Each month HD Financial calls me the day after my payment is due. The payment was due Sunday, I said what about a few days grace. I said I would pay Friday. Then they call everyday anyway. They even keep calling after I make the payment because it takes them 3 days to post the payment when I pay online. This is harassment. It's not like I am paying late. This month I paid 3 days before it was due and they called again...said it wasn't posted yet but they could see the payment was made. Finance through someone else. This is ridiculous.


  • Di
    Dick Nov 23, 2008

    They are ###s at Harley Davidson Finance.

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  • Bu
    Bubba Mar 25, 2009

    We were behind on a couple of payments after having made over 70 payments...The girl at Harley Financial (Valerie) said we could differ payments if we made a payment that day...So we did. A couple of days later, a repo guy showed up to try to take the bike...The repo guy left several very nasty and derogatory message on the phone after we caught up on the payments...Following up on the deferred payments, we were told that Valerie didn't have the wuthority to do what she did. No one ever notified us of the fact the agreement didn't go through...Harley sucks, Harley Financial really sucks!!! I hope they go bankrupt and get what they deserve for making poor quality bikes and lying to customers!

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  • Ha
    HarleyDFinancialsucks Mar 26, 2009

    Harley Davidson Financial does really suck!! We were in the same boat at one time three years ago. We got behind, they kept calling. Over and over, even calling my husbands employer at the time he was there for 7 years. Being that my husband is a manager and deals with financial things at work, they started questioning him why he was getting such calls at work. We asked Harley to remove the phone number that was showing for my husbands employment and they did. They then kept calling the house over and over. After we had already set up a payment, made a payment and was just waiting for that second payment to go through, same issues happened to us. A repo guy showed up at the door and asked my husband for the key, so he didn't have to tear the bike up trying to tow it. My husband was furious, didn't believe a word I said at the time, he thought I was lying about setting up payments and talking to them. We had to work it out with them to pay $2000 to get the bike back, had to borrow that money from someone, then had to pay the repo company another $180 to get the bike from them. The next month, we got a bill from Harley asking us to pay the $180 to them because they claim they paid the repo company, which they did not. We still had our receipt, but since the repo guy died two weeks later, Harley didn't want to accept the receipt. So we were double wammied. On top of that, we only owed about $1200.00 when they came to repo it. They made us pay the additional $800 to get it back. We then sold our condo and came up with some $5000.00 more to pay on it that took us through May of 2007. We continued to pay payments on time for almost two years. Then we got behind again in 2008. We had a daughter born with a medical condition called Fibula Hemamelia, missing her fibula bone, ankle bones, foot bones and toes. We immediately requested a deferrment at that time. We begged for three months. It was supposed to be for Sept, Oct, and Nov. We continued making payments on time for the next several months on to today. Starting in January of this year, 2009, Harley Davidson started calling his mother who lives out of state, because she was used as a reference. We have no idea how they somehow lost our phone number, but she called my husband in question as to why they were calling her. We had no idea and called Harley Davidson and asked "what the heck?", and they started saying that we were two months behind, if we didn't make a payment our deferrments would be added onto the late payments and they would repo it again. (Well we are not past due and were very upset to hear this again from them). My husband called them from his company cell phone to discuss this with them and they went on to say that the deferrments were for July, Aug, & Sept, not what we had discussed with them and not what their letter reflects that they sent to us approving the deferrments. We were told at the time of the deferrments that we were all caught up, by Valerie so to speak, and she was the one who helped get the deferrments approved so she said. Now they keep calling my husbands job over and over and over and over and so on, three, to four times a day, starting at 8:00 in the morning until 9:00 at night. We have asked them to stop calling over and over, and even wrote a letter to them asking them to stop. They still continued on. Finally I threatened an attorney on them and that we would get them for harrassment. The phone calls stopped at his job and started at home. I have sat down for my husband and myself and drew up a letter in very good detail of all our payments, we have not missed a single payment since the deferrments and put that in the letter as well. Julie is the person we have been dealing with on this one. The lady informed us that no matter what it is going to come out to us being wrong and them being right. My husbands loan was solely pretty much an interest only loan through them, (a bunch of ### in itself when you are trying to make payments). She keeps bringing up that because it is an interest bearing loan that we are going to continuously be behind. I said well how the hell are we ever going to get caught up then if you keep telling us this. As to this day they never contacted the credit bureaus to tell them my husband is in possession of his harley, so it still shows as being repossessed (or did until it took me months to fight with the credit bureaus about it) and it was continuously bringing down his credit score. It seems that no matter what you do, you are always behind with them. ONE day late and like you said they call over and over and over. They dont care what the time is, they call. As soon as you answer the phone they start in on may I speak with so and so and will you just give me some account information so we can make sure this account is correct. I always say, listen you called us, you should have the account information and you just asked for so and so, so why do you have to go through five minutes of us verifying the account with you. Julie started out a nice helpful person. Then she started calling. I was on the way into a very important doctors appointment two weeks ago. A payment was due and my husbands paycheck ran later than expected. I called her and informed her I would make a payment online by Friday, instead of Wednesday when it was due. I already told her I didn't have time to discuss the account with her and she started going on and on. Saying how they took over $140 in fees off, because we were disputing late fees as well, we were still seeing on our statements of months deferred they were still charging us late fees for those months. I said Julie I said I would pay the payment on Friday and I have to go. She then still continued to talk. I hung up the phone. Then we just got our statement today, March 26th, from February. It shows a February payment, but now the balance seemed to go up from $800 owing to $1600.00. They never took the March payment off of there that we made two weeks ago. Nor have they taken the so called $140 off that she had mentioned to me. It is just so aggrevating and frustrating. We cant wait until we get "OUR" title from them. (the other thing that pisses us off, is that since 2002, when we got the bike brand new), my husband and i have put over $30, 000 in chrome and new parts, seat, bars, pipes, paint, etc. each time we get a letter from them saying payments are late, they put that you have until such a day to pay this such amount or we will come get our collateral. "You sons of ###", I want to tell them. Our balance owing to them is roughly $4000.00 left now, of a starting balance of $28, 000.00. It is OUR collateral as we speak. That is what I want to say to them stupid people over there. Also keep in mind that it is better to make your payments online. You get a receipt, and you know for sure how much is due. Each time we have called in to make a payment, we were told a much less payment was due. We did question at that time, and were told that "because of the kind of loan it is", that is all that is due at this time. Now in our dispute we have listed all the names of people we spoke to there whom informed us of these lesser payments being due, and they seem to not care. They still claim it is our fault for "so called defaulting on the loan". So now we only make payments online.

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  • Bu
    Buddyabe Feb 27, 2010

    Harley Davidson Credit and their policy's of harassing customers suck!
    Even after making payment arrangments or making a payment, they still call several more times on the same day!
    You never get the same person or a extension number, none of them know whats going on, or thats what they use for a excuse, come on people, in 2010 you should have computers and people smart enough to know how to enter notes about a account in it.

    Besides high interest, their fee's are extreme for giving them a credit card number over the phone ($12.00) or 6 dollars to pay online.

    I recommend people to not use them, deal with your local credit union or local banker, at least you will be treated with respect.

    Mpls Mn.

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  • Ma
    Mailman2 Apr 04, 2010

    Thats what you get for buying a vastly overprices pos.

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  • Ba
    babbsalot Jun 08, 2010

    Recently my neighbors told me that they were contacted by Harley Davidson because they were looking for me. When I contacted Harley they told me that I was 50 days past due on my payment. They told me that my last payment was made in May but that I owed $80 in late fees. They got my neighbor's numbers out of the white pages and contacted them regarding my where about for $80. The one neighbor said they called him several times because he refused to respond to his calls and the other neighbor does not even know me. This has got to be illegal for these people to have these kinds of practices.

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  • Sv
    sverge Aug 04, 2010

    OMG, my payment was three days late and they called me at WORK! It was embarrassing and so rude! I then told the girl that I had to check my filing at home (because I thought they were calling regarding the last month -- didn't think they would be calling me after only three days!!) and she told me that I should just pay now to stop the phone calls to my office. They are bully's. No wonder why I always read that they are not doing to well!!! Next time I will obtain my financing from our personal bank. They do not deserve good business.

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  • Ak
    AKnight66 Oct 30, 2012

    Here is a letter I am sending consumer affairs, [redacted] and BBB, , , , , , , I was in the wrong for paying late but they have swindled money out of me. Terrible business practices.

    I am writing this so that maybe it will help others in the future. I purchased a motorcycle from Harley Davidson in Myrtle Beach and I also purchased all the packages they had to offer. The total price was somewhere around $22, 000.00 to $23, 000.00. I had it paid down to $7, 300. Due to the economy I have lost a lot of business and have fallen on hard times. I was behind on my payments and had several conversations with Harley Finance about one of the dealerships taking my bike and selling it for me. I also talked to several dealerships and asked if they would help me sell my bike. Neither the finance company nor a dealership would help me at all.
    One afternoon a tow truck shows up to reposes my bike. The tow truck was a basic tow truck. I asked the driver if he was sure he wanted to pick it up with that tow truck. He says it will be fine. So I raised the garage door and crank the bike and rode it close to his truck. He asked me if I would help him. I told him that I didn’t really want to help but I did anyway. After he started putting straps on the bike, I told my wife that I was going in the house, I didn’t want to see it fall and as I was walking away it fell. Just so folks understand we are not writing this so somebody will give us a free ride, it’s so people will understand that this organization conducts bad business. My wife and my son took several pictures of the way he was strapping the bike down and the way it was being towed.
    I called the repo division and asked what their procedure was and they explained to me what they would do. I then asked would they like for me to mail them the keys and the lady I was dealing with told me if I was going to get the bike back, just to keep the keys. Around maybe a week later I called and let them know that I wasn’t going to be able to get the bike back to go ahead and do what they needed to do. I told her that the bike was being kept at the guy house that was driving the tow truck and it was sitting out in the weather. It sat there until it went to an auction place in Atlanta Georgia. I called on 9-18-12 and asked had they auctioned the bike yet and the lady told me it had not been auctioned yet and they had to put a new battery in it, clean old fuel out of it but they were in hopes that a dealership would buy the bike back. I had just replaced the battery 2 or 3 months prior at Advanced Auto and it was still under warranty. I also told her that I had ridden the bike from my garage to the tow truck and it was fine and the tow truck driver could vouch for that.
    As I stated earlier in this letter the motorcycle had a good battery. It was the best one for a motorcycle that Advanced Auto sold. It was also still under warranty. They told me that they were charging me 7 days storage and my motorcycle sat in the yard of the guy that picked the bike up out in the weather. I have pictures to prove this. When you call Harley Finance, there is a recording that states, “This call may be monitored for training purposes, ” so the fact that I told them I would send them the key should be on there and any other conversation that I had with the repo company concerning my bike.
    I did not have the means to pay for this bike but how does it help me or any other consumer when they will come and take a bike from my possession and store it somewhere and then charge me for storage money I don’t have? They replaced the battery, or so they said they did. The battery is stamped on the date and if it is not any good then Advanced Auto would have replaced it. I spoke with Harmony on 9-21-12 to find out if the bike had sold at auction and she told me that it didn’t go up for auction because the fuel pump wasn’t working. I expressed to her that it was working when it left my house because the bike was in my garage and I cranked it and rode it from my garage to where the tow truck was sitting. I expressed to her the tow truck driver could verify that it was running and if he stated anything other than that he would be lying. She told me it didn’t matter that anything done or repairs that had to be made would come out of the sale of the bike. I expressed to her that the cost happened after the bike left me should be a cost added to me. And as I have stated throughout this letter, the bike has 748 original miles and the fuel pump should be under warranty as well. Any statements that I have made, I will gladly take a polygraph test. I don’t understand why they continue to put the auction off and in my earlier statement just a few days after they picked the bike up, I called them and told them I would not be able to get the bike back. My 1st phone call to Harley, I told them I would send the keys back to them and the lady that I spoke with said if you are going to get the bike back to just keep the keys.
    I just called Harley to get the status of the bike. I have just been informed that the bike has been sold at auction and after they deducted all the fee’s and repairs, I am supposed to get $1000 back. I asked if they would send me an itemized statement showing me exactly what all the deductions were and her comment was, “No, we don’t have too.” I have yet to receive anything in writing from them much less the $1000.00.

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  • Fl
    Flustered in Tempe Jul 29, 2014

    I have had to replace the lower trunk latch assembly on my 2012 Triglide now 4 times. The sleeve for the assembly is made of hard plastic and apparently does not have a very long life span. You would think that by now Harley would've figured out that plastic is not the choice. I can not believe I am the only person with this problem. Open your eyes HD and get a metal sleeve. Damn I am frustrated.

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