Honda Faisalabad1.8 honda civic nav+lth

J Jul 18, 2019

I have facing an issue regarding car dealership.I have booked my honda civic 1.8 UG on 25/06/19 with full payment from honda faisalabad ( asghar &son) with 3615600+100k own money( bank islami a/c Hafiz Muhammad Ibrahim Jamil). Mr Amir ( sales officer) told us that we have cars in our showroom stock just need to invoice. After 3, 4 days we demanding our car with invoice. He told me because of end of June invoice will received on 03/07/19. Again and again call to him he reply wait for one day two day. On 11/7/19 I received a call from showroom he said to me that deposit 362900 more for invoice. I want to showroom and meet with manager Mr Mushtaq and discuss the issue. He asked me its the mistake of mr amir who booked your car. Showroom will compensate u. On 13/07/19 we again went to showroom and meet with manager he said we received your car pay balance payment then we compensate you.
I already send an email to honda pakistan but no reply.
I am very much disappointed
Kindly help me in this case

Hafiz Muhammad Ibrahim Jamil

1.8 honda civic nav+lth
1.8 honda civic nav+lth
1.8 honda civic nav+lth
1.8 honda civic nav+lth

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