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Yes, it is too good to be true. Apparently this is a revised scam from their days when Ann Oliver was contacting people on behalf of Tristan Yachts. I realized this when I saw that the job descriptions were almost identical. See revised job description:

Thank you for your interest in the Account Manager position with IT Advanced Services. Our company offers a wide range of IT services on the outsourcing basis, such as web programming, web and graphic design, Internet marketing, website hosting, search engine optimization, etc. We have been on a dynamic, challenging and constantly developing IT market for almost 8 years; we have more than 50 recognized web professionals working with us, and now we are looking for new members of our team in the United States. Please note that this is an official job offer, and neither our company, nor any of our partners ever accept any entry fees from candidates or request any personal investments in the employment purposes!

The position of an Account Manager is a pure customer support role, and you will not be responsible for searching new customers, promoting or selling any of our services. Your major responsibility will be serving as a perfect liaison between developer teams and customers. In order to do it in a most efficient way, you will be performing a number of duties, such as:

- participating in a number of web projects and communicating closely with project managers;
- establishing contacts with new and existing customers, providing them with support and guidance;
- supplying new customers with information on the company, project development process and other issues;
- assisting in organizing and managing the billing processes for new customers;
- addressing and reporting existing customer needs, gathering feedback from them.

This is a remote full-time position, and you will be working from your home office Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm. As we have a vast client database from different US states, you will have an opportunity to work within the specified time range of your time zone. Our company does not provide any specific equipment or software for this position, though you will be given an account in the online web office system, where you would be able to succesfully manage your contacts, projects and tasks. The company also supplies new team members with free training materials, as well as with the personal guidance of a supervisor during the first month of work.

Your typical working day will include the following activities:

1. A short phone/email briefing with a project manager in the morning.
2. Logging into your weboffice account after the briefing, planning your schedule for the day.
3. Working on the daily routine: responding to customer requests, updating them with the reports on their projects, etc.
4. Consulting with your supervisor/project manager/technical specialist on controversial or questionable issues (if any).
5. Reporting your daily progress to the supervisor, making record of current activities in the timetable.

We offer an advanced compensation system, which consists of a fixed pay plus a flexible bonus system based on individual performance. The base salary of $3, 500/month is paid every 2 weeks, beginning from the start date of your employment agreement. Along with it, Account Managers receive bonuses for each project they take for support: once a new project is taken, the bonus for it is paid instantly. Such a system was developed in order to both ensure your stable payment schedule, and encourage you to take more work, should you have enough time for it. According to the company's statistics for the last year, Account Managers supporting multiple projects have an opportunity to double their monthly income already by the end of their first year.

You can find additional information about IT Advanced Services at our website or forward your questions directly to our HR managers. Please visit the Careers section of our website in order to download the application form, or reply to this message, should you have any additional questions on this position. Once we receive the applications by email or fax, it will take us 24 to 48 hours to review them and invite successful candidates for a phone interview.

IT Advanced Services HR Department
Email: [protected]
Phone: 347.694.4699

I have not started working with them as of yet, but I have learned a lot by reading the previous post regarding Tristan Yachts. From what I understand, they deposit insufficient funds into your account. Then they ask you to immediately wire the money to multiple contractors before your bank realizes that the funds are insufficient. Needless to say, that you will be out thousands of dollars if you do so.

Please avoid this scam at all cost. I know that it may be tempting with so many of us out of work, but it is just another headache that you don't need!!! They will approach you from CareerBuilder. Helen Minski is acting as the initial contact. At first they will ask you to email your resume to: [protected] Once you do so, they will send you a completed job description from [protected] and direct you to the website,, to complete an application. You will be instructed to fax the application to [protected] or scan the signed documents and send them via email. Then you will have a super brief interview at the end of which you will be offered a job. She will then send you an employment agreement which asks for your banking information. DO NOT SEND IT!!! THIS IS A SCAM!!! I don't know if they will make fraudulent charges on your account, but I have read that they will use your account for this deposit/wire transfer fraud. DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS COMPANY!!! Look up Tristan Yachts for more details and other entries!!!

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