Heartguardian / BCM Direct LPFraudulent orders and billing!


On January 12, 2008 I was billed through my debit card for $59.99 for an order of Heart Guardian. I had not heard of Heart Guardian, nor have I ever placed an order for it. I do use Viapro, a male enhancement supplement, which I found on a website called themenschoice.com. This website, as I found out, also advertises Heart Guardian. The only product I have ever used my debit card to order online is Viapro. I have complained to Viapro (yesterday) but haven't heard from them. Perhaps you can look into this debit card scam and get me some relief.


  • Ed
    Edwin Mack Feb 11, 2008

    I have tried several times to use the e-mail address they have on their bill but to no avail. Keep getting "page cannot be shown at this time". This has gone on for the last three months. When I started using Cholesterblock I used only 1 per day because of my other medicine so I have extra bottles of pills ahead. I want them to stop the orders for awhile until I catch up on them. My chloresterol has gone down 20 points though.

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  • Lo
    Lori Apr 01, 2008

    I agree. I have 2 bills: 1 for heartguardian - which I am currently fighting for reimbursement, and now today I got a bill for $59.00 for Wellness Watcher. I have never heard of either of these companies/products, not have I authorized any charges. It's a SCAM!

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  • Mi
    misanthropic Oct 31, 2008

    YOU ###ING People never know what you do online. Everything is stated in the fine print. STOP BUYING ### to make your WEINER GROW - and for your cholesterol, stop EAT FAT FOOD.. run diet ..

    YOU ALL want everything easy, ... you derserve that charge and more!!!

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  • Tt
    ttt Mar 10, 2009

    it does state it in the fine print that you will be charged if you dont cancel.

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