Happyonlinebuy.comThis site is a joke... stay away


I ordered a pair of navy blue glitter jimmy choo shoes, what they sent me were bright blue glitter shoes, the heel was not the right height, the complete shoe shape was different and they smelled of a hot glue gun. The shoes were made so crappy and are DEFINITELY not jimmy choos, or even a good fake! When I tried to return the shoes, the company gave me the run around for like 15 emails and then offered me 20$ for the shoes and wouldn't let me return them. This site is a joke... stay away!!!


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    SmartBuychic Jul 26, 2012

    This SAME exact scenario happened for me, STAY AWAY, they are a complete scam. I am not one to publicly review stores but I am beyond dissatisfied- order a pair of classy sunflower yellow jimmy choos and I received stripper shoes!!! Between the obnoxious NEON color, completely wrong height and terrible construction, they told me I had received exactly my correct order. They are not working with me on the return, their excuse being that "shipping to China is expensive"!! ANGRY!

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    lleewee Oct 02, 2012

    I agree! fake knock offs advertised as authentic. Then they give an address in China to return the shoes that end up being more than what the shoes are worth. What a scam!

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