Hardgrave assosicates/BFS empowermentTook monies and not reponding to call number diconnected


was told by Mrs. Rice and Jamal that they could repair my credit for a payment of one-hundered and fifty dollars down and then another $125. and 50 each month. after 45 to 60 days I would receive my credit report and I was to send it to them. I did inturn to at eithers they instructe me to do, I also spoke ith Keshia Mendez since getting monies from account and sending in the credit reports I can not reach anyone at the numbers that were given to me [protected], [protected], [protected]
is there anything that can be done ?


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    trstephens20 Jun 24, 2012

    I too was told the same thing I started back in feb and I can not get in contact with anyone they have taken money from me and my boyfriend and I want my money back!!!

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