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Hi-V Trading, #01-63 Sim Lim SquareCheated & High Price items

I visited Singapore from 11 - 13 April. One reason for the visit was to buy a Canon 10-22mm wide angle lense besides seeing the musical CATS. I originally wanted to go to Funan Digital Mall to buy the lense but was talked out of it by the taxi driver and instead went to Sim Lim. I enquire about the Canon lense in a number of shops and landed in this shop called Hi-V Trading. I enquire about the Canon lense, was given a price (around S$1000), but they have no stock. Anyway, I was introduced by this sales person, Frankie, to this product names Carl's ST wide angle converter lense. He tested the product on a similar camera to mine (Canon 450D) and it works well. He then sold me the product at S$535 (after much bargain). I then enquire about Canon extender and he then introduced me to a product called Digital King 2.5x extender which he sold at a price of S$400 (also after much bargain).

I left to go to visit the Night Safari show and did not have time to test the products on my camera. The next day, I had to attend some function and only managed to test the product on my camera later in the evening. Imagine my shock when I tested the Carl's ST wide angle converter on my camera and noticed distortion at the widest angle usage. I called the shop and they told me to go back to the shop for them to test the product. I couldn't go that evening as I had to go see the musical CATS.

I went back to the shop the next day and another sales guy (i think he is the owner) called Peter informed me that I should be using the 0.5x wide angle lense and not the 0.45x. I argued that when we tested the day before, it was working well with no distortion. I suspected that during the test, Frankie was using the 0.5x converter and sold me the 0.45x converter. I am not familiar with the product and thus did not notice the difference. Anyway, Peter informed me that the 0.5x converter is more expensive and I need to pay an additional S$400 (after much bargain again). This is FIRST CLASS CHEATING.
Thereafter, an older man in the shop advised me to change my telephoto lenses (Canon 55-200mm) to the Canon 75-300mm. He then introduce the Teleplus 2X front extender with the Canon 75-300mm lense at a special price of S$1450 (trade-in my Canon 55-200mm lense at S$800). Price for the Canon 75-300mm is S$1550 and the S$700. I admit I am a sucker for sweet talk and bought into their tale of having a better lenses etc. etc...

I left soon after as I have to leave for Malaysia. This evening while checking the web site on the products I purchased in the Hi-V Trading shop, I was super shocked to find out that I have been CHEATED by paying a HIGH PRICE for products that costs much less in Malaysia.

The prices of the products in Malaysia are as follows:
1. Carl's ST 0.5x Wide Angle converter --> RM800
2. Digital King 2.5x extender --> RM190
3. Canon 75-300mm lense --> RM880 (advertised in Canon Malaysia website - the Canon 55-250mm lense is RM1000 which meant I replace a more expensive lense with a cheaper one)
4. Teleplus 2x front extender --> RM600

All in all, the price of all the products above should be around RM
Based on the prices I paid in Singapore which is S$2, 785 and based on conversion rate of S$1 to RM2.4, the total cost is RM6, 684, which is approximately RM4, 200 more than what I will pay in Malaysia (and not to mention losing my more expensive Canon lense in the trade-in).

The reason I wanted to buy my camera accessories in Singapore is because I thought it was cheaper than in Malaysia and also because of Singaporean honesty in doing business. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED that I'm CHEATED with unhonest and such high pricing from an unscrupulous shop in Singapore. It is partly my fault for being sweet talked and also for not checking the products in the internet (did not have my PC with me in Spore) before purchasing the products, but at least the shop should have been honest and not charged me HIGH PRICES for products that obviously caused much less. I hope the SINGAPORE COMPLAINTS BOARD can help to recover some of the money and ensure that the shop do not take advantage of unsuspecting shoppers like me. I sincerely hope to recover some of the hard earned money which I'm now totally regreting now that I ever stepped foot into the shop.

The invoice number from the shop is 13689, 13489, 13490 and 13690.

I can be contacted via email "[protected]", and via phone +[protected].

Thank you.


  • Ma
    Marco1Chan Jul 25, 2012

    Believe me i almost killed myself after realizing i have been ripped off big time at hi-v trading in sim lim square. They overpriced by 100 sing dollar, they bullied me when i tried to return the products after. They even threatened. They are so unrespectful. They didnt even issue official receipt because a they said they were already selling it below cost. I was confident going into singapore that people are honest as what i heard, its just ironic for a country like this known for tourism and rules that they cannot regulate this. Hi-v trading has do many complaints against them, they are already identified. The government should sequester all their stocks, sell them and refund us complainants. I hope this complaints will be heard by singapore tourism. [email protected]

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  • Aj
    ajst2duk Jun 20, 2012

    We had simlar issue with a camera store in Chinatown. We good fooled into buying a Steinzeiser .45X converter for SGD$400 - never been so ripped off any any other country in the world. This has made me determine never to buy anything aside from food in Singapore again. For such a rules based country, there should be penalties for blatant ripoffs like this. Singapore, I am ashamed you let this happen.

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  • Si
    simlimsquareshopping Apr 30, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Remember these rules !

    Rule #1:
    Never buy gaming console/games in Sim Lim Square. Unless they are recommended by friends / relatives.

    Rule #2:
    Remember Rule #1 because it is so important. No need to spend money to learn the lesson because many people have already done so for you.

    Rule #3
    Only buy from reputable shop who shop name is a well-known brand. As to what game shop is reputable in SLS, I don’t have the answer since generally many in internet forums speak negatively of game shop in SLS. Probably can treat Rule#3 as non-existent then.

    However, if you still wanna buy gaming items in SLS, make sure that

    Rule #4:
    Whatever you buy there, double check the purchased item before you step out of shop. Open up any item even if it is “cheap” accessories, battery or anything. Request to test if possible whatever you buy at the spot even if the shop is reputable or grant 1-to-1 exchange within grant period. Most importantly, check your receipt properly (eg date, serial number, item list) and make sure all items are listed. Never trust what they say (even if they say that the item is already in the bag), only trust what you see.

    Rule #5
    Only buy the item you have originally in mind. If the item is not available, walk out immediately. Do not let the staff recommend other items because they will (definitely) mark up to high price and also “force” you to buy having told you that they already prepare the receipt and make the order.

    Rule #6:
    Do your homework. Don’t ever buy any expensive item on impulse else you find the most ridiculous reasons ever giving to you just to rip you. There are many affordable internet cafes around SLS that cost less than $2 for 1/2 hours, and you get use it to google the item and the name of the shop you about to buy from.

    Rule #7:
    If you get ripped off, take as lesson learn. Complaining to Police and CASE is unlikely to help much because chances is that your predicament isn’t new too and that particular shop very likely to be already blacklisted. Those shop owners may even challenge you to call the police or report to CASE. You are buying and patronizing those shop with your eyes wide open.

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  • Si
    simlimsquareshopping Apr 30, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    just some videos of scams in sim lim square with shop names. please try and avoid them.

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  • Li
    Lindunpin Jan 13, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I buy canon eos 600d plus lens 50 250, is 2000, they tell me is a fair price 
    Then I go Harvey Norman ask is only sell 1199 plus 1580, how can your shop battery charge me 100 dollar ,filter charge me 140 for two, then I go the Takashimaya   shopping center, they all say is one basket not need to pay extra money, so I don't know how shop charge me, and the day  i shopping in sim lim is December 29, is promotion time    
    in canon Singapore, if you buy one more lens 55 250 can save about 200 dollar, but the shop 01 63 never give me offer, and the shopping list not write price one by one, only write together how much only, so even shop cheat me I can't say anything . 

     When I go home I google Singapore  there are so many people be cheated by sim lim square first floor shop buy camera, you can google 森林广场被骗,then you can see how the shop cheat the person .  
      So it is not good for this kind of people sells something in singapore .now I am be cheated .

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  • Aorus Nov 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been SUPER CHEATED by paying a SUPER HIGH PRICE for products that costs much less in Malaysia BY 'HI-V TRADING' shop too. I visited Singapore from 13 - 17 November 2011. I buy the camera CASIO Exilim EX-ZS5 for 300 S$ at 17/11/2011.

    1. I'm Indonesian, and in MY COUNTRY the price is about Rp 869.000, - or about 122 S$.
    Here's the link from internet shop in indonesia itself :
    (122 S$ included bonus / starter pack : Memory 4 GB & Gorilla Pod* )

    2. But the sales counter (about 45-55 years old man) gave price for 232 S$. With no SD CARD and no other bonuses. And I must buy 8 Gb Memory by my self (money again) for 11 S$. Total is 243 S$.

    3. You see ? If I check the iPhone, etc, its more cheaper if I as Indonesian buy electronics from Singapore. My solid prediction it's more cheaper about Rp 300.000, - to Rp 420.000, - for all kind electronics. Because no tax.

    4. Now... Lets check on more about total THEY / Hi-V Trading cheating on me.
    122 S$ = Rp 866.200
    Rp 866.200 - Rp 300.000 = Rp 566.200, -
    Rp 566.200 : 7.100 = S$ 79, 74 (Kurs 1 S$ in Rp 7.100)
    SO ... can you see that ? The margins about 80 S$ and 243 S$ ??? WHAT THE HELL WITH THAT SHOP ???

    My Tax Invoice is : CS63-60007
    My Email : [email protected]
    I can be contacted via email or via phone +6222 [protected]

    Here WE ARE with our internet and computers !!! It's our fault not checked online from Singapore ? It's because we don't take our Computer to Singapore.

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  • Ny
    nyen_9 Apr 24, 2011

    I'm also cheated this ###in store, their style is to discourage you about the thing you are suppose to buy and they will encourage you the cheap one which is they will double the price something like that because of the additional accessories. I bought a lens from them with the lens hood & filter @ $480 & i've just known d following day after browsing net, my whole things i bought from them can get @ maximum of $300 only. I go down to their shop & make complain but nothings happen. I wasted my time & cash just because of that ###in store. People call them as "mafia sindicate". Be aware.

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  • Ra
    Rachel (Malaysian) Jan 17, 2011

    After reviewing all the comments as above, i just realised i'm not the only one who's getting cheated in the same shop - HI-V TRADING. Initially, i'm looking for Sigma AFD 10-20MM wide angle lense (which i already knew that it costs about RM1, 700 currently). When i stepped in the shop, a man named HENRY offered himself and told me that the lense cost about SGD850. When i wanted to turn off, then he said he can offer me at SGD800. When my mind is still coverting the price to M'sia Ringgit currency, then he asked me how much i want. I said i can only afford for the price below SGD700. (When u read until here, you would feel like i'm a wise consumer. But the story is not ended here) This guy is very smart and damn good in brainwash. He immediately offered me with lense converter - Steinzeiser 0.45x. He demo it fanstatically and it made my mind suddenly get into blank mode. Then he played with the calculator and showed that it was discounted a lot. End up, i paid at SGD 325 for such lousy thinggy.
    When i'm on the way back, i noticed that the lense has a serious problem with vignetting. Then i quickly rush home and check the price online. Noted from this website -, the price is orginally not even at SGD40. My mind turned into blank mode again and felt like i was the carrot head as mentioned in the forum. Somebody also mentioned that Steinheiser is a brand name created by some marketing people. It is probably not a German company.
    I'm so angry and decided returned to the shop and ask for upgrading the product. I knew that this fellow will not refund my money, so i act like i dislike the vignetting problem and ask for upgrading to Sigma wide lense instead. This fellow who named Henry really good in playing fool, he gave a lot of excuses like there is no stock for Sigma lense, the invoice cannot be void and if order the stock now, he can't guarantee the price is fixed at SGD750. I try to be clam and taughthim how to solve all these problems (coz i knew he was giving excuse). End up there is another guy (i think he is the big boss) approached us and offered me with Steinzeiser HD Pro MC Multi-Coated 0.5x Wide Angle W/Macro 0.5 X 58mm. This lense has no problem with vignetting and i let go for upgrading (coz i knew it wont be successful). I quickly informed him this is one-to-one exchange and i won't pay for any extra. (eventhough i still feel that the cost is still far below the price i paid). Meanwhile i also showed him my invoice and asked how to settle this. The guy just used a pen the correct the model on my invoice. (huh, initially Henry said cannot void the invoice, but now they can simply correct it.)
    Once i went home, i online check the details of this shop and only realised there are so much complaints on this shop. I shared out my experience here and hope that there is someone notices this and take urgent action against this shop to avoid any further trick especially on foreigners.

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  • Ch
    Cheated in SINGAPORE! May 07, 2010

    Just bought a Tokina 12-24mm lens in Hi-V trading as well and I was ripped off!!! I bought it for 1000 SGD and when i checked it on the the other stores the following day it only cost 680SGD! unfortunately i have a flt on the following day... I DONT KNOW WHAT IS SINGAPORE TOURISM BOARD IS DOING ABOUT THIS?????


    Would anyone know how would I be able to get a refund for this? unfortunately im out of singapore :(

    My email address is : [email protected]

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  • Wi
    wingguts0325 Jan 10, 2010

    I know it is a bad exprience of getting cheated and normally we would tend to make a complaint...
    so what if we make a complaint??? Will we get our money back??? Well...i don't think so...i got cheated too... i paid a high price for psp where they gave me a second hand set...but let's look on the bright side...we know how those people in sim lim square in the near future...if you were to go there and buy gadgets...even though i think that you won't do so...let's try to outsmart them...and the best is always to collect information on the product you want to buy and know what you want to buy...don't let them cheat you again...

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  • Xe
    xeon Jan 02, 2010

    I am from Singapore, and I can only tell all people reading this that not all shops at the first and second floor of Sim Lim Square are trustable.

    Stores like Song Brothers, Alan Photo are the more reputable ones.

    Try not to visit those blacklisted stores as they like to twist the facts to make business, charge a different price from quote, or not including certain products promised. They are VERY shrewd. If you intend to purchase any equipment from them, then I can only say to be extremely firm with your decision and make sure the money on the screen/paper before keying the PIN/signing.

    There was once a local was cheated, a quarrel surfaced, and a fight resulted with chairs flying all over the place. Police was called in to resolve the matter.

    In conclusion, go for more trustable sources such as departmental stores like Courts, Harvey Norman if you do not mind paying the extra 50-100 dollars for assurance. Cheapness do come with risk.

    Oh, and ignore the 'StarRetailer' nonsense the building management has implemented. It is kind of a money-purchased-award thing.

    Hope you enjoyed (the other areas) of Singapore!

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  • Yi
    Yipmt Jan 02, 2010

    I was cheated by Hi-V trading on 1/1/2010 too!!! I have paid about $300 more than normal price after surveving on price on e-bay. I even call the police. The police came, n said they can do nothing, n suggest me to complaint to the sg tourism board. Im sure will do it and make sure avbody in the world know HiV Trading!!!.

    From [email protected]

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  • Be
    Bea Knipstein Dec 29, 2009

    I was in Singapor from December 21-22, 2009.

    I originally wanted to buy a Nikon D5000 with a Sigma lens with an 8GB memory card. I went to the shop and told the guy what I want to buy. He made me a price however insisted to telling me that the lens is not good and tried to convince me to buy 2 much more expensives lenses. I told the guy that I cannot affort it and want to have the D5000 with the Sigma lens and memory card. Certainly he started to discuss with me about the price and recalled the price made before, telling me that the memory card was never incl. in the price made, however he would make me a really good price for 2 filters I will need anyhow.

    Even though I told the guy I don't want the filters, but the kit I wrote before he insisted of telling me how important it is to have theses filters. Suddenly he said if the D5000 is to expensive I can sell you the D3000. I asked him what the different between the two cameras are. He told me that the two cameras are exactly the same the only difference is the live view which the D3000 doesn't have. He offered me the entire set for 1250 Singapore $. So I said ok I will go for this. So he asked for my credit card and charged my credit card 1500S$ telling me that the difference I will get back from the tax department.

    As my plane was about to leave in 3 hours I believed him and agreed on the deal. When I was at the airport I had to figure out that the guy cheated on my and sold me all items for a far to high price:

    1. It's not true that the only difference between the two cameras is the live view, there are various main specifications that are completely different

    2. he sold me two filters worth 40€ for more than 100€

    3. He overcharged me about 300€ for the entire set

    4. he made me insecure with giving me false information on the products.

    Even though I liked singapore I'm very disappointed about the fact I was cheated so much. I hope the Complaints Board can help me getting part of my money back and stop's the store from continuing its business.

    I will let all my friends know about it and also write to serval newspapers I have good contact to.

    I really hope you can help me in this matter you can contact me on: [email protected] or [protected]

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  • Jo
    Johan Sudin Nov 17, 2009

    It seems that you are not the only one who got cheated.

    28 October last month, I went to this shopping mall to look a Canon 500D SLR. This shop offered me SD850 for the set with its std lense . After checking with other shops and confirmed that the price from Hi-V is the best I went back to buy the unit from them, the name of the salesmas was Kenny, I think.

    He encouraged me to buy a telephoto lence to go with it and told me that the price is SD700 and he could give me at SD600( In KL you can get this at RM900). Of course I do not know the real price because I did not plan to buy a telephoto lense. It was over my budget. After negotiation, he offered to take back my original std lense at SD100. Again I got cheated here because the actual price in KL is around RM700.
    Believing the guy was honest, I went for it and ended up paying SD1562 with tax

    So in reality, I am paying more than what I would have paid if I buy the camera in KL, not to mention the warranty condition. Probably I can get the same set in Low Yat for about RM3400.

    I confronted the guy over the phone yesterday and proudly he said that I deserved to be cheated because I was looking for a good price.

    Guys, watch out if you decided to buy anything from Singapore. Only buy if you really know that the price is good.

    From [email protected]

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