Heathrow Airportsecurity agents/ security process

J Jul 07, 2019

What we experienced at the hands of Heathrow security was tantamount to child abuse.

While vacationing, we traveled through the security of three different countries. Only at Heathrow did we encounter bigotry and ignorance.

My four-year-old son supposedly set off the metal detector with his shoes. This did not occur in any other country. We were forced aside. He was separated from me both times we traveled through Heathrow, first to make a connection to Scotland, then as we passed through again going home to US.

Being four and forced from his mother, he began crying. He was visibly distraught, but I was prevented both times from helping him. The second time we passed through Heathrow, my son became clearly frightened at the idea of being forced through the scanner after his previous experience. He began crying and was noticeably agitated. Again, I went to help him and I was not permitted. He is four.

There is no reason they could not simply have used a wand to check him. These agents intentionally caused trauma to my son. People remained to ensure our safety; they looked on with horror as the agents blatantly lied to a manager by saying I refused to allow my son to be searched.

One agent said to his manager, "It's two against one." Referring to himself and the other agent with him regarding his lies about my son biting and my refusal for search.

This was not about safety or protecting the airport. This was bigotry, child abuse, and abuse of power.

I filed a complaint for the first incident at Heathrow and followed up with customer service about the second incident.

Again, my son has traveled multiple times and through different countries without incident. We have never had an issue. Heathrow is the first time we have ever experienced such abuse from security.

Heathrow has not followed through and contacted me further regarding my complaint. My only hope is someone recorded the incident and shares what those agents did to a child. It's absolutely disturbing such behavior is allowed. What purpose does it serve? Whose safety was protected by abusing a child?

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