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This was the worst hometown buffet I've been to the environment was so nasty I have pictures paper and trash everywhere, kids tuning everywhere aging with ice cream machine waiting ice cream. The food was not even appealing I got 1plate and couldn't even eat anything off of it mashed potatoes were so watery, macaroni and cheese looks really old like it was sitting there for days it looks like mush. My son got a cookie that was so hard when my sister went to take bit she almost broke her tooth, the sodas taste like chlorine. We had to wait for cups to be washed. No e of the food was labeled and there was another customer that had ate something and it ended up being something she was allergic to because of no labels. This was a waist of my money and also the worst place to take my dad for a birthday dinner I am so upset. I will never be going to this place ever again.

Hometown Buffet
Hometown Buffet


  •   Dec 05, 2016

    Except for Chinese food buffets, I've never seen a buffet serving "American" food that was labeled. If person has food allergies, it is on them to ask and make sure they aren't having something they aren't suppose to!

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