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F Aug 02, 2018

To whom it may concern:

I am very concerned, dismayed and frustrated about the abnormal wear and tear on the Hankkok Optimo H725 tires that we bought 20 months ago and were mounted on my wife's 2012 Toyota Sienna. These four tires were purchased at the Sams tire service in the city where we live. The fact is that with only 11, 000 miles (17, 700km) traveled, the wear and damage of the 4 tires is remarkable and from my perspective, very serious in terms of safety. It seems cracks or flakes in the tread rubber or abraded tread surface with multiple small flakes or chunks of tread removed
I'm attaching some pictures of the Hankook tires, besides the image of the service order when the tires were purchased and installed (November 20, 2016), on that date the minivan had 50, 000Km (31, 068 miles), currently the odometer It marks 68, 000 km (42, 200 miles). This indicates that these tires have ONLY traveled 11, 000 miles with severe wear and deterioration on the tire tread.
After 10 months the tires were rotated in a specialized Tire Service and they even recommended inflating them with Nitrogen to improve fuel consumption and tire performance of course wheel alignment was done. suspension was reviewed, no issues reported, in fact shock absorbers are in perfect condition, have not issue recorded due tire inflation pressure, etc. Recently at the Toyota agency, I was only informed of the atypical wear in the last service that was performed.
I got in touch with the Hankook Tires contact here in México, his response was basically that "these behavior depends of rolling surface, vehicle torque force, tire inflation pressure, weight-pressure ratio on the steering axle during its use, rolling resistance, tire friction, etc. .; It should be noted that the driving habits are a totally different variant in each person, but they have relevance in the appearance of this damage or not and in the event that they appear, the time and the degree of their manifestation can vary independently of the kilometers, the conditions and the use of the vehicle".
However, I have two facts to take in consideration:
1.- I kept two of the tires changed on Nov 2016 (just in case...), these tires (other brand) does not show any wear and tear like those reported in this complaint although they rolled for more than 30, 000 miles, as a reference am attaching picture.
2.- I changed the tires of my Ford SUV by January 2017, I have traveled since that date more than 25, 000 miles on the same roads and conditions without abnormal wear and tear.
It should be noted that the Hankook tires were widely recommended by the people of tire service at Sams, they even showed me the luxury brands of cars that leave the factory with Hankook tires.
I sincerely feel obliged to report this problem because I have worked 30 years in quality and at least the last 8 as a leader to respond complaints and comments from customers and consumers in a consumer goods company and I am convinced that these reports help a lot to improve the quality, the design and the manufacture of the products.
Best Regards
Francisco Mejía Mendoza

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