Honda City in LevittownShady Sales Practices


A Honda City representative called me on the phone and claimed to be able to beat the price of a lease that I had already agreed upon with another dealership ($30 less per month on a lease payment). He also quoted that he could match the price on the car I was going to trade in. I explained to him all aspects of the existing deal and tried to get reassurance that this was legitimate (comparing apples-to-apples). He proclaimed “absolutely, just come down.” I even made sure to call back an additional time to cover my bases and he again stated that his deal was genuine.

I proceeded to the dealership only to find out that it was quote on quote “impossible” to obtain the car for that price. I went into management’s office and asked why I would receive one price over the phone, yet another in person. The manager stated that it must have been a “misunderstanding.”

There is a difference between a misunderstanding and an outright lie. What Honda City (and its sales force) did was misrepresent the true facts and caused me to waste my time. I am writing this letter to help others in the same situation and understand the bad business practices of this particular dealership.

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