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Collection Agency who collects and never pays you

I was contacted by this company after filling out a form looking for different collection agencies to collect from a client with a delinquent account. I spent about an hour going over all my concerns with Scott Perry. When I signed their form setting up my account, I was turned over to Steve Kahan as my collection agent. He took my information, and promised to contact my client. He called my back almost immediately acting like he was speaking with my client. When I informed he it was still me, he reassured me what he would do for me, but said he might only be able to settle fora little over half the amount due. I agreed. He informed me it would take come time to collect I did not hear from him again. I called back, 3 weeks later. he informed me check had been sent to the company, but bounced and they were contacting legal advice to pursue it on that end. I have called back numerous time in the past 8 months. I have only gotten ahold of him twice. Each time the status was the same. Client sent bad checks, they were pursuing legally. Emails and phone call messages left for him go unanswered, and he is never in the office to speak to him.

I believe that they collected money from my client and never sent any of it on to me. This company is a scam. Don't get tricked.

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    roseupshur Aug 06, 2019
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