HappyRooms Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] HappyRooms / bad treatment

Sep 04, 2017

Never book with them, people. Several weeks ago I booked a hotel room but had to cancel due to an unseen situation in my life. The hotel employee said I had to cancel through their customer service if I want a refund. So I tried to call you, but the line was constantly busy. The email...

[Resolved] HappyRooms / Total disappointment!

Sep 27, 2016

I'm very disappointed with these guys, in my opinion HappyRooms is a highly unprofessional company and I would never recommend it to anyone. I booked a hotel stay several weeks in advance, they took my money very quickly and I received all the confirmations. Everything seemed fine, but 2...

[Resolved] HappyRooms / Not providing receipts

Sep 02, 2016

I made a booking for the Sofitel Hotels via HappyRooms. They sent a confirmation email with the statement: 'fully paid'. There was no where on the email that said what price I had paid. I rung customer service at HappyRooms to say that I need to see the price on a receipt because I can get...

[Resolved] HappyRooms / I do not recommend using this company.

Jun 15, 2016

I have booked a hotel room via HappyRooms website and due to some circumstances I was not able to get to the hotel, so I contacted HappyRooms customer service and asked them to change the date. They seemed very nice and said that they will fix everything and that I have nothing to worry...

[Resolved] HappyRooms / Bad experience

Jun 10, 2016

Booked a hotel via HappyRooms and when I contacted the hotel directly to see if everything was ok, they said that there was no reservation on my name and that they did not get the money. I immediately contacted HappyRooms and told them about the problem. They tried to fix the situation but...

[Resolved] / No confirmation info and impossible to reach them

Jun 12, 2015

We booked the hotel rooms through the website We booked the hotel 7 days before the flight, but we still haven’t received any confirmation number or information. Tomorrow we would be in Barcelona, but we couldn’t reach the hotel’s reception. We...

[Resolved] / They didn't help you if you have any problems

Jun 01, 2015

I tried to book the hotel room through the company But each time it showed error. I was shocked and contacted the real agent. I explained the situation and asked to help me, but the rep refused and told me that it wasn’t his responsibility. I was shocked with such...