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HTC review: Pulley Bolts Searing off while riding

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The rear pulley bolts on my 2007 Harley Davidson Utra Classid Electra Glide completely sheared off inside the wheel as I was driving down the road. I heard a noise and looked in the rearview mirror and saw something sliding down the road. I coasted off the road only to discover that all 6 bolts were sheared off inside the wheel. 3 of the bolts were bent and still sticking out of the pulley. I called Harley and they told me that they were aware of this happening to bikes that had not had the rear bolts serviced. I also looked on line and was able to find 100 plus posts with this same problem. The bike has 18, 400 miles on it now. I got the bike in 2009 from my dad who past away from cancer. Before the bike was shipped from Naples Florida to me in CA they did a 20, 000 check on the bike . When I received the bike it had only 17, 000 miles on it. I called the bike shop in Naples and they said the bike had been serviced 15 times since my dad bought it. This is not a maintanence issue its a design problem or HD is using the wrong grade steel in the bolts or got a bad batch of bolts. There is no way this type of issue should happen on a 30 plus thousand dollar bike. There was an extended warranty purchased through Assurant solutions which covers the bike for 84 from the date of purchase which was on 5/07. I take the bike the Eaglesnest Harley Davidson in Lathrop CA who has been great in helping me get the bike fixed. They contact Assurant Solutions, submit the problem and it was denied because of an exclusion that read: This service agreement does not provide coverage for the following: There is a whole list of stuff but one states "loosening or stripping of external fasteners or bolts". The bolts on the pulley did not loosen or strip because all six of the ends of the bolts are still in the wheel and the three bolts that stayed in you can see that it looks like someone took a pair of bolt cutters and cut them. I filed a complaint with the NHTSA/ODI where I found other complaints of this nature. So now I have to fight with Assurant Solutions to argue their denile of the claim. If any one else has had this same issue please let me know so I can argue my case with HD. I just want the bike fixed by HD or Assurant. One would think HD would stand behind their product when they know there is an issue. Any advise or help would be appreciated.
Sheared OFF at HD

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