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Health Science? Ordman House 31 Arden Closse Bradley BS32 8AX UKAcal Berry Detox

The only thing getting slimmer is my bank account. Acai berry and life cleanse tablets don't work.
This company is a scam health science ordman house 31 arden close bradley stoke ph [protected]
I agree with all that eliz3575 says. The excat same thing has happened to me I ordered the free trail and with out even knowing I am now $465 out of my credit card. I have had to cancel my card. I am a careful person when doing things on the net and don't remember agreeing to any of the terms that was shouted at me when I rang the uk [protected] and complained to the company.
I tried to get my credit card to do an investigation but they said because I agreed to the terms and because I recieved the product I had no come back. This is truly a scam and needs to be reported... But to whom???


  • Bw
    bworth Oct 15, 2009

    I have also had to cancel my credit card thanks to these people, they used a different name each time they charged my credit card! Thankfully my credit card company is helping and has refunded the $1000 AUS while the dispute is active.

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  • Bz
    B Zwane Oct 16, 2009
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    Verified customer

    I have been tricked too by these people and reading your comments, then i have to cancel my credit card to escape these charges, i ordered the trial and then after that last week i received two parcels from them and today the third one, i phoned them and they said i had to read the terms and conditions which were on the website. I have learnt a costly lesson here and will not fall for such adverts in the future. Ms Zwane.

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  • Mo
    Morphius Oct 17, 2009

    Me too. Just called Visa, card will be cancelled and new ones sent out, but they are going to start the process to reverse the charges - they knew exactly who it was and exactly what happened to me. I should have known better...

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  • Ky
    Kylie from Australia Oct 21, 2009

    I am so disapointed in my self for being sucked in to this scam. I to have canceled my credit card. I am from australia and dont know how to contact these people to stop them sending out more pills. does anyone have a email address or phone number from aus that will help me. the hardest part was telling my husbund about the $600 that over drew my credit card from these sucm bags. I hope because I ticked the terms and conditions box thet the payment dont come out of the new card cos I spose its like an agrement. cant sleep and fell sick to the tummy about this... I wish there was some way to get my money back. please help me... I feel so stupid.
    Kylie from australia...

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  • Ja
    jadehingston17 Oct 22, 2009

    i totally agree i also accepted the free trial and it should be stated clearly that you have to pay loads of money when in holland and barratt they are only £36 pounds for 140 pills, im am so annoyed that i have been totally ripped off just before xmas and had to cancel my card, i just hope there is a glimmer of hope that i can get my money back...but i doubt it because i ticked the terms and condtions box! im sooo annoyed that i was stupid to fall this scam and won't be maiking this mistake again! jade, uk

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  • Ev
    Evelyn D Oct 23, 2009

    There was definately nothing that stated the you will be charged monthly for this stuff. It is a scam. I have also been charged and now clearly need to cancel my credit card. They only offered a free trial.
    Dont normally get caught but did this time. Something must be able to be done.
    Evelyn Australia

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  • Kh
    Khalid Farooq Oct 25, 2009

    Respected sir/madam,
    I thought I would try the "risk free" free sample of acia berry detox pills. only once I had filled out my details. after the free trial they dedected money from my account every fifteenth days at an extortionate price. I am trying hard to stop but yet failed. pl help me how I can safe my money. please don't buy from these people

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  • Ho
    HollyV Oct 26, 2009

    I too have been ripped of with this company, how do I get my money back?

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  • Ka
    KAREN FURNISS Oct 26, 2009

    Me too, I have had to cancel my card, have been without gas and electric as on a meter, I really dont know how they can live with themselves (customer service dept, are so arrogant, must have had special training) I have cancelled the product and still been sent another 2 day, I am really worried that they will take more money!!! nearly at the limit on my overdraught adn have just split with my husband. reported this to watchdog but they havn't been back to me, maybe we should flood them with this to hope they will broadcast and stop any other people being scammed.

    Sorry to the lady in austrailia dont have a contact number for them. the only advise I can give is buy a card from the post office if ever buying anything on line they only cost £2.50 then the scammers cant rip off your account u just load the card with the amount which would have been £3.95 very hard lesson learned. good luck to you all

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  • Bm
    b.mac Oct 27, 2009

    OH MY GOD!!! I have been trying to track down this company that go by a different name on my bank statement each time... and then... i find this site and notice that i am not alone with being scammed... I will be taking this to an ombudsman an above... I dont remember anywhere on the site where there were terms and conditions...??? This is disgusting...! Surely the banks are able to do more then cancelling the cards...??

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  • Ca
    Calgary Oct 28, 2009

    This has also happened to me in Canada. I can't believe this company can still be in business. They sent me 2 more packages of this crap before I even received my"free trial". I too have cancelled my credit card and had a nasty call with their so called customer service this morning. Doesn't UK have any type of Better Business Bureau that can shut them down?? I'm definitely going to look into this.

    Nowhere on their forms that they send out with the pills do they state any 'terms and conditions' that they so rudely said I should have read. They know what they are doing... scamming people. I'm not finished with them yet!

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  • De
    Debbie - Australia Oct 28, 2009

    Yep - I'm another one that has been caught by this scam - like everyone else I can't beleive I was soooooo stupid - I'm out about $460 AUS at the moment, - It costs me $12 to send them back each time.

    Does anyone know an email address for this lot ?

    Looks like it it going to be a battle - but I will be fighting!!!

    I am going to contact Consumer Affairs and who ever else I can think of to expose this.

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  • Li
    liz collins Oct 29, 2009

    yep another fool here so far i have been ripped off for almost £200, i live in london and am trying desperately to find info on how to complain to the proper people. Not sure if it will do any good as its an oversee company. but i havent cancelled my card.!! liz.

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  • Li
    liz collins Oct 29, 2009

    I have just got off the phone with my bank and they refused to cancell my card as i had agreed!!! to the terms and conditions. i should have read it through and she found their website of these people AGE DEFY. i am mad as hell. how did you people get your cards cancelled. she told me that we agreed to 2 weeks free trial and if they dont hear from you you are bound for the full charges. liz

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  • Po
    pomozzy Oct 29, 2009

    Well don't I feel stupid getting sucked into this too... I am A$400 out of pocket after ordering a so called free sample and giving my credit card for shipping costs. I have rang the company and spoken to their cust. service dept who say they have cancelled my subscription which I didn't sign up for and also said they would get their 'refunds' dept to send me an email which I didn't recieve so i've cancelled my credit card. My bank were very good and sent them a letter stating they are not allowed to take any more money out of my acct and hopefully now they won't be able to cos of my new credit card no. My bank also said it would be difficult to try and get money back because I recieved a product. And each time to debit came out of my acct under a different name - very sneaky company!!!

    For the lady in Australia I called from Aust. on [protected]

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  • Ja
    Jackie Karliotis Oct 29, 2009

    I feel like such an idiot. My husband has told me that I was really stupid. I just got off the phone after being disconnected 3 times. I have been calling constantly from Australia and have been put on hold for 20 minutes each time. They claim they are going to send me an email with refund information but after reading this I doubt it whether I will get it. I am about AUS $800 out of pocket. I have cancelled my credit card and I do not remember ticking a box saying I would allow payments to be taken out. I am such an idiot. If anyone knows how we can communicate with someone as they would not put me through to their supervisor I would love to have their email address to send them a letter.

    Jackie Karliotis.
    [email protected]

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  • Ra
    raphy Oct 29, 2009

    it's happened to me as well, i didn't think this sort of thing would happen to me. i was just going through my transaction history when i found a debit of AUS $130 under the name of livewell. It was in US dollars so i quickly realised that it was for my "free Trial" of acai berry detox. When I went online to find the website to see if they'd perhaps charged me for the wrong thing, i couldn't find it. i literally went through my bin to find the envelope to get the return address and looked it up on google. This lead me to u guys, so thank you for confirming my suspicions, i will be canceling my card first thing in the morning. For some stupid reason i though it must be safe because i saw it advertised on facebook. So my lesson here is ALWAYS read the fine print (if there was any) and be very suspicious of anything that sounds too generous, especially if the want your bank details.

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  • Yo
    you are scams Oct 29, 2009

    these people are scams im 18 and have a bby for crise sake u would think people would have some dignaty it makes you sick wot ppl wil do for money selfish gits as ive read all these comments i will b goin 2 my bank first thing and gettin it all changed!!! thanks for the comments ppl

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  • Ra
    raphy Oct 29, 2009

    btw if u go onto youtube u'll find a lot more on this. just type in acai berry scams, it's really interesting

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  • Jo
    josip Oct 30, 2009

    Good day
    My name is Joseph Starcevic-Croatian from Zagreb, 2month before I bought over the Internet AcaiBerry Detox tablets per action cost of $ 5 and is paid by credit card, just a few days after they sent me another two boxes of tablets at a cost of $ 120 per piece that I ordered, asked that if possible to come into contact because we do not need them at the same time I did not even ordered
    my [email protected]


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  • Be
    beautiful yoga Nov 01, 2009

    yep same here... I also fell for the scam and I am totally upset about it. A lesson learned, the hard way.
    I will have to cancel my card as well. What a pain. What really upsets me, is that from now on I will never trust anybody on the internet anymore... which is just what we need in this world a bit more mistrust and anger. (Not) What a shame. I am convinced karma will get them... they might make lots of money at the moment, but hey... who knows whats awaiting them a long the path... its a true shame.

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  • Ca
    candysee Nov 02, 2009

    I too, have been lead up the suckers path however I donot feel I or any of us in fact are idiots. we are trusting people who genuinely believed they were genuine as well. we all believed the same thing. we were only giving this product a try. interesting each time I call + [protected] there is a lovely voice telling me that the call will be monitored. after which there was blarring music. I shall have to concede defeat and ring my credit card provider and cancel the card. I shall ask their advice unfortunately I believe I have kissed that money good bye. you know what makes my temper boil is the fact that they... ie trading planet are sitting and racking in the dosh.
    An interesting question has just come to mind has anyone who has cancelled their card received any products or communication from them?
    If not then they are definately a sham.
    I emailed them 3 times trying to cancel my account. that to no avail.
    Yes let's all remember the old addage buyer beware!!!

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  • Ph
    PhilnTrish Nov 02, 2009

    Life cleanse, heath science, health time, face factor, feelwell, and ctt singapore are all scams! they used my credit card info fraudulently. I did not sign up for this product or give any authorization for 6 credit card transactions of $130. scam alert!!! do not even sign up for the free sample!!! 5 different companies have my information some how! and the billing came in a name that is not mine nor a person that has authorization to use my credit card!!!... and I can't get them to refund my money!!! scam, fraud! be warned!

    Mail them, email them, fax them, call them!!! bug them!!! send them a virus! please send me there fax number if you have it! visit them if you live in the uk!!!
    Usa/canada [protected] or [protected]
    [email protected]

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  • Do
    doll293 Nov 05, 2009

    They are ### - they deliberatly put you on hold so that you give up! It costs a fortune to call them to complain, there is no email on the Invoice/Receipt so you have to call them. I never agreed to have a auto ship of the products they sell. I too thought I was getting a free trial. Im a single mum too, like many others, and I can't afford this rubbish! It's hard enough keeping up with the things we need, let alone this. They should be ashamed - can we report it to facebook somehow to have them taken off the site - that is also where I got sucked into if from? :-(

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner Nov 05, 2009

    More information on this scam and advice on how to get your money back can be found at this website:

    Where to file complaints:


    The Attorney Generals office in your state.

    Good luck to all who have been caught by these scammers!

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner Nov 05, 2009

    This CPA network is promoting the Life CLeanse scam:

    Blue Phoenix Network
    265 Canal St. Suite 509
    New York, NY
    Phone: 877.264.8387


    Where to file a complaint:

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  • Ch
    Chuck Turner Nov 06, 2009

    Promotes acai berry scams and other cpa scams:

    Registrant Name:
    Martin Osborn
    1 Ashburton Road
    Ruislip Manor
    HA4 6AA
    Phone: [protected]
    Email: [email protected] com

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  • Ma
    Marcel Tardif Nov 07, 2009

    I as well have had parcels sent and now I see invoices to be paid. I have had my credit card canceled and sent it to the fraud department at master card. they tried to use different names to make charges on my card. I am not even sure what is in the capsules now that I have seen all these issues. what are we putting into our bodies???

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  • Ri
    Rikke Autup Nov 14, 2009

    Hello all
    I also ended up in these people's clubs.
    I come from Denmark.
    How have I come out of it so they do not continue to send the pills and withdraw money from my account.

    a concern

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  • Da
    D Aus Nov 18, 2009

    Hi Guys,
    Im another very silly person who got hooked into this scam too. Cancelled the credit cards and I have a very unhappy wife.
    Hope others here have learnt from this and stay away from internet scams like this one.


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