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I purchased the Philips Steam Iron Model GC - 4918 from Harvey Norman on September 15 2014 and included an extended warranty 2 + 3 years. On 1 February 2017 the iron was not working and I took it to Philips Customer Care Services Center in Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia. They accepted that faulty iron for checking and stated that they have to refer the matter to Harvey Norman as it came under the extended warranty clause. I subsequently spoke to Harvey Norman Extended Warranty (Contact phone no [protected]) and they told me that Philips had contacted them and they had asked Philips for an estimate to repair the iron. Subsequently I have been chasing them for the repairs and last week on Thursday, 9 Feb they told me that they could not repair the iron as it was not in production anymore and no spares were available. I then spoke to Harvey Norman again and they told me that they would look into a replacement of the iron. Harvey Norman promised to get back to me promptly on this matter but to date there has been no response on the replacement of the iron.
What infuriates me is the poor quality of the Philips product. How can a product be made obsolete so soon. I am sure it must be due to poor design and many complaints on this particular model of steam iron. If this was the case then they should voluntarily recall all the steam iron sold and replace them free of charge. The other problem is the slow response from Harvey Norman in settling this matter. They appear to be dragging their feet. Can you assist me?


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      Feb 21, 2017

    I thought your time of going to the Service Centre and your time of calling Harvey already cost more than the iron itself. Penny wise pound foolish.

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