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Hell's KitchenBoss from hell.


I work at one of your restaurants and let me tell you that my boss Gordon Ramsey is really a nutcase.

I am one of the chefs at your restaurant and well I am under pressure to work. It is hard to work with your boss breathing down you back and shouting insults at you and the other chefs.

Not only does he treat the staff like crap, but the way he talks to customers is downright rude. Whenever a customer complains he is rude to them. He tells them to go to hell, he uses profanity against them as well as us chef's. When a customer complains he is even more rude at us. If we are not working at his pace he threatens to shut down the kitchen, and starts cussing us out.


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    Tori May 13, 2009


    I watch Hell's Kitchen and think your a good guy to put up with Ramsey! He does it all for viewer ratings. In real life, someone talked to you like that, you sue them in court! Ramsey used inappropriate sexual slanders when referring to female customers and employees. If it were me, I would file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Labor Department! Then I would sue his butt for sexual harrassment! Not to mention some of the stuff he does is criminal harrassment! But like I said, its all about TV ratings and not real life. Good luck to you and I hope you win on Hell's Kitchen!

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    Billydude15 Jun 14, 2009

    That is not the same Danny. They just have the same name.

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  • shoelady2oo Jun 14, 2009

    LOL, not the same Danny at all. This one lives in Canada and works in Florida? LOL I believe the other was from NJ??

    I didn't know Gordon Ramsay's restaurants were in Florida. Most are in California and the UK. Interesting to know this. I think he's a fabulous chef and would put up with his yelling if he was teaching and I wasn't listening.

    I hope when you receive a paycheck it's a good one. His name is spelled Ramsay, not Ramsey. He might take issue with you over that too. :D

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  • shoelady2oo Jun 14, 2009

    Wow are you ugly!

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