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credit card scam

I booked a hotel with & was offered a £10 cashback. So I clicked to agree. Without my knowledge this entitled High Street Max to take off £14.95 off of my credit card...apparently a confirmation was sent. I never received this & have no record of it. I wasa then sent an email advising me it would increase to £17.95 apparently. I did not receive this either.

When I phoned to complain the company were unsympathetic & not helpful at all. They cancelled my membership immediately, even though I had apparently agreed a contract. There is no proof of this contract. Emails have been sent to me, to apparently prove they were sent out. There are no dates on these emails & just looked copied.

I have been signed up since May & £140.60 has been taken from this awful company since May 2009. There is apparently no room for refund but I know there definitely should be & I expect one.

Helen Kembery

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    Adaptive Affinity Aug 23, 2010

    To Helen Kembery,
    I am a representative from Adaptive Affinity Ltd and Adaptive Affinity partners.

    Firstly I would like to apologize for your experiences to date. It is our intention to keep our
    customers central to our business model and it is important that we always offer the best services.

    In response to your post I would like to state that Adaptive Affinity Ltd and
    partners in no way operate in illegal, immoral or dishonest business practices. Our offerings grow
    constantly and allow us to offer great deals and discounts for all our members. We remain in easy
    reach of our members and encourage feedback on our services, and are confident that the majority of
    our members enjoy good service and benefits.

    All our services are clearly explained online and prospective members are always given the
    opportunity to opt out of any of our membership programmes. Like in any business refunds are
    discretionary and dependent upon the individual circumstances, but we are always committed to
    offering a clear and honest service.

    Adaptive Affinity operates in a consumer friendly environment and will offer help and support to all
    members of our partner brands. We will offer information into our offerings and products and we will
    endeavor to offer the best customer service.

    You and all other readers of this post may use one of the following contact

    1. Call +44 (0) 870 143 2343
    2. Visit
    3. Post your questions or concerns on our forum:

    Kind regards,
    Adaptive Affinity Customer Service

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    J.R. Brown Jun 12, 2011
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    I have just relaised that I appear to have fallen foul of the approach that this company is adopting after having booked flights a year ago via Last

    I feel like I have been conned.

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    alison22 Jul 19, 2011
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    Rewards First obtained my credit card details from without my permission or knowledge. I am in the process of speaking with the police in respect of "Adaptive Affinity" who have stolen £165.00 from my credit card. When I called Rewards First to ask them how they obtained my credit card number they said they couldn't speak to me as I was not the person registered under the membership no. This membership however is being paid for by ME!! They have a name and address for this membership but this is not my name, nor my address!! Blatant fraud! I have never dealt with this company and they are unable to provide me with any correspondence that gives them the authorisation to take this money from my credit card. Adaptive Affinity Ltd claim that they send out welcome emails which is a blatant lie. How can they send me an email for this membership when they don't even have my name or address, or indeed my email address!!! Disgusting company whose board of directors should be held accountable for such fraudulent and corrupt business practices. They have actually stolen from me and the last time I looked - stealing is a criminal offence! Let's hope these blaggards end up behind bars where they belong.

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