Hertzchaos at cdg - paris - 02/10/2017 - 10.00am approx.


WHen I arrived at the Hertz desk two staff were already dealing with clients who had been waiting for between 1, 5 to 3 hours to get a car. I learnt that the systems were down and everything was being done manually except printing and billing by bank terminals.
It was apparent that the level of staff at the reception was far too low even if the systems were working. There was no one from management at the terminal only a very polite lady team leader and what appeared to be a new customer service representative. I stress both were polite under very trying conditions and obvious exasperation from clients waiting for cars all pre-booked.
Eventually I got my car which was not clean, had some minor damage not noted on the condition report and the handover was rushed as the team at despatch again appeared to be under pressure without systems to assist in car allocation etc.
AFter using Hertz for over 30 years whilst on business travel I cannot see myself continuing with this loyalty and could not recommend Hertz to others.
Most importantly and as a former senior manager in the service sector, senior management should have been on the ground from the outset of the problem backing up their frontline teams.
Neal Hambridge - neal.[protected]

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