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I am COL(R) Thomas J Hawes a Gold CARD MEMBER NUMBER [protected]. On May 16 at 8:30 am I made a reservation for a Mini van for pickup on July 2 at 1230 am at Boston Logan airport. Confirmation number J0333760902.Price of 860.14. On june 30 upon receiving an alert notice from Hertz about pickup I realized that while we were flying on the evening of July 2nd our actual arrival time on flight 2157 Southwest wasnt until 1230 am on July 3rd. So I immediately called reservations and asked the date be changed to July 3rd on the reservation. The price is now $1644. While I understand the rate rules I believe for such a simple mistake and that I am a loyal Hertz Gold card member that Hertz would have made the change at the original rate since mini van was still available. For two days now I have asked to speak with a customer service supervisor only to be placed on hold and never heard from anyone again. Supervisor Klemen of reservations was very helpful but unable to resolve my issue. I intend to complete the rental at the new rate and will file another official complaint once the rental is complete and I have both sets of paperwork seeking a refund. Please provide me with the name and phone number of the Vice President who has the customer service responsibility as this whole saga is not up to Hertz's normal standard. Bottom line is for a 31 min timing mistake on my part I am being charged double the cost. I intend to present this case all the way to the President of the Hertz Corporation if necessary. Thank you!!!

Jul 01, 2019
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  •   Jul 01, 2019

    Take some accountability for yourself, Colonel.

    This whining and moaning is tantamount to the discipline level of an unformed lump of enlisted clay that has the overall technical ability of crapping in their hands clapping loudly. The effective range of an excuse is zero meters and it's time you own up to your failure. Present the case to your bank. Explain to them why your error cost you money. Measure twice, cut once. The owe you nothing but the damn bill you deserve.

    You're dismissed, Colonel.

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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