HanesBrandsmanager on duty

T Oct 13, 2019

My daughter and I were shopping the clearance racks as a blonde haired manager (I did not get her name) was speaking to one of her workers - at an extremely high volume so everything was heard. The other girl had black curly hair and seemed young. My purchase was completed at 1:54 pm on Saturday October 12 so it would have been within a 10 minute window. The manager was stating about someone working the day prior for 8 hours ans she only had $170 in sales. She seemed as if she was accusing the girl she was speaking to of being at fault for this. The girl didnt answer much and the manager kept repeating ‘how on earth can someone work 8 hours and only have $170 in sales? Were you taking all her sales or was she not working? I have to explain this to my bosses so I need an answer.' I felt extremely uncomfortable. She was spwaking to this young girl our in the open behind the register and in between words would change her tone and ask someone ‘do you want to try that on? Go ahead into the dressing room'. I am writing this because I have children around the young girls age who are working hard through college and if I ever heard someone speak to them like this AND out in the open so any and all customers could hear - I would be livid. I dont think for one minute your company would support this type of management and I honestly will not return to shop there if I see this manager. I feel you should be made aware because things like this people let go too often. I work in Human Resources and this violated every policy we have. Whether or not this young lady was being questioned about someone else or not - the other employees name was mentioned, her shift, her sales and she wasnt even present-thats confidentiality breach. Do with it what you may but it was terribly uncomfortable and I felt bad for the young lady. The manager took my sale and I did end up purchasing despite what occurred. You had about 6 customers in the store at that time. Sorry to trouble you.

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