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Ordered a $4000.00 product from a company in Kansas City who shipped it from California. They said that they use HomeDirect delivery because of a low damage rate. Good enough. So ok, I started checking into this company and they said that they had full tracking of the freight just like UPS and I was told that i would have the product in my hand in 3 weeks. I let them know upfront that it was a Christmas present for my wife and it had to be here before then. That gave them 5 weeks.

When I received the initial call from homedirect to verify my address, the woman was rude but I let it go. Then while checking the tracking, it finally showed a week later that it was in Indiana. After another week goes by its still being shown that its in Indiana so I call the homedirect customer service line to find out WTF. They were rude and useless and ticked me off to no end. But they said that it would ship in a couple of days on a truck that was leaving on Saturday. Now Indianapolis is only about 6 hours from St Louis. So I another week later I get a call from the company that i bought from telling me that it was still in indiana and that it would not be delivered until a week after xmas. I came unglued at this point. I had her, and Homedirect on the line ripping them about this. Here it is, I am the customer and my expectations were set and they were failing to meet my expectations as well as not able to perform proper customer service.

If you EVER have the choice of a freight carrier. DO NOT USE HOMEDIRECT USA EVER!!!


  • To
    Tony D. Jan 09, 2008

    HomeDirect USA is terrible: avoid.

    I contacted their "customer service" and had to leave an voice mail. About six hours later because my call wasn't returned I called back and asked when my order from US Mattress was going to be delivered. They said they had not received the shipment for delivery.

    I contacted US Mattress who said that HomeDirect signed for delivery two weeks earlier but must not have "scanned" the delivery into their system. US Mattress said they will fax the delivery receipt to HD. I'm still waiting to hear from HD.

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  • Tr
    troubled in Missouri Dec 17, 2010

    I have a bed that has been setting in Indiana since the 11th, and HomeDirect cannot even tell me when the thing is going to be shipped to Missouri. I ordered this in November and it is yet to ship.They say it is waiting for Kings Crossing until the orders can be consoladated. I called them very upset and they wouldn't even promise me it would be here by the estimated time of the 23rd that they gave me. I was suppose to have it by the 15th as we have company coming for the holidays. The store I ordered it from will not issue a credit as it is already in transit they say and yet they tell me they can do nothing to speed it along. Why would you ship with a company like this if you know they give terrible service and admitted that they are dealing with about 20 other calls just like mine from this shipper? I am so upset and apparently helpless to do anything about it. So I am venting here and telling you do not order from any company using HomeDirect.

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  • En
    envyash83 Dec 20, 2010

    I ordered a sofa from sofasandsectionals.com. 12/17 it was in indianna--12/19 now in MO. Status update states they gave me a courtesy call and left a voicemail. I have 0 missed calls and 0 voicemails. I have tried since friday to call their 1800# to see what is up, can't get through..no one answers the phone. I called 3x and held from 5-7 minutes each time. Nothing. I am getting really worried about my sofa...they don't answer emails either. I sent one on Friday early in the morning. I am getting queasy. I should just drive there and pick it up. I DO NOT like this shipment company.

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  • Jg
    jg2011 Mar 02, 2011

    they are the worst ever !!! ive been waiting for my item for a month now and its already the last day they said it could get here n guess what not here!!! it started of in new jersey with is about 3 hours from here on the first day and a month later i still havent received it cuz its been in indiana the rest of the time called customer service no answer at all just some music been waiting for 30 minutes already n still no answer wtf!!! seriously worst service overall they souldnt be in business im surprised they still r probably becuz of people that still dont know

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  • Ri
    RideForum Mar 03, 2011

    I ordered a TV from amazon, 3 to 5 day shipping was the only option because they use home direct (I am a prime memeber so 2 day shipping is free for me). I have not had to wait very long yet, but I see by these reviews that I have a wait ahead of me. The estimated delivery was for last week. I get an automated call the night before the estimated delivery date saying that a real person will call me and schedule an appointment. As I am anxious for my tv I call them the next morning to try to schedule the appointment so I would have a good shot of getting my TV that day. The tracking said "Carrier Left a Voice Mail to Arrange Delivery Please Contact Carrier." So first of all, I call and the lady says she can't find my paperwork and would have to transfer me to someone else. I get their voicemail, and tell them to call me back. I wait about 4 hours, and call back one more time, and I get transferred to that lady again and was told this time that she was on the phone and she would have to call me back. I waited another 4 hours called back again and they told me she wouldn't be in till later so leave a message and she will call me back. I leave her another message, she finally calls me back but I wasn't able to answer (Of Course) and she leaves me a message saying they don't have my tv, they will notify me when they do and that they only deliver on tuesdays and thursdays. SO. I hadn't hear from them. The tracking information now says "Delay in delivery due to external factors." I call them again, and this time I get ahold of the lady right off the bat, I ask her where my package is and she tells me her computers are down and she can't tell me anything. I told her who I was, and she said she remembered me calling and that my package hadn't come yet and that she would contact me when they got it, she sounded irritated that I had called again. So that is where I am at so far. The package is late, and seems to be lost somewhere because the tracking doesn't even say where it is, just that it is delayed. I am really irritated by this because I redid my whole room, hung a wall mount on the wall, and its just sitting there empty, and I can't really watch my old TV because it was all unplugged and does not work with the wall-mount I bought for this TV. If I would have known that homedirect was so horrible, I would not have even taken everything down and put the new stuff up, ready to hang my TV. But generally, with UPS or Fedex, unless there are xtreme weather conditions, you ALWAYS get your stuff on the estimated delivery date.
    After reading all these reviews, i'm tempted to drive to their office tomorrow and talk to them in person. Maybe it would get me a little better responses.
    Pisses me off.

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  • La
    LaMagnolia Mar 05, 2011

    I am on the exact same page as RideForum. I also ordered a TV from Amazon. The problem falls back on HomeDirect. I ordered my TV on February 21st and was given an estimated delivery date of March 1. On the Home Direct USA website I entered my WayBill and it showed detailed information of the product and delivery date. I receive a call from HomeDirect stating I will be contacted about the delivery of the product by a representative. I receive the call and told Delivery has been moved up to February 28th (Monday). On the 28th I receive a call from EDC Moving Systems stating they had not received the product from Amazon and would contact me to reschedule delivery. So strike one.. The following day I call Amazon and I'm transferred to the Large Items department. A helpful rep states the delivery has been made and they checked on the status. The Amazon rep says EDC Moving Systems will contact me on working out a delivery schedule today (Tuesday, March 1st). I did not receive a call.. Wednesday, March 2nd I contact Amazon again and informed them I did not receive not a single call from EDC Moving Systems and I would honestly like to know what is going on and why I am being given the runaround. I am frustrated.. Here we are waiting on our TV with no idea on its location nor delivery date.. and we all have this feeling inside like these people from Home Direct/EDC Moving Systems don't care.. this has not been a fun experience.. Amazon informs us we will receive a call later in the day to discuss our options on delivery. Sure enough we receive a call from Home Direct and the lady apologizes and states a truck will not be able to make a delivery till the following Monday. So now our delivery is set for Monday, March 7th. The lady did send us an Amazon gift card and even though we appreciated it we feel as though these companies lack customer service... not only do they brush our complaints off.. we loose our trust in them.. how do we know our product will arrive safely without damage.. you begin to question them and in the long run damage my loyalty to Amazon for large items.. simply because the lack of security and faith in the delivery company. Hopefully Amazon will listen and make some changes.. because this is not acceptable. oh & I agree on the tracking system for Home Direct. It doesn't work or has bad coding because it states our TV has been unloaded twice and appointment schedules here and there. Also the same with the voicemail and "courtesy calls"?

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  • Ca
    Careful Consumer1 Mar 06, 2011

    I agree with alot of what is said something needs to be done about these 3 rd party companies. 3rd party companies have become a total disaster for delivery and other services. I have had furniture come to my house wrecked and have had bad service even from the delivery men. I now buy anything thats huge outright and make sure the store has its own delivery company vs 3rd party even if its not free shipping. Its like saying if you were laid off of your job and you were offered Cobra insurance would you pay a 3rd party to collect your premiums each month and submit those to insurance when they feel like it knowing your health is in jeopardy? Absolutely not! I always research the companies before I even buy anything from them because alot of times they email and call you and tell you your stuff is going to be shipping. Well I wonder if thats from the manufacture to the cross dock, then from the cross dock to the warehouse where its going to be delivered from or from the manufacture to your home? Seriously, who really knows! Even on some websites under shipping and returns faqs they write this: If you live in an area experiencing an unexpected service delay (severe weather, natural disasters, unscheduled events, etc.) please add at least 2 to 3 business days to the estimated delivery date of your order. And on top of it companies do say this: When items shipped via our specialty carriers arrive at the local hub in your area, a representative from that facility will contact you by telephone to arrange a convenient time for delivery. You can expect the shipper to contact you within 7 business days of the ship date to make an appointment for delivery. So all and all your stuff really isnt going to arrive to your home till about 15-20 days later like it did for me. I had one delivery that took about 30 days later. So unless your paying for Fed Ex or Ups to bring it to your home dont fall for these free fast shipping services cause nothing is ever for free and it will take a while to get to your home by the time it goes thru 3rd party.

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  • Ih
    IHateHomeDirect Mar 25, 2011

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! HomeDirectUSA will do everything they can to screw you over. They take forever, they never answer the phone, the only call back you'll get is from an attorney, and they constantly damage products without taking responsibility. They're basically liars and thieves. Hire anyone but them.

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  • Ka
    katkinso Apr 27, 2011

    I'm very disappointed in Overstock.com for their decision to have HomeDirect USA as their delivery service. Two weeks after I ordered my mattress set, I finally called HomeDirect USA myself to see when they'd deliver my order. They confirmed that they had my set and would assign a number to the order and get back with me. Another week passed and I never heard a word from them, so I called them back. At this time they said that my delivery date would be three and a half weeks later. The current location of HomeDirect and my mattress set are FORTY miles from my house and it's going to take almost four weeks to deliver?! Completely unacceptable!!

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  • Ay
    ayc868 Jun 10, 2011

    Any way to put HomeDirectUSA out of business!!!

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  • Ra
    Ralph Terry Jul 25, 2011

    My wife who is active duty military, a veteran of Iraq and stationed in Japan saved every dime to furnish our home in Vegas. Not only did they not show up in time on nurmerous occasions their customer service was AWOL! The expensive bedroom set had damage to one of the rails that looked as though a beaver had taken a bite out of it. One of the marble end table tops was ripped off the end table, the leaf's to expand the dinning table did not fit properly and my daughters bedroom set arrived days later with no hardware to put it together. (My wife paid extra for delivery and setup!) Days later the hardware shows up in the mail with no explanation. (my daughter and I put it together ourselves. so at least I know its put together properly and she now does not have to sleep on the floor!) It also has taken over 10days for the smell of this furniture to finally be able to be in the same room with it. We feel we are a military family being taken advantage of so we will be filing a complaint with the Military JAG to see if we can get this company put off limits for military members so this does not happen to anyone else. I am also going to contact the EPA on the terrible smell of this furniture from China and Vietnam. As a Vietnam Vet I would have never purchased this bedroom set on general principles had I known where it was made. I also have obtained a lawyer and we will sue them for damages unless these problems are addressed immediately! This company has no quality control and all items are shipped out to you without anyone taking the time to make sure there is no damage or if all items are present before its loaded on the truck!!! The delivery guys tell me this is par for the course with this company! hell of a way to run a railroad and goes to show anyone that purchases from this company does so knowing that you may end up with crummy, smelly furniture made by Reds and is not what you wanted. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

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  • Fr
    froggie1140 Aug 30, 2011

    I ordered a kitchen table set from a vendor in CA. No problem with the vendor. However, when the table arrived at my house, I found it was the wrong size, and the this incorrect size was posted on the vendor's website. After speaking with the vendor, they agreed to have HomeDirect call me to schedule a time to schedule pickup for delivery back to CA. A week went by...no call. I had to call them to schedule a pickup time. Then they rescheduled the pickup once, and on the 2nd planned pickup date, they arrived 4 hours late. OK...no big deal. I'm cool with it...it's finally out of my house. A week goes by, and the shipment made it to Indiana. 3 more weeks go by...still in IN!!! I called Customer service, they indicate it will be on a truck the following Thursday. Thursday comes around...still in IN. Basically, the shipment has been in IN for 5 weeks now, and, until they get the product back to the vendor, I will not receive a refund for the product. I should have just rented a truck and drove it myself to CA!!! This is TERRIBLE service!!!

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  • Ra
    Ranjo Oct 14, 2011

    You guys hit it right on the head about these guys. Ordered a chair on August 12, coming from California. Finally got to their depot in Wisconsin Sept. 27th. Sat there until October 10th, then they had the never to call us on Monday morning and leave a message that we had to call back before 2pm that day or it would not go out on the truck coming our way. HELLO, i'm sorry I have a job and wasn't home til after 5pm. When we called they said the best they could do is to deliver in 2 weeks or so, but they could not guarentee a time. One call with a 4 hour window to get the delivery setup, these guys are a piece of work!! If you can get it anyother way, by anyother carrier, DO IT !!

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  • Pi
    pissed N Il. Apr 01, 2012

    I've been waiting 10 weeks for my furniture. Unacceptable! All I have to say is, that if it's damaged it's going back on the same truck that brought it! I'll buy locally, even if it is more expensive.

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  • Ta
    TAMMYJOON Nov 16, 2012

    AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Most DISORGANIZED, LEAST RELIABLE, LEAST PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION ON EARTH. They collect your money fast, but go to church and pray a lot to EVENTUALLY RECEIVE THE ITEM SOMETIME IN THIS LIFETIME! Terrible, just don't use them or you will get an ulcer!

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  • Vi
    Virgy56 Jan 13, 2013

    I bought a TV on Amazon.com and the estimated delivery was to be between the 3 and the 8 of Jan. I kept watching the tracking and all it ever said was loaded in NJ. on the 27th of Dec. On Jan. 8th, I started making phone calls, to the company the tv was coming from, and to homedirect. My tv was supposed to be dropped off at Ace Hardware in Des Moines IA, and then delivered to my house about 70mi away. When I called Ace Hardware to see what they knew, I found out they knew nothing, this was on the 8th of Jan. they said they had not received it yet. I asked them where my tv was and they said they had no way of tracking that. I asked how I could find out where it was and they said to call who ever I bought it from. So I did, and they couldn't tell me anything either.Really!! In this day and age, a business can't locate their own merchandise!!! I told them they needed to find a different delivery co. UPS knows where every package is and when it will be delivered. After about 4 calls, I was told that the had filed a complaint and that they would get back to me on the 14th (Monday). GEEEEEEZE!!! I am ready to scream!!! Then on the 12th of Jan. I receive an email stating that my TV was in the warehouse in Des Moines. I looked on the tracking site and sure enough, my TV had been delivered to Des Moines on the 7th of Jan. So I called Ace Hardware again, and they just really didn't know if it was there or not, until I told them that I had been calling, and then they said "oh you must be the lady that Homedirect called and inquired about this morning". Then she said "oh yes, it just came in today". I said " UH no!! It came in on the 7th". She said, "oh I guess it did". Which is before I had called and asked about it and she told me it had not been delivered there!! I asked when it would be delivered and she said she would look at all of her deliveries and call me Monday (jan.14). and see if they can deliver it Tues or Wed. and that she would call to make arrangements on Mon. for delivery!!! Never again will I ever buy anything that is delivered by Homedirect!!! I will check it over well and if it is not in perfect condition, I will send it back on the same turnip truck it came in on!!!

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  • Md
    MDJfromOK Sep 11, 2013

    Horrible- Bought a bench from Hayneedle.com, they shipped thru HomeDirect. Homedirect USA contacted me and set up a delivery date. My wife agreed to take off from work to be at home for the delivery. Said between 1-4:00 pm. Never Showed. Called them and they had no idea what we were talking about. What? You called and set up delivery. Uhh. Well, we haven't received it yet, so we cant deliver it. Then why would you call and setup a delivery if you do not have it? I will have to check on it.
    Over the next couple of weeks, kept calling them. They still didn't know anything. Tracking showed "In Transit". After 3 weeks had to file a dispute and get a refund. Hayneedle says HomeDirect USA lost it. Horrible service. Unorganized, and their information on their shipments must be scribbled on the wall in the bathroom.

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  • Ha
    Hayneedle Oct 08, 2013

    MDJ, I apologize for the delay in my response. Please send your order number to us at [email protected] so that we can make sure your item arrives smoothly to your destination. - Robin

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  • Da
    DavidRock91 Apr 07, 2014

    This is absolutely the WORST service I have ever recieved, I took off work 4 times waiting for my package. I've literally LOST more money waiting for the product then PAYING for it. This is a FLAT SCREEN TV...

    Lame excuses like, oh the order wasn't put on the truck today ...sorry
    Oh the truck got into an accident (I hope my tv isn't damage by the way)
    Today again...another scheduled appointment----- My tv was not put on the truck, ...I called them and ordered them to put it on a truck for today, they said okay..and I've been waiting at my house from 2-6...STILL NO PACKAGE..now they are closed..


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