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Smart Savings, Discount Book Sale, Hot Book Sale, Hot movie sale. These are all the same company with the same intention- to grossly mislead you into a MONTHLY membership fee of 29.95 and a $1 processing fee. They grossly mislead you into some 3 day trial membership, that you do not know you are signing up for There is no way to order something w/o this being attached and they deceitfully put it there and you don't even know you are signing up for anything. Would anyone willingly sign up for a book discount program that charges $30 a month- a MONTH?? No one would. They purposely trick you. Look them up online- there are MANY people who have been scammed. Look up each of the companies name and put scam by it and look and see what google pulls up before buying from them. And they probably have more websites out there that I don't know of. They also leave false praise reports about themselves, even though the truth is clear on SO many websites. I have reported all 4 companies on BBB.

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  • Ga
    Gayle Friz Apr 18, 2009

    This is a fraudulent, deceiving company. I go over my credit cards bills every month, and discovered an extra charge. I had ordered one movie, and paid the $1.00 fee to join, then cancelled it. The extra fee was $119! On the phone they told me it was a second membership fee! How could anyone know or imagine that a company would charge two membership fees, and the disparity is obviously criminal, in my book! Beware, warn your friends, and get the word out that Hot Movie Sale is a fraud!

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  • El
    Eliasid Jun 30, 2009

    I bought a movie and was charge twice a hidden fee for $12 for a membership I did not agree to. I called and told them this, they said that they sent me an e-mail which I nevered received, where I was told about the membership.

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  • Jo
    John Coffman Jul 17, 2009

    Used 'Hot Movie Sale' to order a DVD. Declined to sign up for their "buyer's club" membership. They gave a discount for a first purchase, which I could not decline, which it turns out signed me up for "buyer's club." E-mail confirmed the DVD purchase, but nothing about the "3-day trial period" to decline the "buyer's club." Then the credit card bill arrived and that's when I found out that I had "accepted" the membership. BS.

    Calling them on the phone, they had very pat answers to all my complaints, and refused to reverse the "buyer's club" charge. The stonewalling was well scripted. IMHO, any acceptance of this "buyer's club" was obtained by pure trickery.

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  • Me
    me33 Jul 21, 2009

    Same with me. I went on line and bought a movie from HOTMOVIESALE and next ting I know I'm getting all these welcome to your new membership in our club for only $29.00 a month. I and refusing the movie I bought and have canceled the membership. Do not do business with this company. It's one big scam.

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  • Gi
    girlonstage Aug 10, 2009

    I canceled the subscription and just found out they have been charging me for 8 months. My husband thought the charge was for another account so he never questioned the charge! Now they wont give me a supervisor to talk to. This company is very shady!!!

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  • Vt
    vtvu Aug 25, 2009

    Same thing happened to me. During the ordering process, they must have snucked in a fine print to sign you up for a monthly membership with BestBrandValues for $19.95.
    I called and cancelled, and will put in a dispute with my credit card company.
    Beware of the scammer!!

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  • Et
    Etsuko Kawski Aug 31, 2009

    I just found out I am also a victim of this company! I ordered Pilates DVD which cost only $6.41 including shipping with a new customer discount of $5, but they did not have it in stock for the last four weeks and finally said they cancelled my order last week. Today I saw on my credit card statement they charged $19.95 in July. I had no idea about membership. So I called and found out about it. After complaining heavily, they agreed to give me a refund of $19.95 and cancel my membership. When I called credit card company hoping to check their refund, I discovered another $19.95 was charged in Aug. The fact I didn't know was that the membership was MONTHLY!! I called HMS again, but in vain. They said it was stated when I confirmed the order and also in welcome e-mail. After three days trial, no refund. The refund they were giving me was from the first month. Tricky fine print!! This is a crime!

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  • Cr
    CriminalHunter Oct 08, 2009

    I was just scammed by this company. I searched online for the best price for the book I was looking for & that company came up in the search. I filled out the order & paid with a credit card & they billed me for the book. I was then redirected to a page which asked me if I wanted a trial membership & I clicked on "no thanks." I was then redirected to a page which thanked me for my order. I received an email thanking me for my order and telling me I had 3 days to cancel my membership or I would be billed $19.95 per month. What a scam!

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  • Ho


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  • Re
    ReillyA Sep 16, 2010

    It happened to me as well. I purchased a movie for $4.00 and it has cost me $233.30!! I went back over all my bank statements and in my case, the first few months of charges were $29.95 then $12.00, then $9.95. I never even noticed the charges, thinking they were for something else. When I called the company, the service rep was like a machine, stating I would be refunded $19.90. I asked for a manager and they hung up on me TWICE!!! When I finally spoke with a manager he told me it was my fault for being STUPID and not reading the fine print! I filed a complaint with the credit card company and the Better Business Bureau (they have over 500 complaints logged for this company). Totally dishonest, how do they sleep at night?

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  • Se
    Sedgwick Dec 11, 2010

    Never buy anything from If you do, they will get you. Read the fine print for sure. I bought 2 DVDs after I found HMS on They give a $5 discount on first item plus $2.99 SH. One DVD arrived alright but the other they put on hold and then finally said it was out of stock. They strung me along just long enough to charge this discount club membership for 2 months before I got my paper credit card statement. I at once called HMS to question this $9.95 charge and they said I joined the club by agreeing to the "Terms." I cancelled the membership but they said they had already charged my card to a 2nd month and would not give a refund. My Bank of America MC would not help me. What a SCAM but they are permitted to do this since it's in the Terms--but cloaked deceivingly. I have sent a complaint to the FTC and will do so to Amazon also. This reflects poorly on them also. BUYER BEWARE!

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  • Fa
    fargopeach Feb 06, 2011

    Same story as those above...ordered 2 movies for my daughter for Christmas...just realized tonight that they charged me an additional $9.95 for Dec & Jan for something...I suppose the "membership" I didn't sign up for.
    I have filed an online dispute claim with my credit card company (Bank of America) and will be calling them on Monday. I will also be calling these cheating [censor] on Monday.
    Also, I suggest anyone who's been scammed like this to report it the the Southeast FL Better Business Bureau, here' the url and you can do it online. Come on people--flood them with complaints and maybe they'll shut these jerks down!!

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  • Tu
    tubdog Feb 18, 2011

    Different buyer, same story. Thanks to fargopeach for the BBB URL. I just filed my complaint. It was easy so please all do the same. Automatic membership fees should not be the default.

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  • Re
    REZA 350 Mar 06, 2011

    I clicked on an ad that was suggested to me on
    The ad took me to a different page that was and I thought that since ebay suggested it to me as a good place to buy DVDs everything would be fine.
    I purchsed 2 DVDs at a great price with $5 off and they charged my credit card. More than a month later I receive an email from them that my order had been cancelled and that I will be receiving a refund. I checked my credit card a few days later to find out not only I did not receive a refund but that they charged me the exact amount for the DVDs a second time!!!
    This company is committing fraud but because the amount is always under $20 no-one will bother to waste a few days of their life trying to file complaints with the authorities.

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  • Ab
    abek4 Mar 12, 2011

    It appears they now have reduced their monthly fee to about $20 per month and a 7-day trial period. Before leaving web-site they offer a "chat" option where I asked if they were authentic dvds or they were "copies" (i.e. pirated). The chat person came back with "I'll be here if you have any other questions ;)" They didn't answer my first question. SO I asked again and again no response which promted me to check out the site by using a search engine which I am glad I found this one before getting involved with these scammers. I am beginning to think they either don't come through with the dvds (by cancelling your order after the trial period) and just charge the monthly fee each month. This certainly sounds like a SCAM for sure. I noticed that some of their dvds say they are not availabe for days or weeks - probably to make sure they can charge some monthly fees before cancelling the order on you and you end up with nothing but a bill and a useless membership.

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  • Ho
    Hot Movie Sale Scam Apr 20, 2011

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! SHAM, SCAMMERS, ### OF THE EARTH!!! I have been charged for the last 7 months because the statements are paid by my employee, who did not know they did NOT deserve a penny more than what I had originally owed for my purchase. ---------- COMPLETE SCAM ---------

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  • Kj
    K. Jones May 26, 2011

    I ordered a DVD months ago, paid for it. I get my credit card bill months later with a charge of 9.95 on it. When I called they stated I agreed to pay a membership fee, which I did not! They would not refund the fee. This company is a scam! STAY AWAY FROM IT! I will contact my attorney to see if this is fraud.

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  • Di
    Dieselmike Oct 18, 2011

    These guys are a bunch of con artists! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! The other reviews are spot on and if you order a movie/game/software, they do not allow you to decline the discount which will automatically enroll you in the club. The wording is very slick and vails the membership and charges nicely. I called their customer sevice to complain about the $20+ they scammed me out of, and Francisco was polite about it but said he could not do anything. Go to Best Buy and pay a little more and be assured that you are not getting ripped off!

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  • St
    stupiddoc Dec 01, 2011

    I have been victimized, too, by this shoddy outfit...And they insists that I signed up for a membership with a company I never heard of. On top of it all, I only ordered one DVD, and I never EVER received it, which seems to be the case with a lot of other victims. My next move is to complain to the BBB, which probably doesn't do any good either. Bunch of crooks who just sit back and let the money of the suckers roll in...

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  • Bo
    Bornlastnight Dec 13, 2011

    This company is a SCAM. My wife and I have been victimized by a $9.95 monthly membership fee for many months. We purchased 2 DVDs from them and we never agreed to any "membership". To quote P.T. Barnum - "there's a sucker born every minute" and we're two of them.

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  • St
    stupiddoc Dec 13, 2011

    I am going to update my comment, since I am still burning. It was my own stupidity that I wasn't paying attention, but I called my credit card company and initiated an investigation. I didn't expect much satisfaction from them, of course, but it is the customer's right to "dispute" a charge. Well, naturally enough, they didn't find in my favor, BUT what was interesting was that they had already heard about this "company". That tells me that there have been other complaints, and I initiated the dispute just to alert them to the fact that this company (actually several companies, I think) is ripping off customers, and has been for years. I only ordered one DVD from them, NEVER got it, and they still insist that I "signed" a membership agreement. I have searched all my e-mails and I find nothing at all...they say it was on their website...but I would surely have remembered if I was signing up for $20/month membership for "discounted" DVDs...that would be no savings at all...I figure I paid over $200 for a DVD I never got!!!
    P.T. Barnum is laughing at me this very minute...Fool me once, but fool me twice...never again...

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  • Sm
    smmeeeee Feb 01, 2012

    Same thing has happened to me and I am blown away at all the sites dedicated to bashing this company! I bought a movie for my son April of last year and I had no idea of any membership and I have been charged unknowingly charged for 9 months. When I called the company and blasted them about their unethical business practices, they said the most they can give me back is 3 months. I have gotten 2 months credited but I swear I will not stop until I have every penny back!!! I contacted my credit card company and they too had heard of this company but sadly could not do anything for me what they are doing is not considered "fraud" I think it is fraud in every sense of the word!!! We work too hard for our money to get scammed by some two bit company!!!

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  • St
    stupiddoc Feb 02, 2012

    Yes, I also received a three month credit, but that was all, and the company (which is larger than just HotMovieSales...they have other monikers, I believe) insisted that I agreed to a monthly fee with my first order...I still have all the e-mails, and I see nothing at all indicating any such thing. And on top of everything else, I NEVER EVEN RECEIVED the original DVD I had ordered almost two years ago!!!...My Credit Card Company, which shall remain nameless, but starts with a "D"... boasts about protecting the consumer from unauthorized charges, and even knew all about HotMovieSales But they wouldn't back me up on this. I "disputed" the charges and forced them to initiate an "investigation", which they did not want to do. Naturally it came back with no results. I knew I wouldn't get any justice, but I just wanted them to work for their dadgum fees anyway. Probably it wouldn't even do any good to write the Florida BBB, but it wouldn't hurt either... Bunch of dishonest scoundrels.

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  • St
    stupiddoc Feb 02, 2012

    The DVD company and the Credit Card company are in cahoots!

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