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I have a 4 year old cockapoo that I adopted from a young couple when she was a puppy. The couple who bought him at happiness is pets in Orland Park were lied to about the breeder Marty Gadient. The store told them he was a reputable breeder. When she was a puppy she couldn't drink water, she was always gagging and throwing up her water and food. I have since learned the puppies in the puppy mills are given water through hamster tubes. She still gags when she drinks water. As she grows older, more problems are starting to appear. She cannot stop licking and grooming herself. Her paws are dark brown from all the licking and obsessesive behavior. They should be white. We are going to the vet today because my poor dog is never at peace, it gets worse everyday.
DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS STORE, BUYER BEWARE! These dogs are from puppy mills.


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    Sad about my dog Mar 09, 2012

    We too bought a cockapoo from this breeder and she is prone to seizures. I just thought it was a bred thing and didn't give it much thought till I heard about the complaints about this store and this breeder.

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