept. arrived in vienna hotel said that our booking had been cancelled on 24 august by email from jacob online. ltd (email [protected], this may be an intermediary company they have used to cancel our booking which was fully paid by credit card to hotel collect, istanbul, turkey on 14 jun 09. a t no time did they attempt to contact ourselves to say they were cancelling our booking and have not refunded us the amount. will be contacting the credit company immediately to demand a full refund from this fradulent company hotel collect. when I spoke to someone on the phone tonight they were extremely rude and said that they ´didn't care about my problöem.´ I was forced to book other accommodation this evening in vienna.

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  • J
      Dec 15, 2009

    We booked 12 days at reina isabel (las palmas de gran canaria) at the beginning of september, from 01/12/09 to 13/12/09, and when we arrived, nothing was reserved for us and in more a spanish agency (hotelbeds - galdar - gran canaria) had been sent a cancellation in september! at the end of september the turkish konuk turizm bilgisayar - istanbul debited the amount. we spent only one night at las palmas, and after our return, I sent mails to hotelcollect who answered to wait 7 working days to be refund.
    I am still waiting!!!

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  • N
      Dec 16, 2009
    Hotel Collect - refund
    hotel collect

    i think hotel collect are fraud, they charged my credit card then they cancelled my reservation 48 hrs before my travel, and since even no refund has been made, they don't respond to emails or phone calls . how can i get my money back>???

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  • B
      Dec 28, 2009


    I am exactly on the same situation. they charge my account and cancelled the reservation forgetting to refund. it happened in september 2009. they say they would refund but up today nothing has been done.

    Please never use collect hotel it is a way to lose your money those people are stealing money

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  • E
      Feb 05, 2010

    I have booked one night with hotelcollect, payed by creditcard. Arrivng at the hotel they showed me that the booking had been cancelled. I had to pay again to the hotel. Since november I am mailing to hotelcollect. They promise you that they will give a refund, but I am still waiting

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      Feb 16, 2010

    I have booked a two night stay in Manchester but no reservation has been made by these fraudelent thieves. I have cancelled the reservation and demanded a refund but all i receive is placatory e mails saying it is on its way. These people should be tortured!

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  • V
      Jul 10, 2010

    Hi everyone.I was also one of HotelCollect victims! My " reservation" was for a London hotel.I, too, arrived there a week ago, with my younger son, exhausted after a long flight to find out that although my credit card had been charged in late January, by a guy named Beyoglou in Istanbul, the hotel knew nothing about it.I was a bit lucky in my misfortune to find a manager there, same nationality as me, Greek, who looked over the hotel records and found out that there was a reservation under my mine that was after wards canceled. I guess they do so as soon as they get the money.
    If only I had looked them up on the net earlier...But I am not letting that go.I may probably get no Euro back, but I have already contacted the bank and I am reporting it to the Police Dept. responsible for e-crimes.
    Since though frauds seem to work and fool people around the world, all of you should do the same.In that case they won't have the chance to go on deceiving people...
    I have also e-dreams since it was through their site that I have made the" reservation" .It definitely is not the best advertisement they could get.They should know that they are being used for such purpose...

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