Hengshui Xinxing Musical Instrument Co., Ltd.tenor sexophone, hsl-2003bb

I order a Tenor Sexophone, HSL-2003Bb from this supplier since 28 August 2019. It's on 25 September they reply me and request to pay another US$30 for Trade Assurance Terms, so I settle it on that day. Now, they ask me to settle another US$97 for shipping fee. What!
1. The company is not a professional one. Selling online, the Compnay should provide the total payment the close deal as soon as possible which include all kinds of fees and include the shipping too. Event now, the supplier don't event know what to tell me to do inorder to close deal.
2. The supplier is not responsible at all. The period over a month until now, it's me who contact them and chase them for the item. It's very very disappointed.
3. Today, I talk to the supplier for the procedure to get the product, then he reply me that he needs to ask the manager first. What! They don't even know what to deal with my case. I feel regret to buy product from this company.
I will never never buy any product from this company again. Never!

Oct 03, 2019

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