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Medicine heart recovery ibogaine and
Holistic house, las vegas nevada

Worst clinic in mexico. Total scam.
No doctors, no real staff. Many deaths. Dirty filthy place and people. They refer to this sleaze hoffman in the states and he refers to them.
My girlfriend had to have her family rescue her from mexico it was so bad. Hoffman is extremely abusive and a psycho. They move from place to place all the time. Ask for thier licenses and doctors proof.
Not even a real nurse. Please do not go there. There are so many to choose from. Do your research.
Don't get hurt like my friend. Go anywhere else but these 2 places.
Reason of review: bad quality.
Monetary loss: $7500.
Preferred solution: full refund.

  • Updated by Grand Wizard · Nov 29, 2017

    Justin sean hoffman is an internet bully and parasitical [censor] with dark energy! Warning stay away from this evil wack job! Becareful if you go against him he will ban you from a cult page on facebook called ibogaine universe!!! He has a weirdo grudge against AA and he has economic incentive to work with addicts with his overpriced sober living home in las vegas. He claims to help people but he's only in it for the money, he is a money hungry [censor]. He makes money charging people $12, 000.00 for housing addicts, which costs about $1000 everywhere else. Do not trust this maniac with your loved one. The whole world will be against him soon, he is a dark soul.


  • Je
    [email protected] Dec 12, 2017

    Justin hoffman from holistic house has killed a patient with illegal ayahuasca in las vegas, he gave a patient ayahuasca and he died. and they covered it up, this was almost 2 years ago. you have been warned, Justin is a dark evil person, he only cares about money. once he has your money he will not care about you. people have died there at his place. it is not a real rehab, it is a underground ayahuasca and ibogaine clinic after care. you will not have medical staff. you will be cared for addicts with 30 days clean, all under paid and ungrateful angry people.

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  • Tr
    TruthB4Lies Jan 02, 2018

    Rumors are going around that patients have died there and also patient's traded and sold SEX for drugs at holistic house with staff.
    They will get shut down by authorities very soon.
    He and his employees have been caught running a cam-girls PORN operation and when the heat came down, Justin blamed it on the employee and threatened to kill him if he said anything about his involvement.
    He has been caught getting blow jobs from past patients for free room and board.
    He has also brags about how he loves hookers and HEROIN his two favorite things
    He threatened to kill people and ripped there heads off because they disagree with him.
    He is filled with anger and is a dangerous person.
    He has brainwashed 5 people to spread his lies and push his agenda.
    He is a cult leader and modern day hitler.
    Every year he has new staff because they can only handle so much insanity with his STEROID rage episodes.
    He manages a site called IBOGAINE UNIVERSE !!! where he throws people off and bans them for speaking the truth, he is a [censor] and people are all revolting against him.He can dish it out but can't dish it in.

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  • Ju
    Justin Sean Hoffman Aug 21, 2018

    These complaints are from a man named Louis Marks. Its almost comical reading this because this is what we call projection. Louis is an outcast in the ibo scene and has such a bad reputation that he claims he left Mexico to retire, he didnt. he just opened up another clinic called Baja Ibogaine. Hmmm why would he say he isnt in Mexico? its because he has such a bad reputation. i called louis out after taking four of his clients in to my after care. They were all in the worst shape out of any clinic weve worked with. It seemed like they went through hell at his place ( GENESIS )
    So thats where this all started. i refused to work with him anymore and Louis ot hurt so he created this and a scam report going after two people that have the best reputations in the ibo world.

    Heres the thing. These are fake profiles and anonymous. I have real people and real referrals of people praising what we do here and how i saved their childs life. Real people! These people arent even real. Its just Lou and his creepy wife under different names. Sad to see such money hungry scam artists in the ibo scene but money attracts the lowest of the low. Lou has never done iBOGAINE. I also have x employees that claim hes into young Mexican prostitutes and has a serious drinking problem. Thats from real people.

    So please, anyone can feel free to contact real people that went here as Ill be happy to give out numbers of past clients. Nice try Lou, but were still sold out and still known as the best Ibo after care in the business. Oh and Medicine heart is still known as the best at what they do. Lou is disgraced and in hiding now. I wonder why.

    I mean look at the names "truthb4lies" Lol, Jessejaymes Lol.

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  • 1l
    1Lupita Aug 22, 2018

    Hoffman, how dare you, you scum. You are a liar, thief and scam/con artist. Plain and simple 100% burnout DJ Hoffman, just an old A$$ dj who never made it, ego from hell, super nut job.
    Face it, you are a wedding dj jealous of everyone around you. You are a criminal and need to go to where you belong PRISON. You are a con artist . Everyone is revolting against you You got kicked out of ibogaineuniverse!!! because everyone saw what kind of scum you are, you are a manipulating piece of human sh!t.
    All your staff told us you're a psychopath, you are a sociopathic lunatic.
    All your staff left you, they didn't get fired they quit cuz you are crazy. You do not your staff well. You rip patients off, you give people subpar care. We can go on and on and we will! Your rehab will get shut down! Yes you are nuts and a maniac, your partners who funded your horror house are drug dealers, murders and rapist. You are going to prison you scum. Pay your taxes you thief, you're shit will get shut down soon enough!

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  • Ju
    Justin Sean Hoffman Sep 18, 2018

    @1Lupita Ok Louis, never made it but played places like Madison sq Garden, Cowboy stadium and the biggest club in the world was my residency. Doesn’t sound like wedding gigs to me. The people that rave about my place are all real and anyone is welcome to contact dozens of people that have actually been here. This is Louis Marks, again.
    Louis you’ve now run from the ibogaine world and are hiding in shame for a good reason. You were awful at what you did. I stopped working with you becasue you and your place were horrendous and you hurt many clients.
    If you aren’t Louis I wonder why you’re writing and saying the exact same things that you have on other posts. You aren’t that good at covering up. Now it’s “Lupita” ah ok.

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  • I was a patient and Justin Hoffman tried to get me to write a review about how amazing he is and how he saved my life. OMG, this clown is a real nut job, thinks he is God, claims to know how to help addicts and run a rehab. The place buys food from restaurants to feed patients, you have 3 hours of group meetings a day and play with drums at night. He wants you to stay longer and pay more, he is always trying to get you to pay extra for services he promised over the phone.

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  • As
    Ashamed and Bullied Aug 26, 2018

    For the record, Im definitely not Luis Marks, and I'm not Hoffman's competition. I will remain anonymous because of the relentless pursuit of vindictive behavior of Justin's ways to destroy people's lives every chance he gets. With that said, Justin Hoffman from Holistic house las vegas is a fraud, plain and simple. People were doing heroin there and Justin is always on facebook or in his room on the computer. Now I know what he's been doing this whole time when he disappears. He's on facebook attacking Trump supporters ALL DAY LONG. He is a crazy psychopath. Do not be fooled people. I lost over $15, 000.00 in that bottom tier rehab.
    I am embarrassed to say I relapsed right when i go home, I am in treatment now with real professionals. The 4 other clients that were there same time as me all relapsed as well. His treatment doesn't work, most of his reviews are fake. He has no real staff, just a bunch of graduates from a month ago who stay and volunteer for free room and board, and addicts new in recovery that work there. Get real help from real pros this place is a joke. I told him my mom and dad voted for trump. He lost his mind, "his reply was my parents deserve to die, because they are part of the problem. to told him to take it back. So he stood in a fighters position with his fist in the air and said "make me". He is a bully that was picked on in high school, now He thinks he's an MMA fighter so he bullies others. This lunatic should not be in charge of people's lives. He attacked me bullied me in front of others, I left embarrassed and ashamed.
    I was more hurt and damaged then helped and healed at holistic house in his care.
    I will never get my money back I am only doing this to warn others. Justin Hoffman is a dangerous man.

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  • Ju
    Justin Sean Hoffman Sep 18, 2018

    @Ashamed and Bullied Please show one review that isn’t from a real person. You my friend are anonymous and never even came to my place. Just an angry Trump supporter seeking revenge becasue I disagree with a man that goes against my beliefs. The belief that we should help each other. The belief that we are all equal. The belief that women should be treated fairly and should have a choice about what to do with their bodies. I believe in science and I believe we should take care of the planet. Sorry you disagree with these things and felt so angry that you would come after my business and lie ...anonymously.

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  • Da
    Dan13 Sep 03, 2018

    I am going to start this by openly telling the readers, Yes I am a trump supporter, I am proud of my president. And because of that fact, I am now suffering from PTSD. My PTSD is because of brutal attacks and shaming i received from Justin Hoffman. In 2017 I went to Holistic House to get help for my addiction to drugs, while there I was under the care of Justin Hoffman. He is the founder or this rehab, and I was traumatized by him, under his care. The fact is, I was bullied, shamed and picked on, all because I voted for Donald Trump. I refuse and will not accept this type of bullying. Its taken me a year to build the strength to muster up the fight in me to tell me story. I will make sure this evil foul person gets exposed. Yes, I am still traumatized. I can't shake it. Its been a year and I am still waking up in middle of the night yelling in my dreams. It all started when I did kambo (frog poison) and it was painful, it was scary, I had no support from his staff the woman who was administering it was on her phone the whole time, it was so rude and I felt violated as a patient in someones care and ignored. Justin came up to me a laughed and said "stop being a little Puss-y and man up" He stood above me and was smiling at me, almost like he enjoyed having control over me. When I was on the ground suffering, I saw his face shape shift into an evil demon, This is a dangerous person. I felt dark energy all around him. After the iboga i did in mexico it opened my 3rd eye and my senses, so my ability to see through con artists and bull shitters was heightened. Also because of the kambo by Tishara I now suffer from hernia from that kambo treatment, I am still in constant pain. The place is nice, the website is professional, the outside looks good, but in the actual place its dark, cold and gloomy. Something is just not right with that place. I just found out that his investors and partners are all drug dealers, club promoters and even one was a murderer. I don't care who you voted for, and I should have the choice to vote for who ever I want and no body should be judged or chaster-sized because of the preference. I spent $12500.00 and it was not what I expected. I am sicker and worst more now then ever. My message in closing would be not to go to this place.

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  • Ju
    Justin Sean Hoffman Sep 18, 2018

    @Dan13 This could be the funniest thing I’ve ever read. PTSD? Hernia from kambo? Tishara on her phone? Drug dealers as partners? You forgot how I sacrifice babies to Pagan Gods. Thank you for the entertainment.
    This person never came to my place. There’s a reason why they are anonymous. Politics is off limits at my place and always has been. We don’t discuss politics ever and it isn’t even allowed. If you came to my place, ( you didn’t ) please let us know your name and the dates you were here. This is from a Trump supporter that I probably got into a FB argument over with. I stand for equality love and helping others. Have a lovely day.

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  • Ti
    Tishara Sep 19, 2018

    THE ABOVE IS ALL LIES! I trully feel very sorry for you. The fact that you take the time to write lies about someone with the intent to try to hurt thier repuation all because of your own deep seated issues, pain, and jelousy is very sad. If you did recieve Kambo from me then you would have recieved the highest form of care and attention. Nothing that you stated above is true. In fact, I have never had any complaints against me. No one has ever had a hernia from Kambo after a session with me. I am in contact with all of my clients, who are all very happy with the treatment, results, and care they have recieved from me so I know with complete certainity this is ALL LIES! I have a 100% safety record. I have worked very hard to help many people. Every REAL client I have treated can attest to that as well! You are troubled soul and I will pray for you.

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  • Cc
    CCB-Sally Oct 03, 2018

    Pray for yourself. You belong in hell, you and your psycho partner. You both are pathetic, you got your money selling your body to fat hairy greasey men, you high class Las Vegas call girl, you are nothing but an escort. You will never burn off that Karma, you will suffer as you are doing right now. You are dying inside and you know it. You are sick because you infect others you parasite.

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  • Sa
    Sam Cohen Oct 18, 2018

    Owner is a complete psychopath, total anti human. He claims to be anti-trump. But its clear the guy is an angry prick who was picked on in high school. So he bullies others. If you disagree with him he will try and body slam you. He pushes people around and wants to pick fights with people. Don't be fooled by his BS, once he has your money thats it you're screwed. All his patients we spoke to have relapsed but a small handful. Anyone who posts positive reviews about him all day long on social media gets brownie points, others get the middle finger. Please do yourself a favor and take your loved one elsewhere. We are so upset with the unprofessional behavior of the owner. He doesn't care about people, he cares about money and slamming our president Trump. He is anti American and loves being a big bully.

    Here is a fun fact about why everyone that goes to holistic house relapsed because sagas was used as a nuclear testing ground for over 40 years and is radioactive. Folks it TOXIC! thats why most people there are on drugs, so you want to send your kids or loved ones to a place that is radio active, Wow! 900 nuclear test and your loved one will get radiation for the rest of their life. Want some cancer to go with that wacky tobacco Justin hoffman blows in your nose?

    Good Luck!

    The Nevada Test Site was the primary testing location of American nuclear devices from 1951 to 1992; 928 announced nuclear tests occurred there. Of those, 828 were underground.


    The Nevada Test Site (NTS), 65 miles north of Las Vegas, was one of the most significant nuclear weapons test sites in the United States. Nuclear testing, both atmospheric and underground, occurred here between 1951 and 1992. ... They then selected the Las Vegas Bombing and Gunnery Range.
    Nevada Test Site | Atomic Heritage Foundation
    Atomic Heritage Foundation

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  • Ro
    RockaDJdingdong Oct 21, 2018

    Holly Crap, he is some more bad news for Justin Hoffman, turns out his first investor was a side pimp who used the current "holistic house" for webcam girl whore house! Yes you heard it correctly. Justin hoffman and all his investors are scum of the scum, lowest humans on this earth who exploited young girls in vegas to perform for hairy fat men behind computers. These type of people will stop at nothing to make money on desperate people and exploit young girls for fast cash. Thanks Hoffman, now the world knows where you got the money to start this so called horror house you call Holistic House. You got it from the sweat and pain and brutal exploitation of innocent cam girl porn world! WOW,
    And anyone who supports this place of business run by this scum is scum themselves. I hope you can sleep at night knowing you are being a part of a sex trafficking circle.
    BTW I have seen the house and it looks like it was designed by a old perverted prick that loves taking advantage of young women for money.
    Welcome to the world of Justin Hoffman and his horror house of whores, oops I mean holistic healing

    Hold on...
    Bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Bahahahahahah!!!

    YOU SCUMBAG, you need to burn in hell punk.

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  • Sa
    Samsamzzz Oct 27, 2018

    Holistic house is a failed sober living home!
    Justin hoffman is a failed DJ and found a way to make money off the backs, these young webacm girls doing stip shows all to build his empire and desperate for fast cash to seek out desperate families who are seeking refuge for the dying loved ones. 10 people has worked with Justin and all have said he is a nasty person with a dark soul who seeks whores money and to destroy people's lives.
    He is full of hate and masquerades it with calling it passion. NO, ITS BECAUSE HE IS CRAZY!
    I am sure the IRS and DEA is going to put an end to this shit show very soon.
    All his cronies and trolls will be bunched up and thrown in prison.
    Turns out all 100 but 10 of his past patients have relapsed and a few have died.
    This is to all parents of addicts that are being persuaded to go to Holistic house in las vegas, KEEP IN MIND each patient has a bounty of $1000-$2000 on there head! Yes people are PAID To send people to Hoffman's!!!
    PAY FOR PLAY! Human trafficking! THIS IS IlLEGAL !
    All his his testimonials are fake and paid for for free treatment or faked by hoffman himself.
    King of the Slime of the Slime Bags.

    He pays people to and talk bad about others then law suites kick in and the people regret and take back what they said! WHY? BECAUSE HE IS A FRAUD!
    READ THIS he convinced this girl to talk bad about others and was almost sued, he is a slick conman
    #2 Consumer Comment

    I take back what I Said

    AUTHOR: Maria - (United States)
    SUBMITTED: Tuesday, June 05, 2018

    I take back what I said about Chris Gagen. I don't mean what I said and at the time, I was still using so my mind was fogged and I had no idea what I was saying and how it could effect someone elses life, and for that I am really sorry. It was a long time ago and nothing really happend... just some suggestions made and that was all. Nothing more to it... I hope the best for anybody with good intentions... peace

    https:///link removed/

    We will not stop until the world knows the truth!

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  • Do
    DontTrustHim Apr 28, 2019

    @Samsamzzz This guy has real anger management issues that he allows to interfere with every aspect of his life. He treats anyone who doesn't agree with him like garbage and goes on rants about you are probably someone who voted for Trump. He joins random pages just to cyber bully and feed his ego. He has no business "treating' ANYONE.

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  • Ju
    JustinNeedsHelp Apr 28, 2019

    I didn't know a thing about this whack job until he attacked me online for his perceived (and incorrect) assumptions about my political affiliation. If he treats people in his "Holistic House" the way he treats people he doesn't even know online, that's pretty disturbing. From the comments I've read here and other places, he seems to have an anger management issue and some pretty obvious narcissism. It's fine to have your own opinion. When you allow it to intrude into your business life, ESPECIALLY if you claim to be this spiritual guru, that makes you look far less than stable and credible. I really hope this guy Justin gets some help himself.

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  • Sa
    SAZjr Nov 12, 2019




    NOTE.. In recovery :)

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